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What's New at Japan Crate?

What's New at Japan Crate?

Welcome to the New Japan Crate Experience!

We've been busy making big changes at Japan Crate, and it's all thanks to the valuable feedback from our wonderful community.

After carefully considering your invaluable feedback and the intricate dance of global logistics, we're excited to share significant updates to our service, designed to improve your Japan Crate experience even further.

Hear the news directly from Danny, founder of Bokksu and new CEO of Japan Crate.

What New With Your Crate?

Compact Size, Direct Shipping from Japan

We've reimagined our crates to be more compact, facilitating easier handling and more efficient transportation.

This sleek new design allows us to ship your crates directly from Japan via air, significantly reducing delivery times and ensuring that your delightful assortment of Japanese treats arrives at your doorstep faster and more reliably than ever before.

As an added bonus, this streamlined process comes with the benefit of free shipping from Japan*, seamlessly connecting you to authentic flavors without the extra cost.

Enhanced Fulfillment for Timely Deliveries

Behind the scenes, we've overhauled our warehouse and fulfillment operations to streamline the packing and shipping process.

By assembling a dedicated team and eliminating extra steps in our logistics chain, we've shortened the time between when your crate is packed and when it begins its journey to you, making our delivery estimates more accurate and dependable.

Curated Selection with a Fresh Approach

Our commitment to bringing you a unique and enjoyable unboxing experience has led us to refine our curation process.

With now a select 14-16 premium snacks, each crate is filled with high-quality, delightful treats.

Responding to your feedback, we've taken out drinks, but brought back monthly Kit Kats!

Our new purchasing team is dedicated to sourcing a diverse range of seasonal, limited edition, and novelty items, ensuring a rich and authentic taste of Japanese culture.

And to further tailor our selections to your preferences, we will be sending out monthly surveys to gather your valuable input!

New Pricing Structure for Greater Value

We're excited to introduce updated pricing for our subscriptions, making Japan Crate more accessible while continuing to deliver the exceptional quality you expect.

The slight adjustment from $49.95 to $49.99 allows us to incorporate these enhancements and bring even more joy to your snacking journey.

But more excitingly, our redesigned prepaid plans for 3 and 6 months now deliver twice the savings, enriching your Japan Crate journey with even greater value.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates to come, including a full website refresh!

*restrictions can apply to some countries.