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Japan Loves Pudding!

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Japan Loves Pudding!

When they think of a popular Japanese dessert, most people envision lovely confections wrapped in mochi or stuffed with Anko. They're tasty vegan treats. However, Japan also has its own takes on more Western-style desserts like the Japanese caramel custard pudding.

What is Japanese Custard Pudding

Custard pudding is known in Japanese as Purin, and like many other desserts with western heritage, it first appeared in Japan during the Meiji Period. In essence, Purin is a baked custard pudding that is also known as creme caramel, flan, or baked custard outside of Japan. The right combination is the richness of the cream and the sweet but somewhat bitter caramel. It makes sense why Japanese people are so obsessed with Purin. A silky smooth, wobbling pudding drenched in caramel sauce is impossible to refuse. Both kids and adults adore this popular Japanese custard delicacy.

Japan Loves Pudding!

This delicacy is popularly known as "custard purin" in Japan, where you can find it in most supermarkets and convenience stores. The texture of gelatin-based Purin is comparable to that of gelatin-based sweets like panna cotta and Bavarian Cream from France. It has a tiny wobble and is slightly firm and silky smooth. In Japan, you may get a well-liked instant purin mix at grocery stores. It's as simple as mixing in some milk, chilling, and you have purin. The best purin, however, is homemade from scratch.

How to make Japanese Pudding

Japan Loves Pudding!

There are countless techniques and variations across all cultures when making the Japanese delicacy! Purin can be prepared in a bain-marie (hot water bath) in the oven or steamed on the stovetop. Purin or Japanese custard cooked in the oven is referred to as yaki purin, whereas Purin made using steam is known as mushi purin.

The Best Purin Japanese Recipe

Japan Loves Pudding!

1. 4- or 5-ounce pudding molds or ramekins should be greased and placed aside.
2. Create the caramel sauce. Mix 4 tablespoons sugar and 1 tablespoon water in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook the caramel until it turns golden, stirring the pan occasionally, and then turn off the heat.
3. Add 1/2 tablespoon hot water to the pan while it is tilted away from you, then stir to combine. Repeat twice for a total of 1 1/2 tablespoons of hot water. While not burnt, the caramel sauce should be dark. Distribute the caramel sauce evenly among the Purin cups prepared, then chill.
4. Make the custard mixture while the caramel cools. Whisk the eggs in a bowl until they are all the same color.
5. Combine milk and 4 tablespoons of sugar in a medium saucepan over low heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. It shouldn't boil.
6. Remove the milk mixture from the heat once the sugar has completely dissolved, then slowly pour it while whisking constantly with the egg mixture. To eliminate any lumps, pour the custard through a sieve into a sizable liquid measuring cup or pitcher. Distribute the custard mixture in the purin cups equally. Purin cups should be covered with aluminum foil.
7. About 2 inches of water should be added to a shallow, heavy-bottomed pot. Keep the heat at a low to a medium heat simmer. To shield the Purin from direct high heat, place a folded dish towel on the bottom of the pot.
8. Add the purin cups with covers. The water level in the glasses should be about halfway up. Cover the frying pan or pot with a lid and continue to steam for around 20 minutes or when the custard is set, and the purin jiggles.
9. Refrigerate the Purin with a plastic wrap cover for about 20 minutes or until totally cold, and let the mixture cool to room temperature on the counter.
10. Carefully use a knife to go around outside the purin cup before serving. A Purin cup should be placed on top of a plate, which should then be used to turn the cup over. Enjoy! 

So these are the simplest steps in making Purin. But why make homemade Japanese Purin if you can enjoy various snacks available in the market? The hardest decision is usually deciding which of the incredible types of puddings to purchase; there is even a specific section at practically every konbini. Here are some of the best Purin and pudding-flavored snacks you'll surely enjoy!

Best Japanese Pudding Snacks

1. Starbucks Chocolate Banana Pudding

Japan Loves Pudding!

