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Cherry Blossom Alert! The Best Sakura Foods and Drinks in Japan!

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Starbucks 2024 Hanami Dango Frappucino 花見だんご フラペチーノ

Sakura season is upon us in Japan and it's not just about seeing the blossoms. Japan is known for its outlandish Japanese cuisine and snack flavors, and it is no surprise that Japan would produce cherry blossom or sakura-flavored snacks and drinks! The cherry blossom, or sakura, the national flower of Japan, is masterfully used in cooking to produce distinct flavors and increase the allure of traditional Japanese sweets, foods, and drinks.


You can always find tasty and filling sakura food during cherry blossom season, whether you shop at Japanese markets, convenience stores, or any stalls on the street. We want to eat, drink, and ascend to the sakura-pink palace of bliss. To help you taste the season, this yearly phenomenon also brings in a ton of limited-edition merchandise dedicated to the delicate pink flower. We guide you through the top cherry blossom-inspired snack releases! They are not only lovely but also delicious!


Sakura-Flavored Releases by Brands in Japan

Sakura food items are one of the most anticipated products released yearly in Japan. These products range from sweet to savory goodies and even include Sakura drink choices (like soda made with a Sakura flavor). Top brands, from Starbucks to Godiva and Pocky, have begun offering Sakura foods to customers. Each year, the Sakura food products feature new, exciting flavors and themes.


These tasty Sakura products are released at the beginning of the Spring season, at the same time as the cherry blossom trees are blooming and showing off their beautiful pink petals. It's a special time of year filled with lovely Sakura flower treats, hanami (Sakura flower watching), and a reminder of rebirth.


Here are some top Sakura food and drink options to check out in 2024 as you celebrate the blooming cherry blossoms.


1. Starbucks 2024 Hanami Dango Frappucino

花見だんご フラペチーノ

Starbucks 2024 Hanami Dango Frappucino 花見だんご フラペチーノ

This delightful Starbucks 2024 Hanami Dango Frappucino is a fun, seasonal twist on the classic frozen blended drink. It includes three colors that represent dango, a sweet treat made with three colorful rice flour balls with a sweet flavor often served during hanami.


You'll find a delicious fruity floral flavor combination from the Sakura bean paste and cherry blossom strawberry sauces inside this drink. The frappuccino includes a mini hanami dango to give it a colorful appearance. It's topped with whipped cream, a more colorful dango, and Sakura fiantine (thin pieces of crepe dough).


2. Starbucks 2024 Hanami Sakura Cream

花見 さくら クリーム

Starbucks 2024 Hanami Sakura Cream 花見 さくら クリーム

Here's another Starbucks 2024 Sakura drink you won't want to miss - the Hanami Sakura Cream. This hot drink is caffeine-free, perfect for Starbucks lovers of all ages. It's made with steamed milk, spring blossom syrup, and caramel syrup. The final touch is whipped cream and Sakura fiantine, which gives an appearance like Sakura flower petals.


3. Godiva Baumkuchen au Sakura

ゴディババームクーヘン オ 桜

Godiva Baumkuchen au Sakura ゴディババームクーヘン オ 桜

This Godiva Baumkuchen au Sakura (German tree cake) is perfect for sweet cravings. It's called a tree cake because it features rings that look like a tree when the cake is sliced.


This yummy version of Baumkuchen is baked to perfection, with a combination of white chocolate and Sakura leaf extra for a delicate floral flavor. This moist cake is topped with a milk chocolate layer and pretty spring-themed decorations.


4. Mister Donut Sakura Mochi


Mister Donut Sakura Mochi ミスタードーナツ桜もちっとドーナツ

Mister Donut, a global company known for its tasty donuts, has an array of four tasty Sakura mochi donuts this year. The donuts range from plain glazed cherry blossom donuts to options filled with Hokkaido azuki red bean paste.


These donuts are a real treat, created with adorable Sakura decorations like edible glitter and pink cherry-flavored chocolate flakes. Expect chewy, flavorful donuts that are not overly sweet.


