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How to Create a Gachapon Machine

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If you heard the word Japan, you might think of anime, Kitkat, and kawaii culture. But one iconic part of Japanese culture is worth the global trend, the gachapon capsule vending machine. This machine is located all around Japan, and you might see a wide variety of prizes that you'll probably love. But did you know how a gachapon machine was created? Read on to learn more about this machine, from how to create a gachapon machine to how this machine works.


What is a Gachapon Machine?

What is a Gachapon Machine?

Gachapon is an iconic capsule toy dispenser that can be seen on nearly every corner of the major streets in Japan. The renowned "Gacha-Gacha" collectibles were inspired by a vending machine that dispensed capsule toys that could be retained as a decoration or a collectible souvenir.

These Gacha toys are typically licensed based on manga, anime, or even video games. Most of these toys are small figurines of characters with many options. The prospective prizes are displayed in a different theme on each machine, but you never know which prize will be awarded. The random nature of the machines and the large variety of things available make gashapon an addictive Japanese tradition.


How to Create a Gachapon Machine?

How to Create a Gachapon Machine?

A business called Penny Shokai, which imported vending machines from America, first created gachapon in 1965. The gachapon toys are initially packaged in a circular plastic container and are widely available throughout Japan. These toys have better molding detail, are manufactured of high-quality PVC plastic, and are expertly painted.

Fortunately, you will not miss out on the fun of gachapon as you can always make yourself one. There are a lot of do-it-yourself versions of the gachapon machine that will bring the Japanese culture wherever you are.


  • Paper carton

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Plastic bottle

  • Packing tape

  • Plastic container

  • Capsules

  • Tape

  • Scissors


Step 1. Using a ruler, determine the dimensions of a cardboard box to be 21 cm wide, 30 cm tall, and 15 cm high. Next, cut it. Assemble the pieces into a box by taping them all together.

Step 2. Cut the middle of one paper carton's two sides to make capsules fit through the hole and the entirety of one side of the other paper carton. Then, tape the cut side to the paper carton whose entire side had been slope-cut off.

Step 3. To allow the capsules to enter the bottle, cut a hole in the bottle that corresponds to the hole in the paper box. The hole is 6 cm square in size. The bottle should then be stuffed with paper to stop more than two capsules from entering.

Step 4. To fit the bottle in a paper carton, cut one side of the cardboard box into a square measuring 7 cm on each side. Next, make a large hole in the paper cardboard box to put the bottle cap over the opening.

Step 5. Place the paper carton into the cardboard box with one side completely cut off. Place the bottle inside the paper carton that can accommodate capsules, then place the paper carton inside the cardboard box. Secure the plastic container to the cardboard box's top using packing tape.

How Does Gachapon Machine Works?

How Does Gachapon Machine Works?

Gachapon machines can be operated easily. If you are unable to read Japanese, you might require some assistance. You should first take a stroll and decide what kind of toy you want to purchase. Every machine will display a picture of the thing it contains. The likelihood that you will obtain something different from what you desire is significant, but this adds to the game's intrigue. You can see on each Gachapon machine how many coins are required to win a prize. Once you have the money, you must choose the toy you desire.

Simply turn the handle a few times after the payment has been approved until you see one of the capsule balls arrive. The fact that all the machines are lined up together and essentially look the same makes it difficult to determine which one will dispense your preferred plastic ball, so keep in mind that the money slot and handle are below the box that contains your prize and that the balls fall into the hole.


Anyone can have fun participating in a gashapon, regardless of age. In Japanese culture, gachapon is highly important. These machines allow you to purchase capsule toys, which are not only a unique experience but also excellent keepsakes. But if you are away from Japan, you can always visit the Sugoi Mart gachapon collection. They are unique, inexpensive, and of good quality. Whether you enjoy anime or are just interested in all things Japanese, be sure to put gachapon on your bucket list for Japan!


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