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Crazy, Fun Japanese Chewing Gum

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Japan is a haven for foodies because of delectable snacks and meals like omurice and tonkotsu ramen, but it's also a place for some very bizarre confections and gums. Japanese take their art seriously and have given even the most ordinary device and objects a fascinating, crazy, or just plain amazing twist, and Japanese gums are no exception. Japanese people adore candy gums, and endless variations are available in every shop with eye-catching packaging, making it hard to search the best confectionery items available in the Japanese snacks sector. Every kind of sweet you can think of is available in Japan, including gummy bears, hard candies, matcha-flavored Kit Kats, bizarre gums, and everything in between. Get ready for this, Japan Crate family! Here are the craziest Japanese gums you could find!


Ramune Marble Gum



The Ramune Marble Gum is a delicious gumball with a citrusy ramune flavor. These are similar to genuine Japanese ramune soda products in that they have a slight fizziness. Ramune is sold at summer festivals in Japan and is a traditional symbol of summer! These gum balls are shaped like the iconic ramune marble that you must push down into the bottle to open the soda. Plus, they fizz in your mouth! This is as close as you can get to drinking soda product without actually drinking soda. It goes without saying that the effervescent ramune flavor will cause marble trippers to form in your mouth. Marukawa is the only company that offers the ramune flavor with the freshness that distinguishes it from other ramune-flavored gums.



Marukawa Tattoo Stickers Fusen Bubble Gum



Japanese candy is incredibly well-liked all around the world since it is sweet and has distinctive packaging stickers. It is the same with this Marukawa Tattoo Fusen Bubble Gum. The packaging has a special touch thanks to a water-transferable tattoo stickers on the inside of the wrapper. After chewing on this strawberry-flavored bubble gum, you can transfer the tattoo to any other part of your body and enjoy admiring it. This chewy bubblegum has a very mild flavor that lasts for a very long period and a very gentle chew, making it suitable for both children and adults.


Kirby - Maze Mix Chewing Gum



Kirby, a wildly popular video game character from Nintendo, is come to impart his supernatural abilities! Chew two pieces of this soft gum candy with various flavors at once to generate completely unique and wild flavors! Five distinct flavors—Muscat, apple, orange, yogurt, and soda—are included in each pack. But watch out for the grey gum ball! It will numb your taste buds so that you can't taste the other flavors in your mouth.


Marukawa Color Change Bubble Gum



Marukawa has a long history of producing unique and delicious chewing gums that are well-known throughout Japan! The trickster ghost included in this bundle has a colored tongue. When you chew gum, it actually dyes your tongue either red or black. The flavor of the bubble gum itself is sweet and tangy, like ramune soda. This Japanese gum will show you how you chew. The parts of your mouth that you use the most will be the darkest! Enjoy it with your loved ones, and don't forget to take a selfie and #japancrate #potiongum if you look a little spooky!


Meiji Wata Gum Candy Floss



One of the most entertaining and distinctive Japanese candies is Wata Gum. It's a piece of cotton candy with cola, lemon, melon and grape flavor and a bubbly coating called candy floss that, when chewed, transforms into bubblegum. It starts out fluffy and has a great, vibrant flavor. Then as you chew, it becomes gum, giving your mouth a flavor and textural explosion! It arrives in a foil bag that is 17.5 cm x 8.5 cm in size and has amazing artwork. Enjoy a chewy sweet that transforms into bubble gum to lift your spirits. The cotton candy swiftly melts into bubble gum, and only Meiji - Watagum Soda Candy can bubble up in your mouth.


Lotte No Time Mints Gum



Do you have no time to brush your teeth? Well, that's no issue if you have No Time Gum! Tiny grains in this multipurpose mints gum mixture maintain your teeth as clean and bright as a pearl while you chew. Each piece of gum has microscopic granules that clean plaque and food residue from your enamel like tiny scrubbers. Lotte No Time Japanese gum is faintly flavored with mint and has a gritty feel. This chewy gum is a block-style volume alternative for toothpaste. It is sweetened with Xylitol, a better substance content for your teeth and breath. Each bundle contains seven items.


Man Fragrance Japanese Gum



Although the concept of a man fragrance Japanese gum may seem strange and repulsive, it is really common in Japan. This chewing gum is strongly scented with menthol and rose oils, so it doesn't actually taste like the smell of an unwashed man. This chewing gum was created by Kracie, which is believed to help you smell good. The manufacturer claims that you smell like roses because the menthol and rose oils are absorbed into your body and released out of your skin. Japanese men often use this gum to eliminate potential body odor and poor breath, especially white-collar employees who must always look nice.


Coris Hiyarinko Ice Gum



All bubble gum enthusiasts must try this ice flavor from the wildly acclaimed Japanese producer Coris! The exterior of Coris Hiyarinko Ice Gum is crunchy, and the interior is chewy and cooling. The xylitol used in its production contributes to the pleasant mint flavor. These apple-flavored hard bubble gum balls offer an intriguing and strong cooling effect that makes you feel as though you're eating frozen snowballs straight from Antarctica! When you taste these bubble gums, you'll be ice cold, especially when you give them a brief period in the refrigerator to cool. Two large bubblegum balls are included in the modest packaging. Dare to chew them?


Lotte Black Black Gum



Do you need to stay up late for work or school or be awake while driving? Take a few of these world famous Japanese gums, Black Black Chews. Because of its television commercials with Jean Claude Van Damme and the anime character Kenshiro, Lotte's Black gum, first released in 1983, has become a symbol of Japan. Aside from the celebrity endorsements, Black Black's distinctive flavor and color come from its inclusion of oolong tea extract, ginkgo extract, and caffeine. This mints gum has a strong herbal flavor that will jolt you out of your sleepy haze feel because it is extremely caffeinated. The gum includes Vitamin B and ginseng, and caffeine extracted from the tea. Additionally, this candy packaging has a "gum paper" dispenser that gives you a simple option to discard your gum.


Marukawa Bubble Gum



There's little doubt that this sort of chewing gum product from Marukawa will brighten your day if you're a kid at heart or have kids of your own. Marukawa gum, a common post-World War II childhood treat in Japan, is an example of dagashi, or cheap candy snacks that is packaged and sold individually. Each of the 50 miniature gum boxes in this bundle contains four pieces of soft gum. The distinctive texture of the grapefruit, melon, strawberry, orange, cola, and grape flavored gum keeps it soft while releasing flavors as you chew. There is plenty of gum you can select and pleasure to go around, whether you wish to share it with your coworkers, a free welcome gift to your friends, or just as sweet snacks for your home candy dish.

You're not alone if this variety of delectable Japanese snacks and gum products makes you drool! The good news is that you can purchase these goodies online and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home without even having to travel to Japan. Visit Sugoi Mart to see our wide selection of Japanese snacks, cookies, fruity candies, and chocolates you'll surely love! Sugoi Mart can deliver the gum of your choice and added snacks in no time!


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