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The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Kawaii Things for School

Doki Doki Crate

Kawaii Things for School

One of the busiest times of the year is the back-to-school season. Every student will require the proper school supplies to prepare them for success in their new grade. Colored pencils, highlighters, composition books, and other essentials for writing papers and completing art projects are some of the most important school supplies needed, along with some cheerful, mood-enhancing stickers and extras that will keep them inspired from the start of the school year until finals.

10 Best Kawaii School Supplies

1. Momo Cat Gel Ink Pen

Kawaii Things for School

Pens have undoubtedly evolved into essential school supplies. Using a pen with a comfortable grip and ink that flows smoothly helps to encourage students to write more notes. The ink type and quality, tip size, and ergonomic design of a pen all play a role in how well it performs, in addition to reputable brands and customer reviews. A decent pen really makes a difference, regardless of whether the student's handwriting is too big, too small, illegible, or the person is left-handed, and the gel pens are the best example. It is hard to resist this Momo Cat Gel Ink Pen. The black gel ink is smooth and crisp. This pen makes a perfect addition to your stationery collection by picking your preferred color.

2. Bubble Tea Pop-Up Pencil Case

Kawaii Things for School

This convertible pencil case is just the cutest school supply you'll see! While you carry your pens, pencils, scissors, or other accessories, enjoy the kawaii faces on the front and the entertaining bubble tea at the bottom. It is comfortable to carry around and may be used as a functional pen stand on your workstation. For easy access, it includes 3 compartments within. Place the pencil case on your desk, open the zipper, and pull down on the two side tabs to change their shape.

3. Kawaii Animal Notebook

Kawaii Things for School

You can use these adorably soft-touch notebooks as a scrapbook, journal, planner, or diary. Each has a ribbon page marker and a magnetic closure clasp with various fruit and adorable animal-filled paper pages in various designs, including weekly plans, dotted pages, lined pages, checklist pages, daily pages, and more. There are 4 different styles available, from avocados and crocodiles, peaches and bears, blueberries and sheep, to strawberries and bunnies. Use this adorable notebook for note-taking, journaling, or just to jot down your thoughts and ideas. Bring it to school and make it your favorite daily buddy.

4. Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter Pen

Kawaii Things for School

These are perfect for you if you like to underline and highlight everything while studying. These Japanese-imported Mildliners markers have a unique selection of colors that show subtly on the paper, so if you prefer team colors when taking notes, they will be useful and look wonderful on your study desk. You may underline or highlight finer lines with these water-based highlighters' double-sided with broad and fine tips. Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink are the 5 pastel colors included in this collection.

5. Pink Sakura Flower Erasers

Kawaii Things for School

Keep erasers in your child's pencil box because they are an essential school supply. Everybody occasionally needs a do-over. A high-quality eraser that eliminates markings thoroughly without leaving any residue on the surface is important for your notes and artistic project. The shavings from the Square Sakura Eraser cling together in thin strips for simple cleanup and erase extremely nicely. Its square design makes it simple to handle and maneuver. It works nicely as a general-purpose eraser for everyday use. With these adorably cute erasers, keep your notes clear and error-free! You really must have these erasers in your collection of stati0onery.

6. Uni Palette Pencil

Kawaii Things for School

In schools, pencils are the fundamental building block of writing. Every youngster starts out learning how to write and recognize the alphabet using their favorite pencils. Uni Palette is study stationery designed for students with strong wood pencils that do not break easily and beautiful colors to spark kids' imaginations. This set replicates the feel of real hardwood pencils and produces lines that are even, black, and rich. These wooden pink and light blue pencils are lovely to look at as well as write with, and they'll make a wonderful addition to your set of art supplies or pencil bags. An HB pencil is equivalent to a typical American #2 pencil. These pencils are delivered bluntly.

7. KITTA Tab Stickers

Kawaii Things for School

Many student ideas can be quickly communicated at once using sticky notes. Sticky notes can be used to arrange notepaper, study cards, and folders. These tab stickers will look adorable anywhere you place them, whether you want to write a note on your notepad, calendar, or study desk. KITTA sticker is a brand-new washi tape and sticker that is portable and enjoyable, made by the Japanese company King Jim. They work well as vibrant page flags or index tabs. These sticky tabs are pre-cut into convenient 5 cm long strips for quick and simple application. To use a strip, peel it away from the booklet, remove its backing, and stick it where you want it. They'll add kawaii color to your calendars, planners, and bullet notebooks.

8. Glittery Sweet Ruler Set

Kawaii Things for School

A good ruler, which will enable you to emphasize titles, measure sides, and draw straight lines, should, without a doubt, be one of the necessities in your list of school supplies. Everything you need to take quick and precise measurements is included in this ruler set. Use this adorable three-piece ruler set with beautiful girlie graphics to sketch and measure shapes! It has a protractor, as well as right and isosceles triangles. This bundle is packaged in a sparkling, translucent pouch. These adorable rulers are ideal additions to your stationery collection or kawaii desk decor. Even the tedious activities of measuring tiny objects or drawing straight lines and patterns can now be cuter!

9. Hello Kitty Multi-Pocket File Folder

This adorable A4 index folder has images of Hello Kitty holding various sweets, including cherries, sundaes, candy canes, and more! To organize critical files, use this A4-sized, translucent folder! It includes one transparent pocket inside, two inner flap pockets, and a rear pocket with a heart-shaped button clasp.

10. Back To School Backpack Sets

Kawaii Things for School

Get the snacks you need for the finest first day of school with these Back To School Backpack Sets! These are several adorable backpacks that contain delicious Japanese snacks. Each pair of backpacks includes one jelly or drink, one sweet snack, and one savory snack. Various designs, such as tiger, fox, frog, or chicken, are available, and even sparkled donut designs. Every snack varies and appears randomly; no specific snack can be guaranteed.

These kawaii school supplies and accessories are the ideal way to personalize everything from your desk to your bags, whether they are adorable animal-shaped or effortlessly adorned with small flashes of color. This carefully chosen selection of school supplies is perfect for the eccentric and creative student and will make you stand out as you study. These school supplies are available in many Japanese stationery store and online store worldwide. The right highlighters, erasers, and notebooks from Japan are all included in this month's crate to help you return to school in style.

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