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Dokidoki Cosplay: The cutest of all!

Doki Doki Crate

Cosplay, along with the words sushi and sakura, is one of the buzzwords most frequently used when referring to Japan. Cosplay, which first became famous as a fad a few decades ago, has actually become one of the most well-known subcultures in the world, thanks to fans of Japanese manga and anime. Whether at conventions, as a regular hobby, or even as a career, cosplay culture has become one of the pillars of Japanese culture. Read on and discover everything you need to know about Dokidoki cosplay in Japan.

What is Cosplay?

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay, which is short for costume play, is a performance art in which participants of all ages, known as "cosplayers," typically wave clothes and fashion items to depict a certain persona. One popular type of cosplay is dressing up as well-known anime, video game, or comic book characters. Cosplay, however, can also refer to non-character-specific clothing, like a maid or school uniforms, and is not limited to this.

Since the 1990s, the number of people who participate in cosplay has sharply increased. It has become a global phenomenon with a significant influence, particularly in Japan and several other nations in Asia and the west. Cosplayers even connect with one another to develop a community. Fan conventions frequently feature cosplay events, and even specialized conventions and international competitions are focused on this activity.

Furthermore, cosplayers' creativity is the only limit to the complexity and caliber of their cosplay outfits! Cosplayers may eventually create incredible costumes with super cool detail and quality that will wow a global audience. Some cosplayers have gained notoriety for their skill at creating elaborate and stunning costumes or for being able to accurately resemble the characters they portray. Many cosplayers chose to sew their clothing, create their armor, and construct their props out of various materials to create their own detailed work costumes from scratch. However, others choose to purchase ready-made garments from cosplay-focused businesses.

What is DokiDoki?

What is DokiDoki?

Doki Doki is a Japanese symbol for the sound of a beating heart. The "Doki Doki" sound and a thumping heart are signs of positive emotions like love, eagerness, or anticipation of what may occur. However, negative emotions like fear or anxiety might also trigger it. In anime and manga, the expression "doki doki" is also used to describe someone who is shocked, terrified, or flips out and whose heart rate accelerates out of worry or dread. Yet, many anime fans claim that this use of the phrase is less common than when it is used in romantic or loving contexts. Further, doki doki is often related to kawaii culture due to the emotions being portrayed when feeling happy, in love, or even sad. It is used when a character is ready to declare their love, discovers their crush somewhere, chats to them for the first time alone, receives a romantic text or cute image, or is about to touch or kiss for the first time.

What is DokiDoki Cosplay?

What is DokiDoki Cosplay?

Now that you have a background in cosplay and doki doki, it is time to discover what is all about doki doki cosplay. Doki Doki cosplay is sometimes called Harajuku fashion, featuring elaborate, outlandish, or downright bizarre costumes, wigs, and accessories. Most cosplayed characters typically originate from well-known comics connected to people's childhood memories in Japan and around the world. With so many cosplay varieties, from male to female, serious to sensual and whimsical, all of which portray different colored wefts, diverse colors and traits, offering new views to the character.

Dokidoki cosplay goes above and beyond costume dressing by accurately portraying the characters with so many details. Professionals pay close attention to a person's looks, gestures, and activities so that others may recognize that person's traits right away. Moreover, many people join groups to train and perform together at cosplay festivals or competitions, in addition to freelance cosplayers who cosplay for fun. Pictures are encouraged because the objective is to get noticed and win the respect of other cosplayers.

How to Cosplay Dokidoki?

1. Choose the character you like.

Cosplay is more than just dressing up. You're bringing a made-up figure to life by taking on their form! You should be able to relate to the cosplayer you are, even if it's just for a few seconds as you stand for a picture. If you already know and adore the character, this will be a lot simpler. If you have a great desire to embody this character and give them credit, making the costume yourself will also be simpler. Don't obsess over whether your character is well-liked enough. Even obscure characters have devoted admirers, so there's a good chance that by dressing as their favorite fandom at the con, you'll win someone's heart.

2. Do your research.

Gather all the reference pictures for your character, including fan art and pictures of other people's cosplays as well as official artwork, screenshots, and concept sketches. Choose the version of a design you wish to utilize as your primary reference before you start because details and colors can differ. Put all pertinent photographs in one location so you can access them when fabric shopping or making the outfit. Your life will be much simpler if you utilize an existing pattern since you can simply follow the directions provided by someone who has already completed this project.

3. Break the costume down into pieces.

You've chosen the cosplay character you want to portray, and you have a ton of reference photos at your disposal. Create a list of every single component of your character's costume if it has so many parts while studying the images you found. The list should contain the various outfit layers and any necessary props and accessories. Examples of cosplay components include:

  • Wig

  • Jacket or coat

  • Scarf

  • Skirt

  • Petticoat

  • Necklace

  • Glasses

  • Wands or other props

Be as specific as you need to be while planning your outfit so that you will know exactly what to buy or build. Making a list is useful even if you want to buy the entire costume from an online cosplay store. These costumes frequently don't come with the socks, wigs, jewelry, shoes, or other accessories you'll need.

4. Decide which part of the costume to buy and which to make.

It's time to select how to obtain each costume component now that you have your entire list typed out. Examine each component of your costume and consider how you will acquire it. There will be some costume accessories in your closet already. You could already have a button-up shirt or pre-styled cut fabrics, for instance, that you can utilize. You can also easily choose some elements to build from scratch if you already have some sewing experience. However, don't think you are limited to using your present expertise; there are several guides available online. With every new outfit you create, set a goal for yourself to learn one or two fundamental abilities!

5. Gather the costume pieces.

Start assembling your costume. You don't have to incorporate wigs, cosmetics, or contacts with every cosplay, but they can help the ensemble look complete. In order to accurately portray a character when cosplaying, a nice wig is a necessary component. The time and work you put into choosing and styling the appropriate costume elements will pay off handsomely.

6. Try everything on.

You've assembled your entire costume and are almost ready for the conference. Make sure you try everything on before you leave. Check to see if your underwear is showing when you try on the costume, and make sure you can move around comfortably. Additionally, to avoid having a ripped seam in the middle of a convention, you should ensure your costume can withstand normal wear and tear. This is also a chance to practice some poses in front of the mirror. Observe your character in the game or television show from which they originate to understand how they would stand or sit. Next, pick a couple of poses that you like.

7. Go to the convention now!

Go to the convention now!

Finally, you're going to dress up for the convention! Keep a small repair kit with a needle and thread, safety pins, hot glue, and scissors in your hotel room to make rapid repairs to the costume. Don't be scared to take a break and remove your shoes and wig to get some fresh air. If the costume hurts, try not to exert too much effort. Even when obstacles present themselves, what matters most is that you appreciate what you are doing.

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