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Best Japanese Ramen in the US

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Best Japanese Ramen in the US

Ramen, a dish that was originally Chinese but is now more strongly linked to Japanese culture, is the ideal street food in Japan. This mouthwatering Japanese cuisine has successfully attracted the interest of the entire world, and there are innumerable variations of ramen today. Consider Shio and Shoyu ramen to be almost the same. Shoyu (soy sauce) is frequently tangy and even sweet when used as a condiment. It imparts a brown, occasionally blackish, color to the soup, while Shio (salt) makes the soup clearer and typically lighter.

On the other hand, ramen with tonkotsu and miso is frequently heavier, although not always. Ramen with tonkotsu (pork bone broth) typically has a thick, murky broth. Although miso (fermented soy bean) ramen is richer, it also has a base with a strong flavor from the miso ingredient. Aside from that, there are as many different kinds of ramen as there are regions in Japan, and each one offers a distinctive flavor and way of looking at the classic combination of noodles, broth, and protein.

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

With so many distinct ways to prepare it, this dish delivers something different to every diner. Each ramen chef has a different method for getting to the result, and American ramen chefs are no exception. In fact, ramen, which just recently gained popularity in American metropolitan areas, is now making its way into the country's mainstream.
Here are the best ramen restaurants and ramen flavors available in the US.

Best Ramen Restaurants in America

1. Otaku Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

Otaku Ramen in Gulch, Nashville, is owned and run by Los Angeles native women Sarah Gavigan and offers a variety of contemporary twists on classic ramen flavors that are unmatched anywhere else. It's always a plus when ramen from Otaku can be made vegan.

It offers a unique Tennessee Tonkotsu, complete with savory soft pork confit, wood ear mushroom, and egg, in addition to typical shoyu and fiery miso characteristics. The majority of the dishes at Otaku may be ordered "Monster Style," which, per their menu, includes a generous helping of pork belly, ground chicken, and entire egg.

2. Ramen Danbo

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

The New York Ramen Danbo specializes in Kyushu-style thin ramen noodles made in-house and served with their distinctive tonkotsu broth made with pork. The Japanese chain, originally from Chikushino on the southern island of Kyushu, debuted in Vancouver before entering the American market. Chef Ramen Dambo is thought to be the closest to true ramen outside of Japan and for being customizable, allowing diners to select the amount of umami, noodle size, and softness.

3. Mugen Noodle Bar

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

Mugen Noodle Bar is one of the greatest ramen shop in Oregon and is a must-try. The restaurant's specialty is tori or chicken paitan broth, produced in-house and cooked for 12 hours daily. The original broth is thick and savory without being very heavy because it is made with chicken rather than fatty roast pork.

Along with presenting a variety of dishes using this chicken-based broth, Mugen Noodle Bar's chefs get creative with mouthwatering hazelnut tantanmen. This bowl of ramen is topped with miso cashew crumbles, tare, tahini, Sichuan oil, crushed nuts, scallions, spicy ground miso pork, corn, and green onion for a unique dining experience. Customers also adore the spicy shrimp ramen, the traditional miso ramen, and the curry ramen, which is also available in a vegan hazelnut milk version.

4. Nakamura

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

Chef Shigetoshi Nakamura is a real ramen star following his success in Japan. Nakamura then moved his talent and ingenuity to the United States. He opened a japanese street food restaurant, Nakamura, with his unique torigara ramen (a clear chicken broth seasoned with soy) after getting a feel for the New York scene at the perennially popular Ramen Lab, a ramen cafe in the Lower East Side with changing cooks.

The thick, chewy noodles used to make the ramen at Nakamura are produced in a variety of flavors. Even vegan alternatives, like the XO Miso vegetable broth, are flavorful and high in protein since they contain Szechuan pepper, cabbage, scallions, and a special protein soy sauce. Moreover, the Truffle Miso, another well-liked vegan alternative, is made delectable by the addition of sautéed crimini mushrooms and white truffle oil.

