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What is Meiji Chocolate?


Since its conception in 1916, Meiji remained among the top Japanese snacks and candies manufacturers. Headquartered at the very heart of Japan, Tokyo, Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. was established as a particular confectionary company that went under the name Tokyo Confectionary Co., Ltd. for the first years of its operation. Later on, a significant part of the company branched out from its original business and penetrated the pharmaceutical field, while the remaining portion continued expanding the food segment leading to where they are now. Now, you may wonder, what does Meiji mean? Meiji in kanji (Chinese characters), also used in Japan, translates to brilliant or enlightened government. The Meiji era refers to the years in Japan from 1868 to 1912. It was an era defined by modernization and changes in foreign relations.



The Meiji Chocolate Snack


The Meiji brand has become so famous in the confectionery industry outside Japan that your snack bar would have one or two items brandishing the Japanese company's logo. This includes the Hello Panda, Choco Baby, Almonds, and, of course, the Meiji Chocolate - arguably its most sought-after product. Meiji Chocolate is a chocolate brand produced by Meiji Holdings Co. The Meiji Chocolate bar was released in 1926 when the company's founder, Hanji Soma, aspired to play a huge part in the lives of the Japanese people through nutrition. This aspiration and the product that was created by that very belief, the Meiji Chocolate Bar, stood the test of time. For more than 100 years now, these chocolates have captured the hearts of many, even those outside the country where it was created. Soma-sama's aspiration continued to guide the Meiji Group and has been the principal mission for every product the company produces.



Not long after it hit the Japanese store shelves, Meiji Chocolate became a staple to chocolate lovers worldwide, adults and kids alike. The chocolate's worldwide popularity was later renowned by receiving Gold and Silver Awards at the prestigious International Chocolate Awards and Superior Taste Awards from the Brussels International Taste and Quality Institute. This particular product of Meiji intended to explore the origins of cacao beans through a specific "bean to bar" concept. Cacao beans are formulated specifically to turn directly into chocolate bars. Meiji Chocolate bars have seemingly impacted deep within the hearts of its international consumers. Many now argue that once you've tried this particular snack, you'd never want to go back to eating American chocolates again. A tall statement, truly, but some wholeheartedly believe just that.


How is it made?


First things first, every ingredient Meiji uses undergoes a stringent quality assurance process to ensure that everything they use is in top shape. Meiji Chocolate bars are made by selecting the appropriate cacao beans, followed by a long fermenting and roasting process. This ensures that the product is rich, smooth, and delicious. Meiji is so meticulous with its ingredients that they wouldn't settle for less than the best cacao beans available. After the fermentation and roasting process, the beans will be grounded while the sugar is added. Next, the chocolates would be cinched and refined until they meet the company's high standards. Lastly, the chocolates would be tempered and molded into the bars you see in supermarkets, convenience stores, and online stores.



What are the types of Meiji Chocolate?


Other types of chocolate in their lineup include Meiji High Milk Chocolate, Meiji White Chocolate, Meiji Strawberry Chocolate, Meiji Banana Chocolate, Meiji Rich Pistachio Chocolate, and several other limited edition flavors. The company has expanded its chocolate line up to about 130 products that include different types of chocolate and chocolate snacks. These delicious releases include kinoko no yama, takenoko no sato, almond chocolate, and melty kiss. While it is true that every flavor of Meiji Chocolate today deserves its praises, no other flavor has seemingly stood on par with the original other than the Meiji Black Chocolates. Let us take a closer look at it.



What is Meiji Black Chocolate?


Meiji Black Chocolate is another famous release from the Meiji Chocolate collection. It's described as having high-quality bitterness and a strong cacao flavor. After all, it purportedly consists of 86% dark chocolate. Its refined taste makes it a perfect gift for those that don't mind a bit of bitterness in their chocolates as long as they experience a satisfying explosion of flavors within their mouths.



Is Japanese chocolate good?


The short answer is yes! The long answer is that chocolate in Japan has its own taste and variety of flavors. There are rows upon rows of chocolate to choose from at any convenience store or supermarket. They also often feature cute, clever, or unique packaging. While it is no secret that only a few of us can resist the temptation of a good chocolate snack, Japan seemingly has its fondness for chocolates turned to 11. This undying love for sweet snacks is evidenced by its several successful chocolate products, both locally and internationally. That being said, standing atop that very mountain is Meiji Chocolate - the best-selling chocolate brand in Japan!


Where can I buy Meiji Chocolate?


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