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10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

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It is impossible to experience the taste of Japan without indulging in some mouthwatering sushi, fresh sashimi, and ramen. However, these are only the well-known foods in Japan that you must try, but why not branch out and try something different?

Japan has some of the oddest meal combos we've ever heard of, and some of the world's most wonderful snacks and wasabi-flavored snacks are no exception!

What is Wasabi?

The wasabi plant has its origins in Japan. Its roots are grated to give them a robust, intense flavor and scent. Since more than a thousand years ago, wasabi has been a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine, and most restaurants are now using it. It is commonly combined with soy sauce or used directly on top of sushi, adding a true fiery sensation to raw fish without leaving an aftertaste. Additionally, it is a versatile condiment frequently used with soba noodles, yakiniku dipping sauces, wasabi rice bowls, unagi chazuke, and other dishes. Wasabi has a potent, fiery flavor that quickly fades and doesn't leave a lingering burning sensation in the mouth. Wasabi is a vital component of Japanese cuisine, but it is also frequently used as a flavor for snacks in that country. In fact, wasabi snacks have nearly become a separate snack genre in Japan. Here are 10 hot wasabi explosion snacks that will spice up your taste buds and save your nose, ranging from spicy to sweet.

1. Wasabi Kit Kats

It's time to go beyond the typical chocolates-coated wafers if you are unaware of Japan's love with limited edition Kit Kat tastes, from flavors from Sweet Potato to Custard Pudding. It's no surprise that Japan also made Wasabi flavored Kit Kats! Wasabi Kit Kats are a humorous sweets novelty that both children and adults will enjoy.

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

These Kit Kats are typically only available in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan and are prepared with Tamaruya Honten's legendary and beloved wasabi. These are delicious and a Japan Crate favorite. Scorching wasabi, horseradish kick and Kit Kat white chocolate sweetness make up the flavor! They taste like a milky version of a wasabi dessert. And worry not if you can't handle the heat, as the milkiness also helps tame the spiciness to a bearable and enjoyable level. The bars are wrapped in attractive packaging with a picture of its namesake ingredient on the front, and they are a visually appealing light green that mimics wasabi.

2. Pringles

Pringles are a classic snack known in the US and Japan. While the US might have Pizza flavor, Japan has fun flavors like Wasabi Pringles! These felt more like spicy chips with a hint of Wasabi flavor. A moderate but delightful wasabi zing and a good mild salty soy sauce flavor worked nicely and offered some additional depth to this Pringles. The crisps had the typical pale Pringles hue with some unevenly distributed light green seasoning, most of which was wasabi powder.

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

Although the green wasabi powder is present on both sides of the chip, it is always dispersed unevenly and applied to one side of the chip more than the other. Nevertheless, the combination of wasabi and soy sauce gives the chips a great umami flavor. They have the traditional light and crispy Pringles texture, a mild wasabi flavor, and a good blend of soy sauce.

3. UFO Noodles Wasabi Flavor

Everyone in Japan has surely encountered the well-known instant yakisoba brand UFO (Unidentified Frying Object). Although not quite as well-known as Nissin's other product Cup Noodle, UFO has long been a staple in the communities that struggle with time constraints and lack of cooking skills. And if you want your meal to consist of Wasabi? Look no further. UFO noodles made noodles with the main flavor being Wasabi! Think you could handle these spicy noodles?

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

Wasabi will begin to smell when you raise it with chopsticks before you even begin to eat. The flavor is to your liking rather than pure wasabi spiciness. These noodles' wasabi taste is silenced by the mayonnaise spice so that even those who are not adept at eating spicy food may consume this. Additionally, it is simple to eat since wasabi has eliminated the aroma of pork that is unique to UFO source taste. Cabbage pieces added a pleasant crunch to the entire dish. The addition of the wasabi mayonnaise provided yet another dimension of deliciousness; the combination of the mayo and the nasally spicy wasabi made everything taste richer, which was delightful.

4. Wasa Beef

Biting this Wasa Beef chip will give you a taste of light and slightly sweet barbeque glaze, then the unmistakable taste of wasabi tickles the taste buds as you swallow. Wasabeef potato chips came from the Los Angeles restaurant that served roast beef topped with horseradish, the so-called "wasabi of the west." The wasabi in these chips is said to be from Nagano Prefecture, Japan's well-known region for wasabi cultivation.

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

Since its launch in 1987, wasabi and rich beefy umami flavor have been mixed, creating a distinctive and alluring flavor. With this excellent but previously unheard-of pairing of rich beef flavor and wasabi, it has since become one of the Japanese people's favorite treats. Your mouth will be delighted by the umami-rich, powerful beef flavor, while your nose will be filled with the spicy wasabi zing.

