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Japanese Soda Candy

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Ramune Candy


Ramune is a beloved treat for many living in Asia. This popular soda originated in Japan, and now comes in a wide variety of flavors! One cool thing to note about ramune is the signature bottle that it comes in (officially called a Codd Stopper). The Codd Stopper seals the soda tight with a marble that is held in place by the pressure of the carbonated drink itself. To open the bottle, you must force the marble down into the small chamber using the plastic cap. Prepare yourself for the fizzy mess and enjoy!


The original ramune flavor was lemon-lime, but now there are over 36 different flavors including: Banana, Bubble Gum, Champagne, Curry, Disco Dance, Green Tea, Octopus, Wasabi, and Yuzu.


Check out some of August's ramune selections!


Soda Mixing Jelly Beans 

• These jelly beans are perfect for mixing and matching to create your favorite soda flavors! • There are five different flavors of jelly beans: Melon, Cola, Sour Yogurt, Lemon Squash, and Grape. • Create some of your own favorite flavors or check out the package translation below to try some classic Japanese combos!      

Grape Soda

White Cola

Triple Soda

Sour Fruit Yogurt

Aurora Sour (Rainbow)


Shuwa Shuwa Soda Candy

    • "Shuwa shuwa" is a Japanese onomatopoeia that describes the fizzy sound a bottle of soda makes when it is first cracked open!
    • These hard candies come in three flavors: Orange, Grape, and Cola. All three flavors have an exciting fizzy center!
    • Mix and match your favorite flavors to come up with new and exciting tastes!

        Crayon Shin-Chan Candy

  • These crayon-colored, ramune-flavored hard candies are almost as fun as Shin-chan himself!
  • Known best for his crazy antics and mischievous behavior, Shin-chan is a five-year-old boy who knows how to have fun.
  • Be careful not to pull down the candy box too far or you might just end up seeing a little too much of Shin-Chan :)


Which one of these ramune-inspired treats is your favorite?

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