5. Johnny Noodle King

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

Johnny Noodle King is one of Detroit's finest restaurants that is a natural fit for the city's expanding food scene. Customers at Johnny Noodle King have access to a wide selection of both classic and cutting-edge ramen tastes. There are two types of shoyu: the traditional tonkotsu ramen and the creamy coconut-curry-based pig broth.

The classic shoyu is produced using soy-based pork broth, pork belly, nori, menma, bamboo shoots, scallions, marinated egg, naruto, and bonito. The broth-free smoked butter noodles, which are topped with flavorful mustard greens, onion, capers, and Korean chili flakes, are favorites among diners.

Johnny Noodle King also offered ramen bowls with flavors like "kitchen sink kimchi," which sounds delectably unusual, sweet braised short rib, burnt garlic miso broth, and a chicken broth flavored with Cajun spices.

6. Tsujita

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

Slurping is heavily encouraged at Tsujita since the restaurant serves the noodles and broth separately on purpose to allow for the best slurping experience. This style of ramen is referred to as Tsukemen, where the noodles are dipped into the broth with each bite. This ramen restaurant which has over 4,000 reviews and a four-star rating, is highly recognized among locals and visitors to Los Angeles as the best place to get dipping noodles.

There aren't many flavor options at Tsujita, but you come here for the real deal smooth chashu pork, fresh Negi (green onion), soy soft boiled eggs, crunchy wood ear mushrooms, and a zingy squeeze of lime juice. But one of the best choice is their Tsukemen, which comes with thick, al dente Sun noodles, a soft-boiled egg, fat-rimmed chashu, a substantial mound of spicy bean sprouts, and acidic, savory tonkotsu broth bobbing with pieces of drippings from the pork.

7. Jinya Ramen Bar

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

This ramen bar features everything a city dweller may want in a ramen noodles restaurant, including terrific food, a sizable menu, and a stylish audience, thanks to its slick, modern decor and ambiance. Vegans (and non-vegans seeking a meat-free dinner) will appreciate the variety of plant-based options provided at Jinya Ramen Bar.

The delicious wonton chicken ramen or the many tonkotsu choices are perfect for those seeking a meat-based soup. The business even offers gluten-free ramen that can be made vegan or with chicken. Moreover, some options include The Flying Vegan Harvest stuffed with vegetables, the Tsunami White Pearl, which is topped with Impossible Meat and broccolini, and hot creamy veggie ramen.

8. Uncle Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in the US

This could win the award for the best restaurant name. The popularity of Uncle's umami-rich menu is evident in the nearly 2,000 bowls served weekly at this dinner shop in Denver's trendy LoHi neighborhood. Chef Tommy Lee uses traditional methods—broths boil for the required 16 hours, noodles—but the variety goes beyond the typical shio and shoyu. Uncle provides some distinctive ramen selections that you have probably not seen on our list up to this point.

The Tahini-Soy-Chili-Base Spicy Chicken and the equally rich Veggie Miso, finished with wild mushrooms, snap peas, and watermelon radish, are both available. Along with the hot chicken, lighter Tokyo-style chicken broths and vegetarian ramen with yellow curry are also available. Uncle Ramen dares you to add the Spicy Bomb of miso pepper paste to your bowl if you're up for the task.

America's Best of the Best

With these amazing ramen shops above, America is definitely home to many fantastic ramen eateries and noodle soups. America is a nation that makes ramen quite well and where you can find a good bowl in almost anyplace offering many varieties in almost every state, from traditional Tokyo tonkotsu style broth ramen, chicken shoyu broth ramen, marufuku ramen, spicy miso ramen, seafood ramen, Korean spicy ramen, and new york style ramen.

But wait, there are more original flavors from the US, such as luxurious lobster ramen, lobster and chicken broth ramen, spicy chicken ramen, spicy creamy vegan ramen, and various varieties of handmade noodles from thin noodles to signature homemade noodles of homestyle Japanese chefs. You can enjoy these lot of varieties with the best online Japanese snack; the Sugoi Mart offers a noodle collection that will cater to your ramen cravings!

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