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5 Kawaii Food Items from Design Festa 2017

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Each year, Japan hosts Design Festa which houses over 12,000 artists, designers, musicians and actors letting them share their art and creations. With so much to see, we decided to share our top 5 Kawaii Food Items from this year's Design Festa.

Plush Push-Pins

Take your favorite food with you as you knit, craft and create your next project! These push-pins let you keep your favorite food nearby without the mess (or calories).

Chocolate Purses Purses

Wish you could carry chocolate around with you without having it melt? These pastry themed purses let you get one step closer....even if it isn't the real thing.

Belgian Chocolate Waffle Coin Purse

Chocolate Bar Purse/Clutch



Design Festa was filled with Pandas but none made our hearts Doki Doki more than the food designed as Pandas!

SUSHI PANDAS!!! Need we say more?

Artist: Twitter @nekoaqua, Instagram @panda_king_dom

Cake Brooches!

One of the more intricate and creative items we saw were the brooches that looked just liked designer cakes!  

Wedding cake?

They all look delicious~ which would you pick?

Okay...we want cake now...

Neko Cafe

Design Festa wouldn't be complete without Kitty Themed items! These were sooo cute, we hope to find them near a Cat Cafe soon!


With so many amazing artists and art on display, we definitely recommend visiting next year's Design Festa if you have the chance! What is something you'd want to see?

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