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How Many Flavors of Pocky are There?

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You probably already know about Japanese Kit Kat’s wide variety of flavors, but Pocky also comes in many delicious flavors. Pocky is one of the most well-known Japanese snacks, easily recognizable because of its distinctive red packaging worldwide. Pocky is not only a well-liked Japanese food, but it also tastes fantastic and comes in various colors! From tried-and-true classics to goods unique to Japan to absolutely bizarre items that leave you thinking. Strawberry and chocolate Pocky is obviously familiar to you, but what about cheesecake Pocky? Matcha Pocky?


What is Pocky?

What is Pocky?

Pocky is a thin, stick-shaped biscuit or cookie covered in flavor, like chocolate, and was created by the Ezaki Glico firm. Other toppings may also be coated or sprinkled on top of it. Its name derives from the onomatopoeic term pokkin, which describes the sound created when chewing Pocky. But the name differs from place to place. Pocky has been around since 1966, yet it's still quite popular now and appears in many TV shows and anime.

Additionally, Pocky Sticks are around 21.5 cm long and are now offered in a variety of flavors to satisfy even the pickiest snack fan. With the added bonus of each Pocky Stick having a "no mess handle," which stops kids from getting chocolate on their hands, they make the ideal shared snack. In fact, In Japan, Pocky has grown so well-known that a holiday is named after it! National Pocky Day is celebrated on November 11 because the date (11/11) looks like Pocky sticks. People in Japan celebrate by eating several flavors of Pocky and moving to the jingle.


How Many Flavors of Pocky are There?

Many Flavors of Pocky

Today, Pocky is available in a whole rainbow of flavors and varieties. Chocolate, strawberry, chocolate banana, cookies and cream, and matcha are the five standard flavors of Pocky. However, there are more than 50 types of Pocky available in different countries, including special edition flavors, seasonal favorites, and international flavors. The original Pocky Chocolate Sticks have always been well-liked, but various flavors outside chocolate were added in response to consumer requests. As Japanese snacks, they naturally have a few slightly odd flavors, such as the Pocky Matcha flavor, which gives them a distinctively Japanese flavor. Limited-edition Pocky is regularly released in the summer and winter, coupled with distinctive regional flavors. Here are some of the best Pocky flavors you'll definitely need to try!


1. Chocolate Pocky

Chocolate Pocky

The chocolate cream Pocky is superbly straightforward. Although it is neither a cookie nor a pretzel, the biscuit stick is the perfect vehicle for the creamy, chocolatey pleasure that is dipped into each stick. The chocolate-flavored Pocky is similar to that of chocolate chip cookies, and it has the same fantastic chocolate-to-biscuit ratio. The chocolate itself is the perfect balance of sweet and chocolaty because it is obviously darker than milk chocolate but not quite as bitter chocolate. If you've never tried a Pocky, it makes sense to start with the original chocolate cream flavor.


2. Almond Crush

Almond Crush

The Almond Crush Pocky is one of the few flavors that contains almonds, which sets it apart from the other Pocky flavors. It is a particularly crunchy delicacy with a traditional Pocky biscuit stick that has been dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with almond bits. The Almond Crush Pocky will appeal to people who enjoy nutty chocolate candy bars. The Pocky in this particular flavor may come in either a blue or a gold box, depending on where they are being imported from, but they are both the same.


3. Chocolate Banana

Chocolate Banana

A Pocky flavor that combines chocolate and banana is undoubtedly wonderful because the two flavors go so well together. The light and crunchy chocolate sticks go wonderfully with their silky banana cream coating. This Pocky flavor makes eating a banana split seem familiar. The chocolate biscuit stick has a subtle cocoa powder flavor rather than being overly rich. You'll likely enjoy these if you enjoy banana-flavored foods. One reason some people continue to eat this type of Pocky is that the taste of the chocolate banana Pocky remains in your mouth for around five minutes after you've eaten a handful of them.


4. Strawberry Pocky

Strawberry Pocky

The Sweet Strawberry Cream Pocky has a scent that might make you think of strawberry-flavored Starburst candy; that is almost exactly how they taste, but creamier and much more subtly. The velvety cookie coating and the subtle butteriness of the biscuit stick itself counteract the bright, rather manufactured strawberry flavor. The first bite of this Strawberry Pocky might interest you with its real dried strawberry bits, but soon you'll be eating them one after the other without even realizing it. You can also experience the strawberry flavors with a few other recipes that Pocky has developed, such as a Pocky Strawberry Cheesecake, Pocky Crunchy Strawberry, Sakura Pocky, and a Pocky Strawberry Cake. However, these would be ideal to simply throw into your bag for a leisurely picnic in the park.


5. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is one of the first flavors that come to mind when thinking of Japanese food. The green tea pocky is prepared with a covering of delicious green tea cream that is flavored with actual green tea powder, much like the green tea Kit Kat. Additionally, this Pocky will make a tasty little snack for individuals who like a hot cup of matcha. Although it is on the sweeter side and the matcha has notes of fruitiness, the matcha powder in the cream coating still has a slight graininess to it. The traditional chocolate and strawberry Pocky are made with the same biscuit stick. You can't go wrong with this Pocky flavor if you want a irresistible taste from Japan.


6. Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream

If Oreos and Pocky were combined, you would get this flavor. The Cookies n' Cream flavor is made by coating crispy chocolate cookie pieces and creamy sweet cream on biscuit sticks that have been flavored with cocoa. When dunked in a glass of ice-cold milk, the combination of cocoa biscuit, cookie, and cream tastes very wonderful. In addition, the Cookies & Cream Pocky are pleasantly mild compared to other Pocky flavors. The milky-looking cream layer contains tiny chocolate cookie crumbs that are easily visible. On the top of the packaging, the biscuit stick makes no claims that it has a distinctive flavor from the regular Pocky biscuit sticks, although it is notably darker.


7. Blueberry


The Blueberry Pocky features the same distinct Japanese fruitiness as the majority of the Pocky sticks with fruit flavors. This traditional Pocky biscuit stick with a blueberry-flavored chocolate coating on top. We assume that the coating's purple-ish specks are pureed blueberries. When you open the packaging, a scent of dark berries greets you. Due to the color and semisweet, occasionally bitter berry flavor, you will unmistakably sense the delicious blueberry flavor.


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