5. Lindt Happiness Bloom Sakura & Shimizu Hakuto Chocolat Drink

リンツさくら&清⽔⽩桃 ショコラドリンク

Lindt Happiness Bloom Sakura & Shimizu Hakuto Chocolat Drink リンツさくら&清⽔⽩桃 ショコラドリンク

Like Starbucks has exciting Sakura-themed drinks, Lindt has a must-try Sakura drink for 2024. This drink is inspired by Sakura flower petals floating in the breeze. It's made with Lindt's white chocolate, a juicy peach sauce, and sweet Shimizu White Peach jelly. This yummy drink is also topped with a cherry blossom-scented cream and tangy Sakura sauce. It's sweet, juicy, sour, and refreshing!


6. Pocky: Sakura Matcha


Pocky: Sakura Matcha ポッキーさくら抹茶

Pocky is a treat that's always a winner. This year, the brand has launched a delicious Sakura matcha flavor. This limited/seasonal Pocky flavor is packed in a beautiful pink Sakura-themed bag. Each bag includes crunchy, light pink Pocky made with cherry blossom leaf extract. This treat is dipped in a bittersweet matcha-chocolate, providing the perfect flavor combination.


Snacks included in the 2024 Cherry Blossom Crate

Get excited for the Sakura Japan Crate for 2024! It comes with an array of tasty Sakura snacks that highlight the delicate floral flavor of cherry blossoms. From sweet to savory, you'll surely love the selection in this box.

Cherry Blossom Crate by Japan Crate

Below, we offer a sneak peek of the mouthwatering cherry blossom snacks in the upcoming crate.


1. Picola Sakura Matcha Flavor


Picola Sakura Matcha Flavor ピコラさくら抹茶味

This is a Sakura treat that will satisfy sweet and crunchy cravings. It's a crispy roll biscuit that features a delicious cherry blossom aroma. Each crunchy biscuit is made with two types of matcha - Uji matcha, which provides a bitter flavor, and Uji matcha tea. Inside these tasty treats is a creamy, sweet filling made with matcha and cherry blossom powder.


2. Ume Mintz


Ume Mintz 梅ミンツ

Ume Mintz has been around since 1973! This hard candy made with plum puree was created for kids after the Ume Jintan adult throat candy from the same company became popular. It includes a sweet, tangy plum flavor you won't find in many candies. For many, this candy is a nostalgic treat.


3. Cream Colon Sakura Matcha Cookies


Cream Colon Sakura Matcha Cookies クリームコロン(大人のさくら抹茶)

These delightful Sakura matcha cookies include a bittersweet matcha-flavored waffle outside and aromatic Sakura cream inside. When biting into these biscuits, expect a crunchy texture from the exterior, which gives way to a soft, creamy filling. The lightly sweet, decadent Sakura-flavored cream balances the matcha's bitterness.


4. Sakura Soft Candy


Sakura Soft Candy 桜そふときゃんでぃ

These mouthwatering Sakura soft candies are melt-in-your-mouth good! They feature a beautiful Sakura aroma and flavor, which will make you feel like you're sitting under the cherry blossoms. The texture of these tasty treats is similar to a delicious mochi ball.


Sakura Season: Savory Food Offerings

Don't fret if you're more of a savory food lover than a dessert enthusiast, as there are other options to enjoy during the Sakura season besides Sakura manju and Sakura yokan. For example, you'll likely see options like cherry blossom mixed rice, which is made with glutinous rice, and Sakura dried shrimp pieces.


Options like Sakura onigiri, Japanese rice balls made with pickled cherry blossoms (typically soaked in plum vinegar), and other add-ins like pickled beets are also available. These are only a few tasty, savory Sakura food options available.


It's Japan Crate Time!

If you're ready to dig into Sakura food items, here's your opportunity! Each spring, Japan Crate features an exciting Cherry Blossom crate packed with goodies inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms.


All Japan Crate monthly deliveries come with sweet and savory snacks, a non-food bonus item, and a fun interactive activity that allows you to win exciting prizes from Japan.

Cherry Blossom Crate by Japan Crate

Within each box, you can expect 14-16 cherry blossom snacks ranging from sweet to salty and savory. These treats are a combination of candies, chips, and other tasty goodies.


Ready to grab your Sakura-themed Japan Crate? You can find it on the Japan Crate website from March 15th to April 14th, 2024. Subscribe to Japan Crate now and get ready for your Sakura goodies!

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