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Discover the Brand New 2024 Year of the Dragon Crate


According to the Chinese and Japanese zodiacs, 2024 is the year of the dragon. Unlike the Chinese New Year, the Japanese New Year has already begun, with its first day the same as the Gregorian calendar New Year (January 1st). In Chinese culture, the dragon is revered as a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. In Japanese culture, it's connected to religion, particularly Shintoism and Buddhism. In both cultures, the dragon is considered the luckiest sign.


2024 is the Year of the Dragon, also celebrated in Japan


If you're unsure how to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, why not incorporate some of the best Japanese snacks into your day with the brand-new December 2024 Year of the Dragon Crate? Below, you'll find exciting details about this limited edition snack box (like a Japan Crate review), which is only available until January 14, so you can experience Japan and its traditions without the cost of airplane tickets.


Celebrating the Japanese New Year with the Year of the Dragon Crate


Japan Crate's Year of the Dragon crate


Just like in the US, Japanese New Year is an important holiday focusing on renewal. However, in Japan, shōgatsu (Japanese New Year) is considered the most important holiday of the year. There are quite a few traditions and events that occur to celebrate the new year in Japan, including spending time with family. With the special Year of the Dragon December Crate, you can celebrate the traditions of Japanese New Year through sweet and savory snacks, a beautiful Year of the Dragon box design, and fun items related to Japan's New Year festivities.



In Japan, it's common to ring in the New Year with traditional foods, rituals, games, and family time. With this Japan Crate box, you can spread joy and well wishes for 2024 by sharing the snacks in the box with your loved ones. It's common to read your omikuji (fortune) at the beginning of the year, which you'll find at a local shrine or temple. Luckily, this box includes a fortune to help you start the year right, allowing you to visit a shrine without leaving your home.


What is Japan Crate? - A Comprehensive Overview


Japan Crate is an excellent way to try new snacks from Japan. It's a Japanese snack subscription box that delivers sweet and savory options monthly. With each delivery, you can expect 17-20 yummy treats ranging in flavors and textures. It's the perfect gift for loved ones who enjoy digging into new treats. It's so much fun ordering the box for yourself and sharing it with family members and loved ones.

Discover what makes the Year of the Dragon crate so special


Each subscription box is filled with full-sized goodies offered at an affordable price. Japan Crate focuses on discovering new snacks and treats that other similar snack subscription boxes typically miss out on, so you can expect a large variety of items. These snack boxes have exciting monthly themes, like Shotengai Shopping Street and Halloween with Yokai, and are filled with deliciously curated items. Plus, each box has free shipping, making it an even better deal.


Japan Crate was started when its founder, Hank, visited Tokyo and was immediately smitten with the city. He wanted others to experience the same excitement and bewilderment he had felt during his trip but through candies and snacks. The first crate was officially shipped in September 2014, and since then, the crates have become a way for people worldwide to learn about Japanese culture through delicious snacks.


Unboxing the Year of the Dragon Crate: First Impressions and Crate Review


The Year of the Dragon crate comes with some unique surprises


If you can't wait to receive your Year of the Dragon Crate, you're in luck! Here are some details on what to expect when you receive your Japanese New Year-themed box! The first thing you'll notice about the box is the large dragon artwork on the cover, which turns into a beautiful cherry blossom design (representing good fortune, strength, and power). The box is packed full of treats and a guide to help you learn about the goodies and prizes. Each item is exciting, leaving you feeling as if you've just visited Japan during New Year's.


The full-sized snacks are a great way to celebrate the Japanese New Year. You'll find options like peach candy, potato chips, and grape gummies inside the box, providing the perfect amount of sweet and salty treats to enjoy. Each item inside the Year of the Dragon Crate is unique, delicious, and fun to try.


