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What Does Calpico Taste Like?

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The food of Japan is well-known around the world. Japanese food is renowned for its complexity, richness, and elegance. However, many still find Japanese drinks very mysterious. In Japan, there are a huge variety of great beverages with unique flavors. With new products entering Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores every week, there is simply too much to taste, and Calpis sweetened soft drinks are definitely something you need to try! Read on and learn more about everything you need to know about this cool Japanese soft drink, from Calpico's history to what does Calpico taste like.


What is Calpico or Calpis Soda?

What is Calpico or Calpis Soda?

If you've ever visited Japan, you've probably seen Calpico bottles in the country's iconic summer polka-dot of reversed blue or white dots packaging, representing the Milky Way at vending machines, convenience stores or supermarkets. The milk-based soft drink Calpico has been very well-liked in Japan for a long time.

The concentrated form is still the original, even if it is also offered as Calpis Water in a ready-to-drink form that has already been diluted and is available in a range of delicious fruity flavors, including strawberry, lemon, grapes, melon, and others. Most Calpis or Calpico products that are really sold in Japan are concentrated goods that need to be diluted with milk or water. However, if you like your soft drinks bubbly, the Calpis Soda fizzy carbonated version of Calpis is also available.


History of Calpis

History of Calpis

Calpis' founder Kaiun Mishima and his factory manager Yoshizou Kataoka were attempting to figure out how to incorporate lactic acid bacteria into foods and beverages when Kataoka accidentally combined sugar and their underperforming original product, called Daigomi, in a test tube and left it there for several days. The outcome was Calpis, the first beverage manufactured with lactic acid bacteria that entered the market in 1919. The word Calpis came from the words "Calcium" and the Sanskrit word "Salpis" meaning the best taste. Calpis has evolved since it was first introduced in 1919 into a beloved product in Japan that is now well-known internationally.


Is Calpis and Calpico the same?

The same company produces Calpis and Calpico, which both have the same primary flavor. However, there is a crucial point to remember when it comes to Calpis and Calpico concentrate variations. "Calpis" is more likely to be in the concentrated form even if "Calpico" was initially offered in the ready-to-drink style. Having said that, flavored and carbonated concentrate versions of both Calpis and Calpico are available; you must be aware of which one you are purchasing at the time of purchase.

Moreover, another difference between Calpis and Calpico is that in Japan, it is referred to as "Calpis," but outside of Japan, it is called "Calpico" to avoid confusing English speakers. For the English market, they modified the Japanese pronunciation of "karupisu," which they believed sounded a bit like "cow piss." Whether you call it "Calpis" or "Calpico," there is no doubt that this filling beverage deserves to be known because it is simply too good to not try.


What Does Calpico or Calpis Taste like?

What Does Calpico or Calpis Taste like?

Calpico or Calpis' sweet, sour, and milky flavor can be compared to a creamy yet light mixture made from yogurt, buttermilk, and milk. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and acidity. Calpico's tart flavor is a result of lactic acid culture fermentation. With the exception of being more sophisticated and mellow, it tastes strikingly similar to Yakult, the Japanese probiotic beverage. It has a light sweetness and moderate acidity. It appears white and foggy, smooth, and it's light, energizing flavor leaves you feeling refreshed. The beverage is also generally offered in a variety of fruit-carbonated calpico soda variations. There are many choices, including strawberries, grapes, pineapples, mango, oranges, and peaches.


Diffrent Flavors of Calpico

1. Calpico Original

Calpico Original

Calpico Original's flavor is sweet and tangy with a unique citrus undertone. This beverage will definitely tempt your taste buds with its ideal balance of sweetness and tanginess. Due to its well-balanced flavor, Calpico is becoming well-liked by both locals and tourists from other countries. A traditional non-carbonated sweet and tangy drink is always a good choice. You won't be dissatisfied with this beverage's wonderful flavor.


2. Calpico Fruit Flavors

Calpico Fruit Flavors

Calpico Fruit Flavors are distinctive beverage flavors that will satisfy your taste buds. The taste of Calpico's mango, strawberry, lychee, and peach is comparable to that of a recently picked summer fruit. Your tongue practically overflows with beautiful, frothy bubbles that taste absolutely good and have a light, airy feel. And if you want a sense of nostalgia, have a drink, and you can enjoy the customary flavors of each season while remembering your youth. Additionally, you can add Calpico Fruit Flavors to some of your favorite beverages. Whether you use one of the Calpico Fruit Flavors as a mixer or as the final cocktail garnish, it gives those classic beverages a fun twist.


3. Calpico Concentrate

Calpico Concentrate

If you're looking for something different to liven up your morning routine, an intriguing addition to a summer party, or a refreshing change of pace during a sweltering afternoon break, the original Calpico Concentrate is a great choice. Simply add water and adjust thickness to create your own unique freshly made Calpico masterpiece. The flavor's gentle sweetness and tanginess can rapidly stimulate your senses while you enjoy a fresh flavor experience. Additionally, you may start producing specialty cocktails, shaved ice desserts, and much more to make it uniquely yours, from calpico-based savory dishes to Calpico-flavored mcshake!


You could learn even more about Calpico by visiting the "Calpis Mirai Museum" (Calpis Future Museum) in Gunma prefecture, central Japan. The Calpico museum is also a factory production building for different Calpico products like Calpico drinks and Calpico butter. You can enjoy a free museum, factory tour, and a close look at the Calpico production process. In fact, after the factory tour, you can even stay for a tasting of the freshly made Calpico. But what if you are away from Japan? Worry no more! Japan Crate offers a package of treats with a Japanese theme sent to your house each month. Japan Crate will bring you the taste of Calpis or Calpico in no time. Visit our website for additional information. Enjoy!

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