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What is Hi chew?   

Hi-chew is a Japanese candy similar to taffy that comes in various fruity flavors. It was created with the idea of being a type of edible chewing gum that would dissolve rather than spit out

Who invented Hi chew?

Taichiro Morinaga, the creator of Morinaga & Company invented Hi-Chew in 1975. He is also famous for producing Choco Balls (link). He started producing candy in Japan after going to the United States and learning the art of candy-making.

Why is it called Hi chew?

Hi chew in Japanese is ハイチュウ. In 1956, Moringaga created the predecessor of Hi-Chew. It was a chewy strawberry candy called Chewlets. In 1975, Hi Chew was released as the new upgraded version as Hi-chew to promote “High” quality “Chew”able candy.

Are you supposed to swallow Hi chew?

Hi chew is meant to be eaten similar to caramel. It is chewed until it slowly dissolves in your mouth and swallowed in very small parts.

What are all the Hi Chew flavors?

Since the initial launch of Hi Chew the product has been made in over 170 flavors. Some of the flavors in Japan include green apple, grape, strawberry, banana, kiwi, and sour lemon. Hi Chew also releases season limited flavors such as permission, lychee, precious strawberry, and watermelon. Similar to Kit Kat (link), Hi chew also has Japanese region-limited flavors inspired by famous fruits in the area. These include Ehime setoka, Yubari melon, Okinawa pineapple, Kyushu dekopon, Setouchi lemon, Amaou strawberry, Okinawa mango, and Okinawa shikuwasa.

What is the best Hi Chew flavor?

It depends on the country and the person of course! However, based on a previous research on flavor popularity it seemed that Asian countries like grape while western countries like strawberry the most.

Where can I buy Hi Chew?

Shop a wide selection of Hi Chew in our store

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