Although the signs may read Starbucks Coffee, the Starbucks menu now includes much more than just coffee. If you are a Starbucks fan, not only does Japan offer some fun, different flavors, but they have great pudding too! A little unfair to the rest of the competition, this pudding combines chocolate found at the bottom of the container with banana pudding. Mix the two together, and you get a delicious taste that reminded us of chocolate snack packs with a hint of banana!

This banana pudding is melt-in-your-mouth smooth, the banana puree is lavishly used, and its distinctive sticky, thick sweetness can be enjoyed to the fullest. When combined with the chocolate sauce at the bottom, the richness of the chocolate adds an even richer flavor. The tropical tastes of this pudding will tempt you to consume it in the summer. It comes in a sweet paper case, so it's a wonderful little keepsake!

2. 7 Eleven Konbini Pudding

Japan Loves Pudding!

With a 7/11 virtually everywhere in Tokyo, we decided to stop by to taste some konbini pudding. There are many pudding options available at 7-Eleven Japan, whether you want to consume a lot of unique pudding flavors or experience a rich and quality pudding. Open it up, and you get a nice, sweet, eggy pudding served in a plastic cup. The pudding is a good thickness but isn't too heavy. Only a significant portion of the egg yolk, full fat milk, and vanilla essence are used to make this pudding. This pudding is meltingly soft. It starts to slide off as soon as you scoop it up with a spoon. The rich and condensed egg yolk flavor tasted nearly like custard and lingered in our mouths for a while.

3. Marlowe Pudding

Japan Loves Pudding!

The Marlowe Pudding is marketed more as a "fancy pudding" and comes nicely packaged, including serving instructions plus a glass for you to mix the pudding in! The flavor is never excessively sweet. It is straightforward but made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. The Marlowe pudding is manufactured with authentic Japanese cooking using only high-quality, carefully chosen ingredients such as warm milk mixture from Hokkaido, vitamin E-rich egg mixture, sugar, and naturally made vanilla extract, with no additives or gelatin powder.

Japan Loves Pudding!

The Marlowe Pudding taste was much like the burnt sugar flavor you would find on a creme brulee giving it the "high-class" dessert feeling. With a subtle pudding flavor, it wasn't too sweet and would pair great with an espresso! This is why everyone, young or old, even those who do not consider themselves "sweet-lovers," enjoy Marlowe pudding.

4. Pokka Pudding Shake

Want to wash all the yummy food in Japan down with a tasty dessert drink? Try this Pudding Drink!

Japan Loves Pudding!

A product of Pokka, which mostly produces canned and bottled coffee, is a pudding shake. It is a special beverage that comes in a can, and you must shake it at least five times before drinking it. You must break up the texture when you drink it cold to make it easier to consume. It has a creamy texture and pieces of pudding that can be drunk. The first flavor is milk, followed by a taste of pudding with a caramel custard flavor. It has a great taste and is lightly sweet similar to the Marlowe pudding, making it perfect for a drink. Both convenience stores and vending machines sell Pokka Pudding Shakes.

5. Kit Kat Japan Pudding

Japan Loves Pudding!

The new Pudding Kit Kats smell divinely of Custard Pudding as soon as you open the package, and they taste just like delectable Japanese purin. These limited edition caramel cream-filled KitKats are covered with custard pudding that tastes like white chocolate, and the wafer inside resembles the color of the caramel sauce on the pudding. Caramel cream is kneaded between the wafers and is based on white chocolate with custard pudding. They will undoubtedly become a family favorite!

It's Japan Crate Time!

It's a straightforward dessert that the Japanese love and find velvety, creamy, rich, and has a firmer texture. These are undoubtedly one of the delicacies that appeal to sweet tooths everywhere. It is definitely a mouth-watering delicious custard dessert, whatever you choose to call it—purin, flan, pudding, crème caramel. Just pure happiness. A rich caramel glaze is pouring from a custard that melts on your lips.

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