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What is pocky and how it conquered the world?


Pocky (ポッキー Pokkī) is an addicting biscuit stick covered in chocolate. They taste like a simple cookie with a smooth chocolate coating like the snack form of sweet breadsticks. Pocky sticks get their name after the sound that it creates when you eat a Pocky stick.


Bulk pocky


Unlike many other Japanese delicacies, Pocky is relatively new. The original milk chocolate Pocky was produced by the Glico company in 1966. Other flavors such as almonds were created in 1971 and strawberries in 1977. From then on Pocky continued to expand with a variety of flavors, types, and sizes. Pocky took very little time to become everyone’s favorite and became a popular snack in several parts of Asia as well as Europe and North America.


The idea of Pocky was first created to make a popular snack for young females who want a quick snack while watching their calorie intake. However, its taste and unique concept made it a popular snack among people of all age groups. Today, Pocky is one of the most cherished as a handy snack and is served in bars, and restaurants and sold in asian markets or most large supermarkets in their international section.


Where is Pocky from?


Pocky is originally from Japan and it continues to be one of the most popular snacks in the country. Pocky is also released internationally in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Burma, Brunei, Vietnam, and in Malaysia previously as “Rocky”. As well as across European countries through Mondelez International under the name “Mikado”. While Pocky is available in international locations, the flavors in each country vary and the most mouth-watering are typically reserved for Japan only.


While Pocky is available in international locations, the flavors in each country vary and the most mouthwatering are typically reserved for Japan only.


How many Pocky flavors are there?


A lot! Pocky has various flavors which are sometimes limited or seasonal. Those Japanese chocolate covered sticks combine the taste of creamy chocolate and crunchy biscuit that comes in a wide range of flavors. Some flavors include milk, chocolate banana bran, strawberry, dark chocolate, pumpkin, coconut, blond chocolate, honey, milk cocoa, savory Sakura, and matcha Sakura. It even offers some adults versions or "men's Pocky" such as Adult Amber Pocky or Goddess Ruby Pocky for Whisky and Whine paring. Pocky is also available in different regional and seasonal flavors. Some of the most popular regional flavors include Yubari Melon flavor from Hokkaido, Uji Matcha from Kyoto, and Shinshu Grape from Nagano.

 Cherry Pocky


What are the types of Pocky?


Pocky Double is the short thick version that is half the length with double the coating. They feature exclusive flavors such as white chocolate & peach, white chocolate & lemon, chocolate & strawberry, and coffee & cocoa.


Big Pocky has each stick individually wrapped within the box. They come in Japanese regional flavors such as Tokyo amazake, Ehime Iyokan, Amaou Strawberry, Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato, Sato Nishiki Cherry, and Yubari King Melon. Shinshu Kyoho Grape, and Uji Matcha.


Pocky has also made versions tailored toward adults in the collaboration with Fauchon, the French gourmet food company. The Pocky x Fauchon collection featured cassis and pistachio flavor. As well as the Pocky luxury collection with the Adult Amber which goes well with whiskey and the Goddess Ruby which pairs with red wine.



Pretz, which are similar but oh so different to Pocky, are also produced by the Glico company. They are stick snacks that are seasoned rather than smoothly coated in chocolate or creamy varieties.


Interesting facts about Pocky sticks


There are so much exciting things to learn about Pocky. Some of the interesting facts about this world-famous Japanese snack include:

1. You will be surprised to know that the popularity of Pocky in Japanese culture led to a special holiday in Japan. November 11 in Japan is celebrated as National Pocky Day as the date 11/11 somehow represents two Pocky sticks. The day is celebrated by people as they indulge in different Pocky flavors and varieties.


2. Glico Pia East’s factory in Saitama’s Kitamoto city organizes tours of the facility and people from across the globe visit the facility to learn how their favorite candy is made.


3. After the tour, visitors can answer a fun quiz about Pocky and pick their favorite Pocky from the gift shop.

4. Pocky is one of the most sold candies in the world with over 50 flavors available.


5. Made as a handy snack, Pocky become a popular snack served as a side food with alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants.


6. Initially, every Pocky was hand-dipped in chocolate and packed in the box. However, later, due to the rising demand, the process was made automatic, with special machinery making and packing the Pocky boxes.


7. The Pocky Game is a popular game played by kids in Japan using the amazing Pocky snack stick.


8. A large number of Pocky boxes are consumed by ice cream parlors and restaurants to pair with ice-creams and shakes.


9. It is believed that Kinoko no Yama, another Japanese snack is inspired by the concept of Pocky. Also, Kit Kats are believed to be the British form of Pocky.


Sakura Matcha Pocky


Initial complaints about Pocky, the most famous biscuit stick


No doubt Pocky got popular right from the start but there were some initial complaints that the company, however, came over very smoothly. Many people complained that the chocolate-coated stocks of Pocky made their hands dirty while eating. The company took notice of it and removed the chocolate from the ends of the stick. This made a clean area for people to pick Pocky and eat it without messing around.


The idea behind Pocky was to introduce a fun snack in the market that allows a fun way to munch on something tasty. It is cherished by people of all ages and anytime and anywhere. Today it is served at parties, relished by people on the go, children love taking Pocky to school, and much more.


Where can you buy Pocky?

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