A Taste of Tradition: Exploring Japanese Snacks in the December Crate


Inside the December Japan Crate box, you'll find an array of snacks, drinks, candies, and gum relating to the Japanese New Year to help you celebrate the beginning of a new cycle. For example, you'll find a pack of Kit Kat Mini: Chocolate Orange (7 Pieces) in the crate. If you are celebrating New Year in Japan, you'll see quite a few holiday recipes that include orange as an ingredient, making these Japanese Kit Kats the perfect New Year-themed candy.


Taste unique snacks from Japan with the Year of the Dragon crate

Another New Year-inspired item is the Otsumami Pretz: Smoked Cheese. These crunchy cheese-flavored sticks create a premium feel (like you'd enjoy during a New Year's feast). They feature a bold, smoky, rich cheese flavor packed into convenient packaging for on-the-go snacking.


You'll also find kinako mochi inside the crate, a traditional Japanese dessert with a nutty roasted soybean powder coating. During the New Year celebrations in Japan, offering kagami mochi up on altars or around the house is customary to bring good luck in for the next year. Mochi is also a typical dessert that Japanese people enjoy during New Year. Supposedly, mochi is put out as an offering to Toshigami, a god for a promising year.


Another common food to eat during New Year in Japan is taiyaki, fish-shaped cake made with a sweet filling. It's often served during shrine visits. If you can't visit the shrines in Japan, you can still enjoy Puku Puku Gold Taiyaki. This delicious, sweet Japanese pastry features a luxurious gold color, perfect for the New Year festivities.

Exclusive Items in the Year of the Dragon Crate: What Makes This Snack Box Special


So, what makes this stand out from the other crates? Unlike other snack boxes that only have goodies and drinks, this Year of the Dragon Crate also includes a few treats that aren't edible! For one, a traditional dragon ceramic figurine is the perfect toy or decor for celebrating the Japanese New Year! Add the figurine to a display, gift it to a child, or use it as a lucky charm (a New Year's celebrations tradition in Japan). Don't forget to check inside the dragon figurine for your very own omikuji! It's tucked inside the figurine for a fun surprise.


Each crate comes with a special ceramic dragon and your 2024 fortune cast

Experiencing New Year in Japan: Activities and Attractions


Perhaps you have the opportunity to visit Japan during the New Year's celebrations. If that's the case, you can expect to see quite a few activities/events occurring. At midnight on New Year's Eve, you'll hear temple bells ringing 108 times. This tradition, known as Joya no Kane, is performed by Buddhist temples to begin the next year fresh. You'll also see many children receiving envelopes stuffed with money, known as otoshidama, which supposedly keeps them protected during the year.


Experience New Year's traditions like if you were in Japan

One must-visit location is the shrines on January 1. You can enjoy festivities, food, and the opportunity to buy a lucky charm at the shrines. You'll find these Hatsumode festivals at places like Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto and Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka. Another top event is visiting the Tokyo Imperial Palace, where the emperor makes a New Year's greeting on January 2. It is only open to the public a few days throughout the year, so visiting on January 2 is a great opportunity to see inside the palace.


Hatsumode is the first prayer of the year

You can also visit the shrines through the Year of the Dragon Crate by enjoying the snacks and drinks at your own Hatsumode festival. Don't forget to leave your good luck charm from last year (if you have one) to make room for the new good luck charm in your box.


Conclusion: Is the Year of the Dragon Crate Worth It?


Purchasing 17-20 Japanese New Year-themed treats and snacks separately would likely cost more than the price of this box. It would also take a lot of time and research to assemble your own box that helps you celebrate the New Year. You're saving time and money by purchasing a pre-made, curated box with all the snacks ready to go. These Japanese crates are perfect for Japan enthusiasts, snack lovers, and those interested in getting to know Japan better.


Stay tuned to discover new upcoming crates from Japan Crate. Each month, you'll receive items curated toward a specific theme. From collabs with video games to holiday-themed boxes, every month with Japan Crate is a new adventure and opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture. Getting these Japanese snack crates delivered to your door with a subscription is easy. Simply select which option you'd like (one, three, six, or twelve months of boxes), enter your information, and wait until your box arrives!


Get your own ceramic dragon omikuji with the Year of the Dragon crate

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