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Best Japanese Ramen In New York

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Best Japanese Ramen In New York


New York is one of the international cities obsessed with traditional Japanese soup. Ramen is indeed a local favorite in New York, with almost all streets filled with ramen restaurants. Whatever broth you prefer, there is nothing that soothes the soul like a hot bowl of ramen. Here are a couple of spots you might want to check out if you're seeking to gulp down delicious noodles in a rich broth in New York streets.

Japanese Ramen Restaurant in New York City

1. Jun-Men Ramen Bar

Best Japanese Ramen In New York

Chef Jun Park's Jun-Men is known for its hybrid Hokkaido-meets-NYC-style ramen, which is produced with a rich pork bone broth cooked for more than 18 hours from three distinct types of bones. Jun-Men followed the trend with a bowl of mazemen that included urchin, porcini butter, pancetta, and other unusual ingredients.

Moreover, it is a more intimate ramen shop with blond wood furnishings and an open kitchen. Not to be missed are the vegetarian ramen with maitake mushrooms and pickled mustard greens and the spicy miso ramen with pork shoulder. Also, the straight noodles pork bone ramen that is topped with chashu pork belly, a soft-boiled egg, scallions, wood ear mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.


2. Tonchin


Best Japanese Ramen In New York


Tonchin succeeds at providing traditional Japanese fare with a contemporary touch. Consider the curry cheese chicken wings and the smoked dashi ramen. The dishes are inventive without being over the top. Moreover, its variety of ramen is based on what it calls a Tokyo-style tonkotsu broth featured on the menu of this deep, narrow eatery on the outskirts of Koreatown.

The signature ramen of this restaurant is the smoked dashi ramen, which starts with broth and then includes fish oil and clams for an incredible flavor medley. You also shouldn't miss out on their traditional Tokyo tonkotsu, which includes chashu pork, soft-boiled seasoned egg, scallion, bamboo shoots, and nori in a rich tonkotsu pork broth with thin house-made noodles.

3. Minca


Best Japanese Ramen In New York


This cash-only ramen restaurant has been open for some time. Before Ippudo even existed, this established East Village ramen shop took its ramen just as seriously. This trendy dinner of ramen prepared in the Tokyo-style tonkotsu ramen and a spicy miso broth with a variety of other ingredients that may be added to your bowl. In this restaurant, you need to choose your ramen broth first; there are 12 broken up between thick tonkotsu pork broth, chicken broth, fish and pork broth, miso, spicy, and vegetarian broth. Then your noodles with options like thick, thin, wavy, whole wheat, or bean.

Fans come to the restaurant for its renowned pork and chicken bone broth, which is available with optional seasonings like soy or salt and a range of noodles from thin to thick to gluten-free. You can also expect extra chewy noodles topped with seasoned eggs, wood ear mushrooms, scallion, and sliced pork chashu.

4. Nakamura


Best Japanese Ramen In New York


One of the most well-known ramen chefs from Japan, Shigetoshi Nakamura, wowed New York audiences at Sun Noodle's Ramen Lab. After serving as the corporate chef for the noodle company for a while, Nakamura opened this 18-seat ramen-ya where he sells curry-flavored ramen and signature shoyu varieties made with his outstanding broth, which is made of chicken bones simmered with ginger and a special soy sauce blend.

Furthermore, many ramen fans visit its Torigara, a Jidori chicken broth in a lighter style seasoned with soy, filled with the customer's preferred noodle and adorned with spinach, chashu, scallion oil, bamboo shoots, and fish cake. Customers can also choose between house-made noodles and the Sun Noodle standard.

There are countless ramen iterations in New York, integrating the Japanese culture into New York lifestyle to savor their taste buds, from kimchi ramen, spicy ramen, kuro ramen, curry ramen, zurutto miso ramen, spicy ginger stamina ramen, mushroom ramen, beef bone marrow ramen, and many more delicious ramen dishes you'll surely love. These ramen is often topped with spicy pickled mustard greens, parmesan cheese, spicy ground chicken, peppery ground pork, bean sprouts, tempura shrimp dumplings, roasted tomato, spicy tuna tacos, garlic chips, and lovely miniature pork cutlets. You can experience any of these varieties in the comfort of your home. Visit the Sugoi Mart noodle collection and choose any flavor of authentic Japanese instant noodles.

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