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Sakeru Gummy


Gummies are likely to come to mind when you think about Japanese sweets. Japanese gummy candies are among the most well-liked foods in Japan because of their interesting juiciness and tastiness. Gummies come in a wide range of flavors and textures on the Japanese market, including sweet, sour, beverage-flavored, and chewy. Additionally, Japanese manufacturers take their gummies very seriously, renowned for experimenting with regionally distinct textures and shapes. Japan manufacturers often use real fruit juice from high-quality and fresh fruits to make limited edition gummies. However, with so many options available, deciding which gummy to try might be difficult, so we give you a must-try gummy that you will undoubtedly enjoy, Sakeru Gummy.



What is Sakeru Gummy?


Sakeru Gummy is a Japanese gummy candy that comes in short and long strips. Sakeru in Japanese means split. Although Sakeru Gummy is occasionally interpreted as "gum," it is actually a gummy candy that consumers can separate before eating or sakeru. The candy is sold in multipacks of tiny rectangular sheets divided into several pull-apart strips, much like string cheese. The strips have ridges, so you can tear them, share them, or just play with them before eating them. The gummy melts in your mouth and comes in various fruity flavors. Like most Japanese snacks, the most widely consumed flavors of Sakeru Gummy are apple, peach, and grape.



Who makes Sakeru Gummy?


Known Japanese manufacturer UHA Mikakuto is responsible for the legendary sweets Puccho chewy delicacies, Kororo, and Sakeru gummy candy is no exception! UHA is a Japanese confectionery company established in 1949. The company believes that “Unique Human Adventure” describes their desire to have people enjoy their lives through delicious food. UHA is the brains behind internationally renowned treats like Sakeru Gummies, which are incredibly tangy and fruity and have a ton of flavor. They are also known for making kororo gummy, kogumi, and osatsudoki chips.



How is Sakeru Gummy made?


Sakeru is not your typical candies; they are also probiotic in addition to being delicious! Similar to the well-known Japanese health drink Yakult, each Sakeru candy is brimming with beneficial bacteria that can boost your immune system and digestion. Sugar, starch syrup, collagen, concentrated grape juice, sterilized lactic acid bacteria (10 billion faecalis bacteria), dextrin, cellulose, acidifier, color (purple carrot), and sweeteners make up the Sakeru Gummy Grape Flavor (aspartame, L-phenylalanine). The addition of lactic acid bacteria makes this gummy healthy for your gummy.


What types of sakeru gummies are there?



Sakeru gummy comes in two forms: a pack of small strips or a loooong loooong straight strip. Mikakuto's grape-flavored gummy belts are 40 cm long, as chewy as they are delightful, and they pack an incredibly sweet Japanese grape flavor into one not-so-little gummy treat. The long Sakeru Gummy version allows you to peel off tiny strips of chewy, sweet candy from the main strip. Anyone desiring something longer will likely find this sugary to be satisfying. This gummy candy was designed for sharing even if you weren't, as it has a ridged structure for simple tearing.


Size does really matters, but if you like, you can also go small! Seven pieces of Sakeru Gummy are included in each pack. It tastes like beautifully tangy and sweet grapes. For your convenience, each thin smaller bites sheet is individually wrapped. Which do you prefer? The extraordinarily lengthy long Sakeru Gummy or the small but 7-packed delights found in Sakeru Gummy Packets? Sakeru gummy also comes in classic fruity flavors and limited seasonal releases. The flavors include grape, white peach, apple, melon, strawberry, mikan, and kiwi.


What does Sakeru Gummy taste like?


You've never tasted a gummy candy like the UHA Sakeru Grape Gummy Peeling Candy. These incredibly chewy, zesty, grape-flavored candies are packaged in soft "peelable" strips that allow you to separate smaller pieces of the delectable treat. This candy has a terrific flavor and is a lot of fun to consume. Genuinely distinctive and excellent! The gummy you tear has a melt-in-your-mouth quality that gives you an odd taste sensation that is completely unrelated to the distinctive elasticity of gummy candy. This new variety of gummy that comes in sheets offers a different texture and a new way to eat gummies. You may savor the flavorful juice made from locally grown, sparkling Japanese fruits.


What are the Sakeru Gummy Flavors



Sakeru is sweet, has fruity flavors, is chewy, can be shredded and braided, and is delicious and entertaining! Grape, Peach, Cola, Apple, and Yogurt Drink Flavor were among the available flavors. Lemon-flavored Sakeru gummies are additionally offered. The lemon powder accumulated on the gummy's surface will burst in your mouth the more you bite into it. Because it is breakable, you may customize how sour it tastes. As if you were eating a lemon directly from the lemon, savor the reviving acidity. Also, a must-try flavor is the Shine Peach flavour, made with the juice of Japanese white peaches, a richly sweet and smooth-tasting fruit. Who would forget about the Sakeru Gummy grape flavor? A fragrant grape ooze flows into your mouth as your mouth feel the softer texture, much like a real grape would. It has a distinct, sticky texture, is quite sweet, and generally tastes very real. Additionally, long gummy (40 cm and 50 cm) and smaller bites variants are available. For simple distribution, the short versions come in individual packs of seven. The beautiful foil bag contains 7 sour but sweet-flavored strips. There are typically new introduced flavors of these ripple-like gummy candies each year.


The Sakeru Gummy series


One of the numerous renowned chewy snacks created by UHA Mikakuto is the Japanese gummy candy known as Sakeru Gummy. To promote Sakeru Gummy, they recruited the Hakuhodo agency to create an 11-part television commercial series in 2017. Its 11-part commercial video series, which compares the sakeru gummy and long sakeru gummy in a way you weren't expecting. They created a lengthy series of commercials with a plot that was on par with a soap opera to promote their Long Sakeru Gummy. It is now known as the "Long Long Man" series because of the now-famous slogan that was used repeatedly throughout the commercial series. The advertisements show a couple overdramatically consuming the product while including a well-dressed man known as "Long Long Man." The commercial features Chi-chan, Tooru san, and Looong Man! This series covers a lot of ground in its 6-and-a-half-minute runtime: from Chi-chan’s initial fascination to Tooru san’s discovery of a suggestive packet of the long gummy in her bed, to the revelation of Chi-chan's friend, to Chi-chan’s dramatic reveal of her short life-span and the comfort she consequently derives by looking at long things. Chi-chan and Tooru san is a couple who enjoy eating sakeru gummy. However, they keep running into Looong Man who always makes quite a dramatic entrance and has a smoulder like a cupid arrow to the heart.


Despite all of its absurdity, the commercial series is surprisingly entertaining and well-made. Each commercial episode is only a few minutes long, which keeps the action moving quickly, and the musical cues and crazy, soap-opera-like turns give the whole thing the air of a well-produced Instagram or Tiktok joke commercial series. You'll be shocked at how quickly it sticks in your brain! There's also the distressingly catchy "long, long ma-aaaaan" jingle that is sung at least once per episode, generally followed by a burst of saxophone that riffs off the sax line from George Michael's "Careless Whisper." Did we mention that Chi-chan likes long things? On that note, we'll let your imagination wander a bit. The commercial series is an emotional roller coaster with a twist ending. Despite being obviously about candy, the commercial's end message about inclusion and diversity was well received by viewers worldwide. Numerous languages, have been translated into the Long Long Man ad since it first debuted in 2017. Watch it here!


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