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Japan Crate Review: Unboxing the Cherry Blossom Crate

Japan Crate Review: Unboxing the Cherry Blossom Crate

In Japan, Sakura season is more than a time to experience the beauty of delicate pink cherry blossoms. It's a time signifying renewal, the shortness of life, rebirth, and the start of spring. With Sakura season in full bloom, loved ones gather under the blossoming trees with an array of Sakura snacks, drinks, and sweets, honoring this special time of year.


Perhaps you can't partake in these traditions in Japan this year. Instead, you can step into the ethereal realm of Japan's Sakura season with our Cherry Blossom Crate.


Unwrap sakura-infused delights, savor fragrant spring flavors and partake in hanami (花見), a cherished tradition where admirers gather beneath the delicate hues of cherry blossom trees, appreciating their fleeting beauty. Delve into this delicious crate focused on Sakura season with a comprehensive Japan Crate review.


Uncover the Pink Sakura Box Design

Cherry Blossom Crate Box Design

A significant element of the unboxing experience of the Sakura snack subscription box is its breathtaking design. This year, the Sakura box takes inspiration from the cherry blossoms that bloom throughout Japanese cities. From popular viewing locations featuring castles and rivers dotted with cherry blossoms to parks filled with hundreds of blooming trees, the sight of pink and white flowers is spectacular in Japan at the beginning of spring.


With the beautiful Sakura flower spread across the box and other Sakura season themes sprinkled throughout the design, this Japan Crate is a collectible. Perfect for storing knick-knacks, wrapping the perfect gift for a loved one, or simply displaying on a shelf with previous Japan Crate designs.


Unboxing the Sakura Crate

Cherry Blossom Crate Box Design

The Theme: Pink Sakura Fantasy

This year's theme is Pink Sakura Fantasy, and the Japanese snacks and treats inside are surely as fantastical as the name suggests. With a focus on spring snacks, this beautiful array of authentic Japanese snacks includes items featuring flavors such as Sakura, plum, peach, and matcha. Each of these flavors serves as a reminder of the abundance of fruits and ingredients blooming in Japan during spring and summer.


What's Inside? Exclusive Sakura-themed Snacks and Treats

Perhaps this Japan Crate review has made you curious about all the snacks in the upcoming Sakura box. Luckily, we're giving you a sneak peek below at some of the delicious snacks to look forward to in this spring box.


1. Kit Kat Matcha Latte

Kit Kat Matcha Latte キットカットミニ抹茶ラテ

A bite of this Kit Kat is like savoring a cup of matcha latte in a serene Japanese tea garden surrounded by cherry blossoms. Offering a delightfully creamy, bittersweet flavor crafted from real green tea leaves, this Japanese Kit Kat flavor will have you wanting more.

2. Poteko Potato Rings: Plum

Poteko Potato Rings: Plum ポテコ梅味

Plunge into the flavor fiesta of this snack, where the zesty dance of plum and the crunch of potato rings transport you to a vibrant plum orchard in full bloom.

3. Picola Sakura Matcha

Picola Sakura Matcha ピコラさくら抹茶味

These wafer sticks feature a delicious blend of green tea and sakura, providing a delightful twist to the traditional cherry blossom treats.


4. Happy Nikukyu Peach Gummy

Happy Nikukyu Peach Gummy ちっちゃな幸せにくきゅうグミピーチ味

Trust us, you'll be as happy as the Nikukyu Cat when you see the beautiful cherry blossom lights at night this spring! Each gummy will delight you as much as Nikukyu on the front of the package by delivering an irresistible juicy peach flavor.


5. Cream Collon: Sakura Matcha


The bitter notes of matcha perfectly complement the floral sweetness of cherry blossoms in this snack, creating a harmony of flavors. A deliciously crispy matcha waffle exterior gives way to a delightfully creamy and aromatic Sakura cream with each bite of these mini biscuit treats.


These are only a few of the many amazing snacks arriving in the Sakura box. Expect a melange of spring-themed snacks that will bring warm weather and blooming flowers right to your door!


Gamification Elements Make Unboxing Exciting

Embark on a petal-picking journey with our Cherry Blossom Fortune Game! Pluck the delicate blossoms and unveil your destiny as they hold the key to winning incredible prizes, from Sugoi Mart coupons to exclusive Starbucks Sakura merch straight from Japan.

Gamification Elements Make Unboxing Exciting

Let the petals dance and guide you to fabulous rewards! Scan the QR code that arrives with the crate, and embark on the fortune game included. While playing the game, you'll have the opportunity to win Sakura Starbucks or Sugoi Mart coupons, allowing you to enjoy the Sakura season even more deeply.


Keep Your Eyes Peeled for the Bonus Item

Bonus item: Sakura Chopsticks rests

Spruce up your dining setup with a pair of charming ceramic sakura chopsticks rests or ‘hashioki’ (箸置). In Japan, these rests not only symbolize respect for food but also provide a practical way to keep your chopsticks off the table, especially when not in use. The delicate cherry blossom design adds a touch of Japanese elegance, making them perfect for spring events or everyday dining. Let the beauty of cherry blossoms grace your table.


Diving into Past Crate Reviews

The Manga Crate

Last month's Manga Crate revolved around "Japan's World of Manga," featuring an array of manga and anime-themed snacks packed into manga-inspired box design. With snacks boasting characters from beloved anime and manga, like One Piece and Pokemon, it's easy to see why manga enthusiasts were excited to receive the tasty news of this box.

Manga Crate 2024 by Japan Crate

The Manga Crate included the ability to submit yourself to the Manga Art Showdown, a thrilling community competition offering prizes like a Crunchyroll subscription and a complete manga set. The bonus collectible item for this crate was a Spy × Family Mini Acrylic Stand featuring a mystery character. Explore the excitement of the Manga Crate further with this Manga Crate unboxing and reviewing article.


The Box of Love 2.0 Crate (Valentine's Crate)

February is the month of love, and we hope you loved the Box of Love 2.0 Crate, our Valentine's offering. This Valentine's Crate was dedicated to Japanese romance style, flaunting a beautiful love-themed box, including depictions of hearts, flirty texts, and Omamori (love charm).

The Box of Love 2.0 Crate (Valentine's Crate) 2024 by Japan Crate

Upon opening the Box of Love 2.0 Crate, customers found a delightful array of treats focusing on typical Valentine's flavor combinations (like strawberries and chocolate) along with treats in pink and red-hued packaging. Alongside these tasty treats was an Omamori for your usage, providing luck and love to anyone who wears the charm daily. A fun quiz revealing the type of Valentine you are led to even more prizes from Japan, creating the ultimate love-filled experience. For more information on the Valentine's Crate, check out this thorough Box of Love 2.0 Crate review.


Conclusion: Indulging in Authentic Japanese Snacks

Share in the love of Japanese culture surrounding cherry blossom season through a carefully curated Japanese snack box featuring yummy treats. Unbox the Sakura Crate to discover 14-16 of the best Japanese snacks, each providing a unique experience as you delve into new flavors and celebrate the blossoming buds simultaneously.


Make your Japan Crate experience twice as nice by sending a box to a loved one monthly, providing an awesome gift that immerses them in Japanese culture. The Sakura Crate is only available from March 15th to April 14th, so make sure to take advantage of this next box! Click this link to subscribe today and treat yourself to sweet and savory goodies right from Japan.

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