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Japan Crate x 2022 NBA JAPAN GAMES

Japan Crate is glad to celebrate the 2022 NBA JAPAN GAMES event with the WPX! 🏀

We are thrilled to see such a huge sporting event come to Japan & meet some of the biggest stars of the game.

To celebrate this special day, we are offering a unique discount code ‘JPNBA22’ that gives you 30% OFF your first crate, for any month-to-month subscription!



What is Japan Crate?

Since 2014, Japan Crate is a subscription box filled with unique Japanese items curated by our experts!

All crates come with a booklet featuring translations, pro tips and more. And shipping is FREE!

Discover our crates

Japan Crate

  1. ■ 18~20 Japanese candy and snacks
  2. ■ 1 Japan-limited drink
  3. ■ 1 full bag of Japanese Kit Kats
  4. ■ DIY snack

Doki Doki Crate

  1. 5~6 kawaii household items like:
    ■ plushies
  2. ■ apparel, accessories
    ■ kitchenware, cups,
    and more...

Umai Crate

  1. ■ 8~10 Japan-limited noodles
    ■ 1 culinary bonus item
  2. ■ recipe card to enjoy your food like in Japan

Inku Crate

  1. 8~10 stationery items like:
    ■ notebooks, planners
  2. ■ pens, highlighters
    ■ stamps, stickers,
    and more...

Gacha Gacha Crate

  1. A fun variety of 8~10 gachapon capsules straight from the gachapon machines of Japan. Discover cool toys, anime figures, fun accessories, and more...