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Best Japanese Stationery Store

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Japan is a nation that takes great pride in its precision, especially when it comes to its stationery products. Pens, paper, and other writing-related supplies are improved upon in Japan. The art of writing with a pen and ink is still relevant today, even if email and texts outnumber handwritten letters. Tokyo's abundance of paper products shops makes it a popular travel destination for couples who enjoy stationery. Also, there are lots of stationery shops with a wide selection of fascinating, distinctive, and adorable things. Here are the best Japanese stationery stores you can visit in Japan and the online stores you can always browse.

Top 5 Japanese Stationery Shops

1. Itoya

Japanese Stationery Shops

Itoya, located in the heart of Ginza, is one of the largest stationery stores, with 12 stories and a different category on each floor. Japanese stationery comes at various prices, from budget-friendly items to high-end products. Excellent for those who want to buy pens and paper in numerous colors.

They provide a service where they will modify their goods to reflect the preferences of the customer. They include wrapping stylists, embroidered, personalized, and corporate order services. Also, they provide aftercare services if you wish to keep using your preferred products for a long period.

2. Loft

Japanese Stationery Shops

While you can buy other items at the LOFT store in Shibuya, like luggage, cosmetics, and housewares, it's still one of the best because of its extensive selection of stationery items. You will enjoy looking around because there are so many interesting and amazing things to discover. With all of their gorgeous, adorable, and cool stationery, even if you don't want to buy anything, you'll undoubtedly wind up doing so.

The entire floor is covered in stationery items like pens, notebooks, calendars, pen cases, book covers, and more. Due to their superior quality and design, Japanese stationery from Loft has recently gained a lot of popularity worldwide. Also, you may purchase festive stationery to commemorate holidays like Halloween, Valentine's Day, New Year's, Easter, and Christmas. Every stationery lover will go nuts for the vivid colors, sticky notes in the shape of animals, and interesting discoveries.

3. Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands is a multi-floored Japanese stationery store in Tokyo that specializes in DIY supplies. Each floor offers a distinct category. Due to the abundance of fantastic things you can get here and the fact that they have everything you need, some people refer to it as a one-stop shop. Also, they sell a huge variety of stationery, arts, crafts, and other top-quality Japanese products, including pencils, erasers, sticky notes, planners, planner ink, and fountain pen ink.

There are many good items for gifts and souvenirs, and the area is welcoming to foreigners and frequented by tourists. Although the price isn't that low, the products' quality is unquestionably high and justifies the cost. It takes some work to grab the greatest items in their line because of the crowds at their well-known Shibuya store, but it's well worth it when you can get your hands on limited-edition gel pens, fountain pens, and a huge variety of washi tapes.

4. Sekaido


Since 1940, Sekaido has served the amateur and professional artists community as Tokyo's greatest art supply haven. There is almost nothing you won't find at Sekaido, from stationery on the first floor to paints, brushes, design and craft supplies, paper, canvases, and an exceptional framing service on the fifth floor. Every color of pencil imaginable is on display on the second floor, along with a variety of Western and Japanese papers. Watercolors, oil paint, several types of brushes, and equipment for Japanese calligraphy may all be found on the third floor, which is dedicated to paintings. They indeed have an amazing variety of goods!

They even offer high-quality goods for a very affordable price, that selecting what you want, from necessities to the newest trends, might be challenging. Even visitors like exploring the area and shopping for souvenirs. If you find yourself lacking inspiration for your next project, try letting yourself get lost in this artist's haven. Simply perusing the aisles is typically enough to provide you with ideas.

5. Haibara


If you're looking for traditional paper goods, postcards, notebooks, fans, or envelopes containing Mizuhiki, elegantly woven knots that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even feature elaborate animal motifs, Nihonbashi, Haibara should be one of your first visits. Haibara is an expert at converting traditional washi paper into exquisite letter sets, uchiwa (round fans), notebooks, and other goods. This stationery store has been in business for more than 200 years.

