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Sakura In Japanese Culture

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 The dazzling, delicate beauty of cherry blossoms, or sakura as they are known in Japan, is well known around the world. But the sakura is more than just pretty trees since they are deeply connected to Japan's history, culture, and identity. The fact that the sakura often only blooms fully for one week adds to its allure. This magnificent time can happen between March and early May on any of the main islands of Japan, which feature a variety of topography. The little, round blooms are thought to be at their most attractive in this last stage when the white and pink petals slowly drift to the earth after the brief period of full bloom. The flowers begin to flutter elegantly from their trees.

What is Sakura ?

The tiny, exquisite pink blooms produced by cherry blossom trees are referred to as sakura in Japan. They are Asian native flowers that can also be found in China, South Korea, and India, but they now blossom all over the world. Though Japan is more famous for Cherry blossom trees because it has the largest variety of them. With some types of Sakura blossoms, a rare type called fuyuzakura or winter sakura only blooms twice a year in spring and in winter. The springtime bloom is a grand display, but it lasts only a few weeks until they wither and fall to the ground like snow with the flow of the winds.

What does Sakura mean?

Sakura aren't just any kind of flowers, it symbolizes the aesthetic image throughout the Japanese culture. It also embodies the thought of nostalgia and inspiring words in japan. In fact, many authors use Sakura or cherry blossom trees as a part of their metaphorical quotes. Additionally, Sakura season in Japan also has a symbolic meaning to its people. Sakura Season holds a meaningful event for friends and students because this is the time to organize a viewing time for the bloom of sakura flowers.

As you may wonder why it holds a meaningful event. Sakura hanami blooms depending on the area but in general, they wait until late March to April. During this time, the end of the school year in Japan happens. This time is associated with the start of a job for the graduated students. Being said, it symbolizes the end of one chapter and the opening of the next. This is why Sakura season embodies this meaning for Japanese people.

Sakura Season Festivals

Welcoming the Sakura Season is not uncommon for Japanese people. It has been their tradition across Japan for many ages. Most of the time, this is celebrated as an informal event and gathering consisting of families and friends. This happens in a nearby park or a riverside in their offices. Of course, the park or riverside would be surrounded by Sakura trees for a picnic to happen. Mostly, people bring their own food with different kinds of sakura-themed bento boxes or flavors. The design for decorations comes with sakura-themed as well or any pink colored. The most common delicacy during Sakura season would be sakura mochi, a rice cake wrapped with sakura leaf.

Sakura Flavored Snacks

The craze has evolved from simply enjoying these enchanted, tiny petals to using them in common delicacies, which range from beverages to chips, chocolates, and more. You may now experience the sakura with numerous unique sakura delicacies to savor during the season. Each year, various stores provide limited-edition food items that are sakura-inspired for cherry blossom viewing or hanami. Pink-themed cute packaging of different sakura snacks are starting to take the spotlight on every convenience store. However, we are more than ready to start fangirling early. Get a peek at some of the seasonal and limited edition flavor releases below.

Sakura Matcha Pocky

One of Japan's most well-liked seasonal releases is Sakura Matcha Pocky, offered throughout the spring cherry blossom season. The Pocky cookie has a slight pink tint and is lightly flavored with sakura leaf extract. On the other hand, the Uji matcha-infused chocolate coating adds bittersweet umami. This Pocky usually makes me think of sipping matcha in the shade of sakura trees in full bloom. Offering a light treat that is irresistible to eat repeatedly keeps you satisfied while you wait for the fleeting cherry blossoms to fade. It's a match(a) made in heaven. You can get Sakura Pocky here.

Sakura Kit Kats

One of the most famous limited-edition Japanese Kit Kat is the Japanese Kit Kat Sakura, released to celebrate the start of the Sakura season in Japan. A pink chocolate flavor called Kit Kat Sakura tastes like cherry blossoms. This traditional Japanese confection is consumed during the cherry blossom season. Nestlé Japan did a fantastic job of replicating the classic flavor in their well-known Kit Kat bar. The outcome is just purely beautiful. Although the flavor does not have a cherry blossom aroma, the bright pink appearance is lovely. The chocolate is soft and softly floral with a light sweetness from the azuki bean powder that has been incorporated, and the tastes are delicate. Your first bite of this Kit Kat's Sakura edition will undoubtedly be accompanied by an explosion of the fragrant flavor of Sakura.

Sakura Latte

Sakura latte is a popular springtime beverage in Japan during the fleeting cherry blossom season (hanami). The milk-based, caffeine-free beverage is spiced with Sakura extract or powder to give it a faint flowery flavor. You might be surprised by the Sakura latte's flavor because it has a floral, sweet, and faintly salty flavor. It smells delicately of cherry blossoms but doesn't taste like cherries. Just imagine drinking a warm sweet cherry blossom latte under a sakura tree. Perfection.

Sakura Gummy

The gummy sweets have a wonderful cherry blossom petal shape and are puffy with shimmering powder. The outside has a chewy, gummy sensation when you put it in your mouth. Inside is a smooth jelly. It has a light aroma when chewed and is scented with cherry blossoms. It has a sakura flavor that piques the tongue and nose and is only faintly agreeable.

Sakura Lipton Tea

Introducing the taste line of Japanese Limited Blends that combines the distinct Japanese scent. Lipton Sakura Tea Japan Limited Blend is an authentic black tea bag that is only available in the spring and allows you to experience the reviving flavor of cherry blossoms with a mild aroma similar to the cherry blossoms that Japanese people are accustomed to. For those looking to taste a delicious and energizing black tea with a sakura aroma, this Sakura tea is highly recommended with no sugar and no caffeine. The flavor is modeled from rice treats with cherry blossoms, like sakura mochi. There are 12 pyramid-shaped tea bags in each box. With each drink, you'll feel balanced and at ease. Tea party anyone?

Mintia Sakura

We all know that snack time is the best time for any kids out there, so what better ways are there to enjoy it with sakura-flavored snacks? This sakura snack features a minty taste that will surely freshen your breath while savoring the cherry blossom taste.

Starbucks Sakura 2022: Coffee (Origami Personal Drip)

As the spring season comes, Starbucks has released sakura-flavored drinks that will surely capture anyone's taste buds. We all know that spring picnic is popular during this seasonal time, partnering this with a hot cup of coffee would be the best.

Tirol Sakura x Matcha Chocolate

Candy has been the go-to food of kids nowadays. A candy can help calm a crying or angry kid. Tirol released a sakura x matcha candy that will surely satisfy your cravings. You will indulge in the marshmallow and milk cream contents of this sakura x matcha-wrapped candy.

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