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Hello Japan Crate family,

The health & wellbeing of our community and employees is always of utmost importance for us. We are closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19/Coronavirus to ensure we’re implementing the latest safety measures and protocols so you can rest assured that your crate is being handled safely.

While the situation with COVID-19 is changing with each day, we fully expect your future crates to ship on time in accordance to our usual shipping schedule:
Shipping Detail.

While future crates will be shipped on schedule, postal services around the world may experience some form of disruption which could delay the delivery of your crates. We recommend checking with your local post to stay up to date on any developments or if you feel that your crate has been significantly delayed.

If you moved or changed your address, then please reply to this email so we can confirm that your next crate is being shipped to the correct address.

Finally, on behalf of the entire team, we want to sincerely thank you for the continued support and being part of the Japan Crate Family.

-The Japan Crate Team