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Best Japanese Ramen in Los Angeles

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Best Japanese Ramen in Los Angeles

Ramen may look like nothing more than a bowl of noodles, soup, and a few toppings, but this Japanese dish is much more than that. Many international cities and countries have loved this ultimate comfort meal of Japan, and Los Angeles is no different. It doesn't take long to find variations of this special, cozy dish in Los Angeles.

The best ramen can be found across the city in cracker-box stores, upmarket eateries, and malls. Moreover, Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the top cities in the US for enjoying a fantastic bowl of ramen with endless options for ramen lovers, whether they want thick, pork-heavy spicy tonkotsu ramen, umami dipping ramen, chicken broth ramen, or brothless mazemen. Here's a list of some of the top ramen restaurants in Los Angeles, offering everything from traditional ramen, and noodle soup to hearty broths with umami taste.

Best Ramen Restaurants in Los Angeles Ca

1. Saikai Ramen Bar

Best Japanese Ramen in Los Angeles

Chef Jimin Kim and Sandy Han, a husband and wife team, own Saikai Ramen Bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Here, traditional Japanese cuisine combines the couple's Korean roots and a touch of Los Angeles cuisine. Moreover, when you first look through the glass door of the restaurant, you might not expect the alt-rock strip-mall-chic air it exudes, but it simultaneously makes you feel relaxed and safe. You won't be able to stop praising their signature dish once you've tried the shoyu tonkotsu broth, an excellent 24-hour soup loaded with stir-fried pork belly and crisp wood ear mushrooms.

Moreover, the Mazemen, dry ramen that is difficult to find in Los Angeles, is one of the unique dishes in this restaurant. Hand-massaged temomi thin noodles, spicy ground pork belly, fish powder, cucumber, green onion, minced garlic, and seasoned soft-boiled egg are all ingredients in this dish. The final course includes rice bowls to help balance out the tastes that are dripping off your mouth.

2. Ramen Tatsunoya

Best Japanese Ramen in Los Angeles

Tonkotsu ramen is the specialty of Ramen Tatsunoya in Pasadena and Silverlake, which takes pleasure in using only natural ingredients. Since the proprietors of this establishment are from Kurume City in Fukuoka, the birthplace of tonkotsu, it goes without saying that they provide mouthwatering bowls of ramen.

Their ramen broth is produced by simmering water and skull bones for 15 hours and has a beautifully balanced texture of richness and subtle lightness. The broth comes in a variety of flavors, including light, spicy, and koku(porky broth). Koku tonkotsu is a more potent ramen bowl with traditional sides like spicy minced pork and seasoned egg that are optional but necessary. Moreover, the thin or thick noodles used in their ramen are explicitly produced for ramen bowls at the Ramen Tatsunoya establishment.

3. Silverlake Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in Los Angeles

With a focus on serving traditional Tonkotsu and the well-known Blaze Ramen, a traditional Tonkotsu with your choice of protein, pork broth, spinach, green onions, bean sprouts, poached egg, and seaweed. Silverlake Ramen Shop is conveniently located near Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Additionally to their incredibly irresistible 16-hour Tonkotsu pork broth, they serve Mazemen with cold noodles and a soggy tsukemen. This is the place to go if you want to try every type of rich broth ramen. You can also add side items to your bowl of ramens, such as fried chashu pork gyoza, chicken karaage, chili oil, garlic miso butter mushrooms, flavored egg, and steamed buns.

4. Ramen Hood

Best Japanese Ramen in Los Angeles

Ramen Hood operated by Ilan Hall is one of Los Angeles' most inventive ramen restaurants in Grand Central Market for years. Ramen Hood offers a variety of ramen selections, including plain, garlicky, and spicy ramen, as opposed to the typical watery ramen. All three dishes contain noodles, nori, chopped scallions, king oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, and broth prepared from sunflower seeds. Moreover, white miso, roasted sunflower seeds, and umami-rich konbu and shiitake mushrooms are combined by Hall with white miso for a rich soup that is almost as wonderful as a traditional pork bones broth. There is also yeast, eggs, and soy milk combined to make a vegan variety, which can be added for an additional $2 cost.

These ramen shops are just a portion of the best Japanese ramen in Los Angeles. There are still more ramen restaurants serving their signature ramen, including AFURI Ramen, Men Oh Tokushima Ramen, Shin Sen Gumi Hakata Ramen, Kai Ramen, Tatsu Ramen, and Killer Noodle Tsujita LA. Perhaps, you are looking for an instant snack without leaving your home. Visit the Sugoi Mart noodle collection now and choose any flavor of instant ramen noodles you want.

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