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Japanese Candies vs Korean Candies

You adore Korea and Japan, but you have no idea where to begin when you want to try their best candies. The options are overwhelming. Right? We've got you covered, so don't worry!


It shouldn't be surprising that Japan and Korea have many things in common, given their closeness to one another geographically. One of them is their candies. Candy brings so much happiness with its delicious flavor and variations, from hard to soft candies, gummies to chocolate-coated, and many more with bizarre looks and tastes. And countries like Japan and Korea just take candy to the next level. From the land of the rising sun, Japan, with its traditional-centered candy flavors, to the land of the morning calm, Korea, with its unique selections of candies. While some sweet, salty, and savory candies are common in both country, they are marketed in various shapes, sizes, and tastes, depending on the location. I bet you want to try both. Well, you are in the right place!

Japanese Candy

Japanese candy has a wide selection of items, and makers frequently use traditional flavors and ingredients in their creations. Japanese candies have a distinctive flavor that cannot be recreated outside Japan. Japanese candy is renowned for being a touch daring and a bit bizarre. But, don't worry that you won't find anything you like. Thousands of sweet treats, from extremely sweet candy to pleasantly sweet, grain-based buns, crunchy and creamy different variety of candy line the confectionery aisles of Japanese supermarkets. Nowadays, every modern Japanese candy is sold at street shop and convenience store. Many of these items have become well-known outside of Japan, too, such as Pocky and unusually flavored Kit Kats, but there are still many other options to explore.

Exploring the candy aisle can be an exhilarating experience for some people, while it can be overwhelming for others. Popular Japanese candy is frequently presented in eye-catching packaging with cartoon characters and kawaii graphics. They are hand-crafted into exquisite shapes and hues that almost make eating them impossible. The majority of common Japanese sweets are available in various flavors, some of which can be seen as experimental or bizarrely savory such as green tea, more chocolate, caramel, peanuts and almonds, etc. Trying is the best approach to discovering what taste you'll enjoy!

Most Popular Japanese Candy: Hi-Chew

People have long had a soft spot in their hearts for Japanese snacks and delicacies. It's a bottomless pit of party meals that you can only aspire to try at least once in your life. Japan candy has extremely unusual and eye-catching packaging and various fun and unique flavors, and Hi-Chew is no exception. Hi-Chew is not only the best Japanese candy, but also Japan's number one selling candy snacks. Hi-Chew was developed as a brand of chewing gum that eventually transforms into candy and is the best thing ever!


These traditional soft candy chews, which are now loved worldwide, come in tastes besides fruit, such as yogurt and a cola soda. You may savor the distinct flavor of Japan and a smooth melting in your mouth. Due to their wide variety of enjoyable and tasty flavors, these are among the most loved candy snacks among foreigners and Japanese youngsters. Sharing Hi-Chew with family and friends is simple because it comes in a bar wrapped individually pieces! Their most popular flavors are strawberry, orange, mango, peach, lemon, grape, and green apple. Each bite of this sensationally chewy fruit candy is brimming with fruit flavors. The packaging for Hi-Chew candies ranges from tropical or superfruit blends to individually wrapped packets. Like many other well-known Japanese candies, Hi-Chew is sold worldwide. Even some geographical areas have distinctive flavors. Additionally, Hi-Chew bites, a slim-shelled, scaled-down version of the original, is also available. It comes in mixed packages of strawberry, mango, orange, grape, and other flavors. The Hi-Chew Premium line, targeted exclusively at adults, is additionally offered.

Korean Candy


The world's most dreaded dictator and eating bugs are just a few of the things that Korea is known for, but they're also home to some of the best Korean candy, snacks and delicacies. Every Korean candy is considered the ideal present for someone with a sweet tooth. They come in the shapes of lollipops, gumdrops, smaller lozenges, and even shapes appropriate to a season or occasion and eye-catching colors to delight the palate and the sight. Korean candies are available in individual packaging and various-sized combination packages for consumption by numerous people or over a prolonged time.


There are so many delicious snacks and treats to try. After all, it's a paradise for foodies! And to allow you to indulge your sweet craving without guilt, Korean candy is now also available in health-conscious varieties that use sugar alternatives that are either healthful or are created entirely of natural components. Korean sweets are made to make people happy. To make the experience even more delightful, many now incorporate entertaining features like the capacity to pop inside the user's tongue, hidden centers, or color-changing features. A Korean candy is unlike anything you've ever had, and they are continuously developing some of the world's best foods.

Most Popular Korean Candy: Malang Cow Milk


Malang Cow Milk candy is a popular candy in Korea produced with premium, fresh milk, and there's a solid reason why this sweet is one of the most popular in Korea. They are milky candies and have a great flavor. Despite being chewy and soft, they don't stick to your teeth. Due to the aeration process, it has a fluffy texture to sweets. They are incredibly light and fluffy, like biting into a strawberry milkshake pillow, and are made with fresh, premium milk. There are two flavors of this candy: strawberry and milk.


Soft Malang Cow Candy is very enticing in many ways. Everything is adorable, from the lovely milk carton-squeezing cow mascot on the package to the 25 pieces of individually wrapped chewy, soft milk candy inside. The candy is packaged in a cloud-like wrapper with printed, personalized words in either English or Korean. Soft Malang Cow Candy has a flavor comparable to white rabbit candy but less sweet. The texture of Soft Malang Cow Candy is unique. It resembles consuming a glass of full milk and biting into a marshmallow. This Malang cow will give you a pleasant, cozy feeling during your vacation. The chewiness is jelly-like due to the delicate texture. The flavor and aroma of chewing gum are improved by its smooth texture. In particular, it is individually packaged one by one, allowing you to take out as much as you like whenever you want.

What's the difference between Japanese candy and Korean candy?

It's challenging to differentiate between Japanese and Korean candies that everyone will agree on, given the enormous variety of distinctive candies available in both country. Japan is a sugar lover's paradise because its sweets are as diverse as the rest of its food. Japanese candies are frequently updated and enhanced in terms of flavor and texture. Candy in Japan is frequently molded into teeny, adorable plants and creatures only a few millimeters tall. These elaborate candy decorations, which are distinctive of Japan, seem incredibly lifelike, that you can be creative while eating, from traditional foods like chocolates and fruit sour taste to really unique desserts that you could only think of in your fantasies.

While in Korea, a candy is certain to delight everyone and offer a special look at Korean culture, particularly in South Korea. A Korean candy is produced using various ingredients, including chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla extract, sugar, corn syrup, food coloring, and flavors that give them a bit bitter, sour and spicy undertones. The majority of sweets are also created with substances other than gelatin to meet consumer demand. A Korean candy can take on various shapes and forms, and they occasionally have unique taste. Whatever candy you choose, Japanese and Korean candy and snack manufacturer can give them all, dominating either soft candy or hard candy in America and, who knows, around the world.

Where I can Buy Japanese and Korean Candy

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But how about the Korean candies and goods? Don't worry! Just click this link and purchase anything you'll want to eat from Korea and even Japan. Enjoy!

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