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What is Fettuccine Gummy?

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Only a few people in this world can deny the appeal and overall satisfaction that eating gummy candy can deliver. Most of us would quickly rush to that one friend of ours that loudly opens a pack of gummy strips in the hopes of receiving even just one piece. The appeal of gummy candies indeed spans all over the globe, and none may have fallen in love with the particular product more than the land of the samurais itself, Japan.


As we may all now know, Japan is home to several unique, tasty, and truly innovative candy cloud. From traditional candies and extreme sour ones to ice cream cone-shaped treats to the topic of this article, the gummy candies, Japan certainly has its candy game on point! So much so that many are willing to argue that the country is home to some of the best sweet treats in the world today.


Fettuccine Gummy - Grape


Case in point the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy, the Japanese gummy candy that many, not only those from Japan, believe to be the best gummy in the world. Did that statement get you intrigued? Read further as we discuss what Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy is - how it tastes, what it's made of, and where you can get them outside of Japan.

Gummies Inspired by Fettuccine Pasta - Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy

Do you want your gummy candy with a touch of sourness? Perhaps you want it with a particular twist that makes it stand out from the rest? A fan of both pasta and gummies? The Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy may just be what you are looking for! This popular gummy candy product from Japan is made and sold by the leading Japanese confectionary company Bourbon, whose headquarters is located in the heart of Niigata Prefecture. Inspired by the Italian Fettuccine Pasta, Bourbon purposely named and modeled its gummy candy product on the famous Italian cuisine. The strips are specifically made to resemble Fettuccine Pasta noodles - albeit significantly sweeter, sour, and more chewy. Every strip is thin, flat, sugar-coated, with a touch of sour powder, and truly satisfying to chew. It is still a gummy candy through and through despite taking inspiration from a certain kind of pasta. This perfect combination of unique premise and unforgettable taste made the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy products a huge hit in Japan almost immediately after they officially hit the store shelves.


Fettuccine gummy strips


Packaging and Flavors

The Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy comes in a pretty small bag at about 1.76 ounces, with each containing 13 to 14 sweet and sour flavored gummy strips inside. The bag is also resealable ensuring that you can still enjoy the sweet treat whenever you want and not just in one sitting. The pack that contains the candy, while seemingly ordinary, attracts the eyes of customers due to its extravagant labels and explosion of colors. Each bag is also colored appropriately to the flavor the gummy corresponds to. The Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy comes in a diverse flavor set, including soda, hard-boiled cola flavors, Italian grape, Italian peach, Italian lemon, kiwi fruit, and strawberry. As varied as those flavors may already be, Bourbon promises to add even more in the years to come. This basically ensures that you can find the particular flavor you prefer. Each flavor is also handled equally and put in high regard, so trying all of them wouldn't be a bad idea.

How does it taste?

Now we proceed to how it tastes. Without diving into the individual tastes of its many types of flavor, the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy, generally speaking, is juicy with the right amount of sugar and sour powder, making for a slightly sour yet nice, refreshingly sweet taste. It is adorably soft on the exterior but somewhat hard and chewy on the inside. The sugary coating makes it sweet, but not too much, while also giving the sweet gummy a nice, crunchy texture. It doesn't melt quickly inside your mouth despite sporting a soft exterior, unlike other gummy brands available for purchase today. Notably, some prefer to store theirs in the fridge for extended amounts of time before consuming, arguing that the treat tastes better when cold. They also purportedly do this to avoid the candy getting slightly stuck together. All in all, the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy has that perfect combination of sweetness, sourness, and crunchiness that practically ensures everyone would love how it tastes regardless of the flavor of their choice.


Peach flavor Fettuccine Gummy


Ingredients List and Nutrition Facts

According to the ingredients list and nutrition facts found at the back of the bag, the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy is made with sugar, starch syrup, digestion-resistant dextrin, acidifier, sorbitol, emulsifier, coloring, and flavoring (Italian lemon, Italian peach, soda, etc.), with a touch of vitamin C and calcium carbonate. As per the calories it has per package, each bag weighing 50 grams contains about 165 kcal, says the label.


Grape flavor Fettuccine Gummy


Where can you get it outside of Japan?

We have all been there. We see a Japanese product on TV or the internet that we are dying to purchase but are then dumbfounded when the question "where to buy it" pops into our heads. Truly, getting our hands on some Japanese goodies is a challenge of its own, leading to many people just giving up. Now you may wonder where you can get a bag of Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy for yourself. Worry not! We have just the answer to that!


Japan Crate makes indulging in Japanese culture and products as easy as 123. From your favorite anime series-themed products to the sweet gummy candies, such as the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy, Japan Crate has everything Japanese ready for purchase. You no longer need to travel to the Eastern country itself just to enjoy what it has to offer. We will deliver all that you need and more straight to your front door! Subscribe today through the link here to start receiving your weekly box of Japan-exclusive goodies, or click here for instant purchase of the product we just highlighted.

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