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Is it Ok to Eat Noodles for Breakfast?

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Is it Ok to Eat Noodles for Breakfast?

Eating breakfast is essential to start your day with a morning energy boost. You can pick from a wide variety of breakfast foods, from pancakes, ham and eggs, to toasted bread. But have you ever had breakfast with instant noodles? Although it may seem ridiculous, you might want to consider breakfast ramen noodles.

Noodles are a delicious and healthy option for breakfast. It can be just as filling in the morning, taking only just a few minutes to prepare. Additionally, eating ramen for breakfast can be a fulfilling start to your morning routine. All of these qualities make a breakfast dish amazing.

Health Benefits of Breakfast Ramen Noodles

Is it Ok to Eat Noodles for Breakfast?

Gives Fiber

Instant noodles provide fiber for you. One serving of chicken-flavored ramen noodles offers 1 gram of fiber. It will aid digestion regulation and facilitate food passage through the digestive system.

Contains Carbohydrates

Having instant noodles as a breakfast food will give you additional health benefits by giving you carbs. A serving of instant noodles contains 27 grams of carbohydrates, an important energy source. This nutrient will surely help to increase your energy for the day

Provides Protein

Instant noodles can also provide you with protein. The protein in instant noodles will support bodily function. It increases the development of the body's muscles and repairs damaged cells. Additionally, protein can increase your energy, making this item a potential morning choice.

Gives Sodium

Having instant noodles for breakfast will also give you the advantage of sodium. A bowl of noodles might provide you with 801 mg of sodium that can protect cardiovascular health and prevent heart diseases. However, consuming too much sodium may cause heart issues. So it is recommended to eat a small amount of instant noodles.

How to Make A Breakfast Ramen

Is it Ok to Eat Noodles for Breakfast?

You may make your breakfast ramen as filling as you like. Almost all breakfast ramen recipes include eggs, bacon, or vegetables, and many also add sausages. But like other breakfast meals, the best breakfast ramens are simple to make. With this recipe, you can have your favorite lunchtime noodles be the tastiest breakfast ramen ever! But which ingredients work best in ramen for breakfast? Here is the best recipe to achieve the best breakfast ramen


• 2 ramen packs
• 2 eggs
• 4 bacons
• 2 scallions, sliced
• Sriracha or other hot sauce
• Shredded cheese
• Green onions

Cooking Instructions:

1. Cook the ramen noodles according to package instructions (seasoning packets discarded). Save 1/4 cup of the cooking water to loosen sauce. Drain noodles then add some oil to prevent sticking.

2. Over medium heat, warm a skillet. Cook bacon pieces until it is crisp and browned.

3. Add the noodles and cover with the bacon and bacon fat in the skillet. Turn off the heat.

4. Then, combine a few eggs, milk, and shredded cheese. You can also add that flavor packet mixture to the skillet for more flavors.

5. Add the egg and cheese mixture to the noodles and bacon. Mix well.

6. Add scallions, fresh ground pepper, and, if preferred, a drizzle of spicy sauce for garnish.

Does the Japanese Eat Ramen?

Is it Ok to Eat Noodles for Breakfast?

Although ramen is typically associated with lunch or dinner, it is also available for breakfast in Japan. Some ramen-ya (ramen shops) even make a specialty of offering this ramen in the morning, taking first meal orders as early as 6:00 am. However, many Japanese people eat ramen only for lunch and dinner, but two regions in Japan, Kitakata and Shida, are particularly fond of breakfast ramen.

Kitakata City

Is it Ok to Eat Noodles for Breakfast?

Every type of ramen has its own unique twist, and Kitakata's design is no different. It is one of Japan's three main ramen dynasties. Kitakata city is known for ramen of all varieties. Its Kitakata Ramen is distinguished by its basic soy-sauce soup base, which varies greatly from store to store and is not standardized. This city's residents will consume a bowl of ramen at any time of day.

Traditionally, chashu (barbecued pork belly), chopped spring onions, and bamboo shoots are added to the soy sauce basis of this meal. It is also distinctive for how the noodles are made; they are called Hirauchi Jukusei Takasuimen and have a firmer, flatter, and curlier texture than other types of ramen used in Japan.

Shida Region

Is it Ok to Eat Noodles for Breakfast?

The Japanese words for morning and ramen are combined to form the word "asa-ra." Shida ramen, the most popular variety of asa-ra ramen, is served and consumed every morning. Marunaka and other morning ramen shops in the Shida district offer noodle soup in both hot and cold varieties.

The local Shida ramen is typically prepared with a soy-sauce base and is typically known for its bonito flakes, smooth, flat, medium-thin noodles, and chashu beef with very little fat. It is also famous for the absence of a spoon when it is served. Moreover, in the Shida district, you will not only receive one bowl but two bowls of Shida ramen!

Ramen isn't simply a good breakfast comfort food. It can be a healthier option when properly prepared! Start with the fundamentals if you've never made ramen for breakfast, like with easy recipes, and progress to more difficult ones. You'll become an expert at ramen breakfast in no time! But if you want to eat ramen noodles in the morning with no hassle, visit the Sugoi Mart noodles collection for instant purchase now! Sugoi mart offers a wide variety of instant ramen noodles that will help you start the morning more energetically than ever!

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