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Gacha Gacha Crate Gacha Gacha Crate
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A monthly shipment of Japan's best gachapon figures & collectibles.

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Gachapon Machines - Gacha Gacha Crate

Gachapon machines are
found throughout Japan

Coin Operated Gachapon Machine - Gacha Gacha Crate

Machines are coin-operated
and feature monthly releases

Gacha Crank Sound - Gacha Gacha Crate

"Gacha" refers to the sound
of the crank turning

Capsule Prize Dropping - Gacha Gacha Crate

"Pon" is the sound of the
capsule prize dropping

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$38.95/month with Free Shipping Worldwide


Receive 8-10 hand-selected gachapon capsules each month ranging from your favorite characters to funny figures, useful accessories and more.

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Join Japan’s obsession with these roulette capsule toys! Gachapon are a big part of Japanese culture and people of all ages participate to collect a whole series of the toys! It’s so common and popular that you can’t walk through Japan without seeing a machine or series that you’d want to complete.

With Gacha Gacha Crate you will receive a monthly surprise delivery of Japanese Gachapon figures. Each Gacha crate includes six figures in their authentic plastic capsules. We package the complete Gachapon experience and ship it straight to you.

The Gacha Gacha subscription box is packed and shipped straight from Japan to your home.

Ready to start collecting? Join the Gacha Gacha Crate family today!