This stationery shop is well known for its unique letter-writing sets, some of which include artwork by Taisho-era artist Takehisa Yumeji who created several designs exclusively for the store. Family members still run the company, and it is in its sixth generation. Discover the pairing that initially piqued local and worldwide interest in good quality paper displayed alongside era icons of Japanese design at its now-modernized boutique in the Nihonbashi neighborhood.

Top 5 Japanese Online Stationery Stores

It's simple to walk into practically any store in Japan and acquire high-quality stationery, but not everyone can live there or even travel there. So here is a list of websites where you can get the best Japanese stationery online. Your stationery will surely be unique, high-quality, and have withstood the test of time.

1. Etsy


You may discover just about anything you're searching for in the huge selection of Japanese stationery merchants on Etsy, including memo pads, stickers, stamps, journals, and pens. While they aren't known for having a large range of genuine Japanese stationery, they do carry things by companies like Pilot, Uni, and Zebra. Most of them also frequently have washi tape and stickers, so you can start building your stationery collection while you wait to visit Japan. Also, the majority of Japanese vendors are quite upfront with their prices and don't artificially inflate their profit margins.

2. Jetpens


Jet Pens carries a large variety of notebooks, washi tapes, pencil boxes, and more in addition to pens. The best part is that shipping is free when you spend over $25, allowing you to browse guilt-free and score some fantastic deals! This is a wonderful website to get a fountain pen because they have a large selection of models and comprehensive buying advice. Additionally, strangely pleasurable to watch, their YouTube videos will make you want to buy every pen and adorable accessory ever. Therefore, Jetpens is probably a good choice if you're looking for a technical or specific type of pen from Japan.

3. Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy has everything that is quite artistically beautiful. Notebook Therapy features an amazing and lovely selection of goods. They carry popular Japanese brands like Muji pens and notebooks, Kokuyo Campus notebooks and planners, mildliners, Zebra Sarasa, Pilot Juice Pens, and many more. They also provide a variety of their own goods, including excellent bullet journaling starter sets. Bags, diffusers, and phone cases are also among the additional items sold in this Japanese stationery business. This website genuinely has something for everyone! They also have a large Instagram following with over 1 million followers and a very eco-friendly operating policy that benefits the entire world.

4. Muji


If you're looking for Japanese minimalism, Muji is the store to visit. Sticky notes, washi tape, desk accessories, pens, and other widely used simple stationery are all available at Muji, along with a variety of other clothes, home goods, and Japanese delicacies that all highlight the value of simplicity. Muji is the place to shop if you're searching for that minimalist Japanese design, even though some of the other websites may offer a few more "genuine" stationery items. With its simple ordering and delivery procedures and availability almost everywhere in the world, Muji is a great place to purchase.

5. Sugoi Mart

Sugoi Mart

Sugoi Mart is an online store where you may purchase Japanese goods, including stationery, snacks, and leisure items. Sugoi Mart stationery collection offers a wide range of products, from the cutest hello kitty plush toys to the finest Japanese stationery sets. The most conventional and well-liked licenses are offered by Sugoi Mart, including washi tape, pens, notebooks, erasers, and stickers, together with a variety of other items such as apparel, home décor, and Japanese delicacies that all focus on the Japanese culture. The Sugoi Mart store is easy to navigate and has a large selection of menu items, allowing you to choose your favorite stationery brand or cartoon character with adorable graphics.

Get the Best Stationery All-in-one Crate!

Get the Best Stationery

These are just a few of the best stationery stores where you can obtain high-quality, affordable, and eye-pleasing stationery items. There are many different kinds of stationery available, all with varying prices. You shouldn't be concerned about the price disparity, as even the most affordable Japanese stationery is of great quality. Indeed, Japanese stationery makers just exert their best when supplying clients with such high expectations. And to give you all the best qualities of Japanese stationeries, Sugoi Mart offers the Inku crate full of the cutest stationery you'll love!

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