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Regional Delights: Exploring Japan's Locally Inspired Kit Kat Flavors

Regional Delights: Exploring Japan's Locally Inspired Kit Kat Flavors

Japan is famed for adding its spin to clothing, accessories, drinks, and, of course, food items. One such food that has become synonymous with Japanese flavors is the Japanese Kit Kat. Because of Japan's unique regional flavors, the country has produced an immense number of Kit Kat flavors ranging from traditional ingredients to items that feature local flavors. Japanese Kit Kats are now available in 400+ various flavors, including options featuring milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate combined with unique and delicious tastes.


Because of the sheer number of Kit Kat flavors in Japan, there is nearly a flavor for every prefecture that uses either a specific local flavor or is inspired by local food. With this massive number of flavors, it can be overwhelming to explore the world of Kit Kats. 


The guide below offers a bite-sized review of regional Japanese Kit Kat flavors, from unique to exciting.


Must-Try Regional Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

This list of Japanese Kit Kat flavors offers a peek into some of the most famous Kit Kat flavor options, each based on a specific area of Japan. These are often considered souvenirs and brought home to loved ones by those visiting the country.


Nagano Shinshu Apple

Kit Kat Japan Nagano Shinshu Apple

Travel to the city of Nagano, Japan, a location famous for its juicy, vibrant red apples, through this Kit Kat Japan Nagano Shinshu Apple flavor. This option is part of a special series that features local produce encased in the delicious chocolate and wafer of Kit Kats. Crunchy, fruity, and melt-in-your-mouth good, this Kit Kat flavor is a must-try.


Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is a Japanese dessert that is created with a sponge cake and a banana custard cream filling. These Japanese sweets are also shaped like a banana. They're a famous souvenir for those visiting Japan, as this dessert is only available in Tokyo. It's also worth noting bananas were once a rarity in Japan, so they are considered a special item now. 

Kit Kat: Tokyo Banana (12-piece)

The Kit Kat: Tokyo Banana (12-piece) is inspired by the dessert of the same name and is a special collaboration with the Tokyo Banana confectionary company. Each Kit Kat encapsulates a delightful banana flavor, making these chocolates a real treat.


Shizuoka-Kanto Wasabi

In the mountainous Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, clean water, a necessary factor for the growth of wasabi, is abundant. Because of this, the prefecture is known for producing high-quality, top-rated wasabi in various fields. As such, Kit Kat Japan has created a flavor that showcases the Shizuoka-Kanto region with its unique wasabi flavor.

Kit Kat Japan Shizuoka-Kanto Wasabi

The Kit Kat Japan Shizuoka-Kanto Wasabi pack is made with real wasabi paste from the area, providing a distinct sweet candy with a slight amount of heat typically provided by the plant.


Kyoto Uji Hojicha

Kyoto is famous for growing and crafting some of the finest teas Japan has to offer, in particular, hojicha. This type of tea is made in a specific manner - it is roasted, providing a unique, nutty flavor that other teas do not typically possess. In the past, teas were offered first to upper-class groups before the lower class. Tea was sometimes rejected due to poor storage, leaving the tea leaves damp/soggy. To avoid this, the leaves were roasted, which helped preserve the tea, provided a delicious taste, and rid the tea of any unwanted aromas.

Kit Kat Japan Kyoto Uji Hojicha

 While not confirmed, it is thought that hojicha tea was first made in Kyoto in the early 1900s. Because of this idea, along with the quality of tea offered in Kyoto, the city has become synonymous with the best hojicha tea offerings. The Kit Kat Japan Kyoto Uji Hojicha pack has channeled these tea offerings by incorporating roasted hojicha tea into the chocolate, providing a delightfully rich, smoky, chocolatey flavor to the candy.


Nara: Sakura Masamune Daiginjo Sake

One of the more unusual flavor combinations of Kit Kats is this Sakura Masamune Daiginjo Sake. Kansai, a Japanese region well-known for producing much of the sake available in the country, inspires this flavor. Kit Kat and Sakura Masamune (a local sake brewery in Kansai) collaborated to create this Kit Kat, which embodies Daiginjo Sake, a highly regarded type of sake considered premium.

Kit Kat and Sakura Masamune (a local sake brewery in Kansai) collaborated to create this Kit Kat

Daigijo Sake features a deliciously light, fruity taste, which has been incorporated into this Kit Kat flavor in combination with creamy white chocolate. This candy bar has a small amount of alcohol, with 0.1% alcohol content.


Hiroshima Momiji Manju

While deer and the famous "floating torii gate" often come to mind when considering the island of Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture, it is also well-known for its maple-leaf-shaped confections known as momiji manju. These yummy baked castella-like cakes are created with a delightful sweet red bean paste filling. While other filling variations have become common in these maple cakes, the pureed red bean paste remains a favorite among island visitors.

Kit Kat Japan Hiroshima Momiji Manju

As part of the Kit Kat local series, this Kit Kat Japan Hiroshima Momiji Manju flavor was created to celebrate the island's famous treat. These mini Kit Kat bars are made with the taste of baked buns, including their red bean filling. The flavors of momiji manju are artfully incorporated with the creamy chocolate and crispy wafers in each of the minibars.


Where to Find Limited Edition Kit Kats

With the increase in interest in Japanese Kit Kats, it has become easier to find unique flavors at local Asian markets and shops. However, you can still only find a select few options at these locations, depending on the seasonal/limited-edition flavors that are currently available. For a larger array of Kit Kat candy flavors, your best bet is to head online to options like Sugoi Mart, where you'll find a large array of Kit Kat flavors at the ready.


Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack

If you're unsure which flavor options to try first, consider the Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack, which includes 16-20 Kit Kat flavors to try. With this variety pack, you can travel to various regions of Japan through your taste buds. Shop the Kit Kat collection at Sugoi Mart for even more delicious flavors!


Bring Japanese Kit Kats Home with Japan Crate

Perhaps you're curious about trying Japanese Kit Kats along with other tasty Japanese snacks. If that's the case, a Japan Crate subscription is an excellent way to explore the flavors of Japan. Inside each crate is a myriad of treats (15-17) that showcase flavors and treats unique to Japan.

Bring Japanese Kit Kats Home with Japan Crate

Each month, the subscription centers on a new, exciting theme that educates subscribers more thoroughly about Japan and its culture. Expect a combination of sweet and savory treats in each box, a non-edible collectible, and a fun game that allows you to win prizes from Japan, Sugoi Mart, and Japan Crate.


Get your subscription to Japan Crate now, and look out for new snacks (like Japanese Kit Kats) outside your door!

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