5. Kaki No Tane Wasabi

One of Japan's most popular rice crackers, Kaki no Tane, was created by the confectionery Naniwaya Seika in 1923. It is a baked rice dough snack that is slightly sour and spicy, flavored with soy sauce and red chili pepper, and frequently served with roasted peanuts. This classic combination of peanuts and Kaki no tane, which are essentially miniature rice crackers, is also available in a delectable wasabi flavor.

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

This Japanese snack called Kameda Kaki no tane Wasabi consists of rice crackers or senbei flavored with wasabi and peanuts. The wasabi-coated Kaki no tane is the main source of this snack's hot tingling sensation, providing a nicely balance taste with the mellow, aromatic, and crunchy peanuts. Real Japanese wasabi from the Azumino region, one of Japan's most well-known wasabi-producing regions, is used to make Kaki no tane Wasabi. All kids enjoy this traditional Japanese snack, which goes well with any beverage.

6. Wasabi Green Peas

You've probably had wasabi peas at least once if you enjoy Japanese-flavored appetizers. Popular both in Japan and internationally, Green Mame Wasabi Peas have a light, crisp texture, a mild wasabi flavor, and a buttery finish. This exotic-flavored, scrumptiously hot snack is excellent for eating anywhere.

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

These flour-battered, deep-fried green peas have a delightful crisp bite, are sweet, salty, and have a Wasabi flavor. These wasabi-flavored green peas are a favorite crunchy snack at any party, work, or traveling. This whole bag of Green Mame Wasabi Peas is also ready to eat.

7. Calbee Adult Jagariko Wasabi Flavor

Calbee manufactures the long-selling and well-liked Japanese snack known as Jagariko. Jagarico sticks come in various flavors, distinctive forms, and crunchy textures that you'll want more of! You get a crisp bite every time you bite into these thin, stick-shaped potato chips. Wasabi and soy sauce have been added to the same Jagariko Potato Sticks to create a fresh, hot flavor.

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

The stick-shaped potato snack has a wasabi spicy kick flavor and a soy sauce coating. The crispy potato chips have a potent wasabi and soy sauce flavor for adult users. Enjoy a powerful spicy flavor, and you might find yourself pausing between bites.

Need to wash down all that spicy and flavorful Wasabi? How bout a swig of some Wasabi drinks? Let's just say, when we tried them they didn't really help calm the spicy levels 😅

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

8. Wasabi Ramune Soda

In Japan, Ramune Soda is a popular carbonated soft drink. Ramune, which translates to lemonade, is well-known for its distinctive Codd-neck bottle. Who wouldn't be shocked if Ramune was given a wasabi flavoring?

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

This Japanese carbonated beverage has an interesting wasabi flavor! The wasabi in this lemonade has a strong flavor resembling horseradish. It definitely has a distinctive flavor for lemonade. Challenge your pals to try this one; it has a wasabi moderately spicy flavor and is very fizzy.

9. Kimura Wasabi Ginger Ale

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

The Kimura Wasabi Ginger Ale is a collaboration of Shizuoka prefecture with Tamaruya Honten, a reputable pickled wasabi manufacturer in Shizuoka. This ginger ale has a flavor of wasabi results from their combined ginger ale and spice, which is concluded with a punchy harsh taste. After drinking, a powerful ginger beverage leaves a tingling stimulus on the tongue.

10. Niigata Wasabi Beer

10 Unusual Wasabi Snacks in Japan!

This is the beer that beer drinkers should try while visiting Japan. The wasabi flavor in this beer is authentic, and it will give your taste buds a fiery kick. Each sip leaves the mouth with a slight bitterness and heat. This beer has a crisp texture and a nice amount of carbonation. Overall, this is a decent beer with a strong wasabi flavor that is detectable in both the scent and the taste.

It's Japan Crate Time!

Make sure you start snacking with an open and wild mind since Japanese food is not for the fearful, especially with the Wasabi flavored snacks and drinks! Wasabi establish itself as a unique flavor sensation with many wasabi-flavored Japanese snacks; some are salty, some are sweet, and almost all promise a hot payoff.

If these 10 snacks and drinks made you crave a spicy wasabi kick, plenty more are available in Sugoi Mart! You can purchase any wasabi-flavored snacks and drinks instantly by clicking this link. We have many great deals you can enjoy! Perhaps you'd like to have a package of treats with a Japanese theme sent to your house each month? Just click this link to sign up right now. Japan Crate will bring you the taste of Japan in no time with our fast and flexible international shipping options. Enjoy!

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