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What is Black Thunder?

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With a chocolate snack named as intense as Black Thunder, surely it tastes powerful, much like - pun intended - a big thunder. While naming a chocolate bar "Black Thunder" may be typical to westerners, this delight actually came from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Available from your big supermarkets down to neighborhood convenience stores, the Black Thunder chocolate bar has risen to the ranks as one of the most popular chocolate-coated snacks in the country due to its insanely addictive taste. Want to know more about this one-of-a-kind Japanese chocolate bar? Down below is our delicious article review of the Yuraku Black Thunder.


 Choco bar Japan AKA Black Thunder


The Yuraku Black Thunder

Created by the Yuraku Confectionery Inc, the Black Thunder chocolate bar was first brought to the market in 1994 and instantly became a big hit to the Japanese sweet tooth. Yuraku reportedly sells over one hundred million bars in one year - cementing its place as one of Japan's most successful chocolate candies in history.


This bar, which closely resembles the size, shape, and overall look of yet another Yuraku candy bar, the Yuraku Almond Caramel Latte, almost always catches people off guard due to its namesake. The name "Black Thunder" just doesn't scream chocolate bar for some. To be completely honest, the name more describes a hyper-caffeinated drink or possibly a cliché African adult film star. Not saying that we associate this with our previous remark, but the Yuraku Black Thunder has interestingly proven to be more popular among young women for some reason.


Nevertheless, Yuraku has seemingly struck gold yet again with the Black Thunder chocolate bars. It is another smallish, about 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide candy bar from that very same company that has made its name by providing memorable satisfaction in compact packages. It is genuinely a brilliant little chocolate, which apparently goes in mini multipacks or XL sizes too. Given its very affordable price point, there is no reason why you shouldn't try this Japanese product for yourself.

 Original Black Thunder flavor


How does it taste?


Now we proceed to how it tastes. Admittedly, the Black Thunder looks just like your typical chocolate candy bar. It has a pleasant crunchy texture made from the cocoa cookies embedded throughout the candy itself. It has dark bits of bittersweet chocolate cookie and produces a loud, satisfying "thundering" sound when bit in half. Although the smell and taste of cocoa are a bit weak, its sweetness just hits the spot. It is not overly sweet, unlike other chocolate bars available in the market today.


To those outside of Japan looking in, one bite of the Black Thunder may immediately remind them of the chocolate-covered Oreo cookies from back then. While it may prove less sweet, its taste is a close approximation. Some may even think its tastes are similar. We can even go as far as saying that some may blindly eat Black Thunder, thinking they're eating Oreo cookies unless otherwise noted. With that being said, it is safe to assume that if you love Oreos on your Friday nights, you'd also love the Black Thunder just as well.


Cheese tart collaboration with Pablo


How does its Packaging Look?


The Black Thunder, true to its name, also oozes intensity on the exterior. Its unusual product name, for Japanese standards, is brandished largely on the very front alongside a peek of the product inside. Its packaging has a yellow, black, red, and white color motif that is mixed in a way that catches customers' eyes. It is a perfect gift for candy or sweet enthusiasts as it could easily brighten up an otherwise rough day.


What is Black Thunder Made of?

According to the product label behind the Yuraku Black Thunder, the chocolate bar contains 112 kcal per 21 grams and consists of your typical chocolate candy ingredients page. This includes cacao mass, vegetable fat, sugar, cocoa powder, milk sugar, salt, wheat flour, cocoa cookie, shortening, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, and whole milk powder.


Black Thunder production line

Is Black Thunder Worth the Effort?

The combination of delightful taste and a satisfying sound makes eating a Black Thunder a noteworthy experience right from when the packaging is opened down to the explosion of flavors once it touches your mouth. It is considered one of the most popular chocolate-coated bars in the country of Japan for a reason. Several articles and internet stories would highlight the intense appearance and overall experience that comes with the Black Thunder, and they should rightfully so. If you desire dark chocolate goodness and general deliciousness in your life, then the Black Thunder could just become your new favorite. There is something about the particular flavor combination within this chocolate bar from Japan that is just so satisfying. Gift yourself a Black Thunder chocolate bar now. Believe us; you'd be glad you bought it.


Uji Matcha flavor Black Thunder


Where to get Black Thunder?


Japan certainly has a slew of memorable tastes in the form of candies and other goodies. Would you like to have the taste of Japan delivered straight to your doorsteps? Perhaps you want to experience Black Thunder personally? Are you in search of a new delicious treat? Today is your lucky day! We at Japan Crate are here to end your search for the most wonderfully tasting Japanese goodies! Our mission is to give the rest of the world the chance to enjoy the goodness that is typically only available for sale in Japan. Spare yourself the travel and get in touch with us instead.


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