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Japan Crate Review: Introducing the Vending Machine Crate

Vending Machine Crate

While Japan has many aspects of culture unique to the country, the vending machine craze stands out by far. In Japan, these machines are more than just stops for a quick snack or drink; they're available nationwide and contain varying products from alcohol to clothing, toys, coffee, accessories, tech, and more. The vending machines have become so popular because of their convenience; they've even replaced waiters/waitresses in certain restaurants. With one vending machine per 25-30 people in Japan, it's clear the country has embraced this technology wholeheartedly.


As such, it only makes sense to offer a Vending Machine Crate subscription box from Japan Crate, which explores some of the unique options in real-life machines. This Japan Crate review delves into what to expect with April's snack crate.

Discover the Vending Machine Crate Design

This crate is a real show-stopper, designed to look like your own personal vending machine filled with various Japanese snacks and goodies. The exterior resembles Japan's famous vending machines, while the box interior includes a rainbow of colored bottles, similar to what you'd see in Japan!

Discover the Vending Machine Crate Design

With this design, no detail has been spared. A quick flip of the crate will show the backside of the box, modeled after the backside of a real vending machine, complete with a plug and graffiti. You'll also find exciting game instructions, which make unboxing this Japan Crate even more fun.

Unboxing the Vending Machine Crate

Vending Machine Crate

The Theme: Vending Machine Wonderland

As mentioned, vending machines in Japan are beloved by its citizens. From their convenience to affordability and a wide array of items to purchase, it's easy to see why these machines have created a craze in Japan. The brands/owners of vending machines in Japan are also known for maintaining them well, ensuring reliable, pleasant service for all customers.


Though other items beyond food and drinks are available in Japanese vending machines, this Japan Crate focuses solely on the snacking and beverage wonderland available in these magical machines. From sweet to savory, this crate will surely beat any snacking cravings that arise. Each Japanese snack is carefully curated inside this crate to be similar to an option in a Japanese vending machine.


What's Inside? Japan-Exclusive Vending Machine Goodies

Can't wait to get your hands on one of these vending machine crates? Lucky for you, this Japan Crate review includes a quick peek into some of the goodies you'll find inside the Vending Machine Crate.


5 Yen Chocolate

5 Yen Chocolate

In Japan, 10-yen machines still exist, providing customers with discounted beverages and snacks, making them affordable for people of all ages. Pretend you're indulging in the goodies from one of these machines with this 5 Yen Chocolate. Made in the shape of 5 Yen coins, you can pretend you're ordering your favorite treats as you "deposit" the chocolate coins into your mouth.


Mini Cola Candy

Mini Cola Candy

Skip the plane ride to Japan for a soda from a vending machine with this Mini Cola Candy stored in a Cola bottle-shaped container. Each of the candies inside tastes like Cola soda, making this an even more realistic vending machine treat.


Beer-like Juice


Beer-like Juice

This Beer-like Juice powder is suitable for all ages, no matter how deceiving it looks when mixed with water! This powder even foams up like beer when mixed with cold water. It's fun for kids and adults alike. Don't worry; this is a non-alcoholic juice drink!


Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake

Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake

Turn the corner in Tokyo, and you may find yourself face-to-face with a Japanese Kit Kat machine! If so, you'll likely find an option like this mouthwatering Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake. Made with crispy wafers, white chocolate, and tangy crushed strawberries, each bite will remind you of a delicious strawberry shortcake dessert.


Will you be the next winner?


It wouldn't be a Japan Crate shipment if there wasn't an exciting gaming element to the current crate. This month's crate includes a special scratch-off game that allows you to test your luck! Simply place the crate on a flat surface, grab a coin, and scratch away until a coupon discount is revealed. Then, check your discount percentage for Sugoi Mart and shop the vending machine products to your heart's content.


Squeeze Fun Time in with Vendo Slime

Vendo Slime

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy the collectible Vendo Can Slime. This fun, gooey, stretchy slime comes in containers that look exactly like the drinks you'd find in a real Japanese vending machine. With designs ranging from juice to soda, energy drinks, and more, you never know what kind of Vendo Can Slime you'll receive. For example, you may find yourself the new owner of a can of Redbull or Cola-themed slime. Each crate comes with two random Vendo Can Slimes to play with.

Past Japan Crate Reviews

The Sakura Crate

Sakura Crate

Last month's theme was a true "Pink Sakura Fantasy," focusing on the fantastical world of cherry blossom season in Japan. This box was a true treat for Japanese snack lovers with a beautiful pink-hued crate design and Sakura-inspired snacks featuring spring flavors (like real Sakura).


This exciting crate included an adorable collectible item - Sakura-shaped chopstick holders, the perfect cherry blossom accessory. It also included a fortune game, which allowed you to win additional coupons for Sakura Starbucks and Sugoi Mart products.


The Manga Crate

Manga Crate

Perhaps one of the most exciting boxes so far this year was February's Manga Crate. This specific subscription box is centered on "Japan's World of Manga," with an action-packed crate design and manga-inspired snacks. Whether you've been a manga lover since childhood or are new to the genre, the Manga Crate was sure to please with its delicious array of snacks.


Like other Japan Crates in the past, this snack box had an interactive element—a Manga Art Showdown. This competition allowed you to let your artistic side out with prizes based on specific categories, each with a fun prize (like a Crunchyroll subscription). The Manga Crate also included a Spy × Family Mini Acrylic Stand, which features 12 characters from the manga, offering subscribers a unique way to explore the topic of Japanese comics.


Japan Crate Review: Expect Authentic Japanese Snacks at Your Door

Dive into the exciting world of Japanese vending machines and satisfy snacking cravings simultaneously with the Vending Machine Crate. Unveil 15-17 exciting Japanese snacks in your crate, fun slime cans, and a scratch-off game to help you keep your vending machine crate replenished at all times. You can even pretend to purchase your snacks right from the vending machine-themed box! 

Vending Machine Crate

Remember to add this limited edition Japanese snack box to your account while you can; it's only available from April 15th to May 14th! It won't take long for this exciting crate to ship, leaving you to explore the whimsical world of Japanese vending machines with or without your friends. Subscribe to Japan Crate now and enjoy a shipment of authentic candies, savory snacks, and more right from Japan.

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