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Japanese Manga And Anime Go Kawaii

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Kawaii is no longer merely a pop subculture. Japanese culture has integrated the kawaii aesthetic, and this is not going to alter any time soon. Although the kawaii culture originated in Japan, it has spread like cherry blossoms worldwide. And this is because of the growth of Japanese manga and anime worldwide. Manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation), once almost unknown outside of Japan, have now become a global trend showing off the Japanese kawaii culture, and their popularity is continuously increasing. Kawaii has influenced manga anime, impacting everything from the characters and settings to the food and music.


What is Kawaii Manga?

Manga kawaii expressions

Most manga novels are illustrated in black and white and cater to readers of all ages and genders. They also cover various genres and topics, such as romance, action-adventure, science fiction, humor, and sports. Manga comics are widely available and viewed in Japan as they make up a significant portion of the country's publishing sector. You can read manga in different Japanese libraries and even online. Moreover, Japanese manga has also been influenced by the kawaii culture relevant in Japan. This kawaii manga employs a simple style, and the attractive characters feed Japan's obsession with all things cute.


What is Kawaii Anime?

Kawaii Anime

The word animation is short for "anime" (ah-knee-may). The phrase is used to describe all forms of animation in Japan. It has a distinctive aesthetic that extends to the storylines, ideas, and concepts that garnered millions worldwide over the past forty years and has been translated into other languages. Like movies, anime fits within various established genres, including comedy, drama, science fiction, action-adventure, and horror. Moreover, anime has captured the hearts of many with kawaii characters like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, and Pusheen. But the kawaii culture in anime is more than just blushing figures. Aside from things and places, kawaii can also refer to sounds and more! Let's look at how kawaii is related to anime & manga culture.


How is Kawaii related to anime & manga culture?


1. Clothing and Accessories

Anime Kawaii Girl School Uniform

Fashion is one of the many obvious elements of Kawaii anime. A significant one is the timeless schoolgirl uniform. Pastel hues, strong statement items, and a lot of layering are frequently used in this look. Accessories are also a must-have! Pins, keychains, and attachable teddy animals are all adorable extras that complement kawaii. Moreover, anime fashion designers use colorful outfits and makeup to display kawaii well. Characters in anime frequently have wide, colorful eyes accompanied by lengthy eyelashes. Typically, the faces have delicate, youthful features. That appearance is distinctly kawaii, and cosmetics are frequently used to imitate it.


2. Voice

Kawaii girl crying

The voice and language used by many anime characters can be adapted to fit the kawaii culture. Child voices with high pitches that occasionally verge on baby talk are typical. More importantly, characters sometimes say cute things. Words of love or sorrow can also sound cute in anime. Even facial expressions, which go beyond spoken communication, can be cute. You'll hear an innocent and tender voice when you listen to anime episodes.


3. Soundtrack

Soundtracks in Anime

Anime is renowned for having amazing soundtracks! The music anime has used frequently reflects Kawaii culture. Kawaii music combines shredding guitar solos with the adorable, high-pitched vocals and catchy choruses of J-pop. It might be unusual to hear the words "heavy metal" and "cute" used in the same sentence, but in Japan, it is one of the most anticipated musical genres. You can see kawaii bands perform live, such as ababymetal.


Top 3 Most Popular Kawaii Manga

1. K-On!


K-On! is a story about a pop music club in high school that's on the verge of being canceled. Luckily, four girls step up to keep the club in place. They form a fun girl band, yet there's one problem - the lead guitarist (Yui Hirasawa) doesn't know how to play the guitar! Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi practice together and become friends as they rock out band style.


2. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

This kawaii anime series follows Sakura Kinomoto, a 10-year-old living in Tomoeda (a fictional Japanese town) who unwittingly unleashes magical cards in her basement. After releasing the cards and finding out she has magical powers, she's tasked by their guardian, Cerberus (aka Kero), to retrieve the cards. Sakura battles the magical cards in their alternate form, entrapping them as she wins each battle.


3. Yotsuba&!


Instead of magic, this story revolves around ordinary life from the perspective of Yotsuba Koiwai, a five-year-old girl in a new city with her adoptive father. Yotsuba's character is fun, quirky, and quite naive (a central plot of the story). Unlike other five-year-olds, this main character has yet to learn about many everyday things like elevators and swings. As she explores these new items, she often gets confused about how to use items (part of what makes this anime fun!). This story brings you along as Yotsuba gains new experiences and friends in the process.


Top 3 Best Kawaii Anime

1. Hanamaru Kindergarten

Anzu, Hiiragi, Koume in Hanamaru Kindergarten

This is probably the best kawaii anime show, with a very high level of cuteness in every episode. The setting of this anime is a kindergarten where these young and cute girls compete for their teachers' attention. It is a charming and a little bit romantic animation. The episodes are loaded with lovely scenarios and sporadic comical moments. It is filled with many humorous personalities and endearing scenes that will make you wish you lived somewhere with cute children.


2. Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children

More than twenty middle schooler characters make up this story, which takes place in a high school. Every episode has two characters and appears to flawlessly depict true puppy love episodes and stories that will make you smile and giggle internally. This Kawaii anime has amazing art and incredible adventures that are fun to watch. Since there are so many of them, you can see a lot of kawaii main characters, and they show kawaii things in each episode, making it one of the cutest things ever.


3. Pokemon Horizon

Pokemon Horizon

This is the most well-known anime ever produced in Japan, and the fact that it features Pokemon characters automatically qualifies it as Kawaii. Pokemon Horizons is the eighth series in the Pokemon world. It only recently premiered in Japan (April 2023) and is making its way to the US this upcoming March 2024 on Netflix. Unlike previous Pokemon series storylines focused on Ash Ketchum, this show has two new protagonists - Liko and Roy. Both main characters are recruited by the Rising Volt Tacklers group and begin traveling/adventuring around the Pokemon world. At the same time, Liko is being recruited by the lesser-known Explorers group (who may have questionable intentions). This is the first series that includes an entirely new cast!

Even though anime is already cute, some shows take cuteness a step further. These manga and anime are adorable in every way, from characters to visual style to plot! There are still hundreds of kawaii manga and anime you should watch, from Paradise Kiss, Carmine Vault, and many more! So get your snacks and treats ready for a night full of anime episodes. Visit Sugoi Mart to instantly purchase anime-inspired and Japan-limited snacks and treats.


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