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What is Ghana Chocolate?

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If you believe that the best chocolate in the world comes from Switzerland, it is time to learn the facts. Yes, Ghana actually gives good competition to Switzerland when it comes to milk chocolate and the credit widely goes to the chocolate manufacturing company Lotte.

Here we have covered everything about Lotte Ghana chocolate. If you haven’t tasted one yet, we are sure that the information on this page will compel you to buy one and taste the sinful delight.


Ghana chocolate bars by Lotte


Chocolates in Japan

Chocolates or “chokorēto" in Japanese are one of the most sold sweet snacks. Once a forgotten luxury, chocolates gained their lost charm in the country when the American soldiers started sharing their sweets with the kids. Since then, there was no looking back as the Japanese manufacturers innovated a wide range of chocolates indeed in Japanese style.

One such reputed Japanese chocolate manufacturer is Lotte. The company was founded in 1948 in Tokyo by a Korean businessman named Shin Kyuk-ho, famously known as Takeo Shigemitsu in Japan.

Starting small, Lotte now manufactures and sells a wide range of sweets and confectionery items that are loved and consumed by people of all age groups. Koume Candy, Yukimi Daifuku, and several chewing gums are a few of the popularly sold Lotte chocolates in Japan.

Lotte has become famous worldwide as Lotte products are now sold globally on a large scale.


Ghana Milk Chocolate is considered one of the best chocolate in Japan


Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate; how the famous Japanese milk chocolate was born?

Initially, Lotte was a manufacturer of chewing gum and small candies in Japan. It was in 1964 that the company decided to launch its chocolate range and came up with the famous milk chocolate- Ghana Chocolate. The name Ghana was a homage to the country Ghana where cocoa beans are grown in abundance.

What makes this snack unique was its attractive packaging including a red box wrapper with a golden print- Ghana Milk Chocolate.

It became an instant hit and is equally cherished today by chocolate lovers. Although several other brands launched products to compete with Lotte’s Ghana Chocolate, none of them were able to shake its fame.


The raw materials are transformed to create those chocolate bars


What’s Ghana Milk Chocolate made of?

So, what is so unique about this chocolate anyway? Well, the natural and high-quality ingredients made in the making of this popular chocolate are the game-changers.

The key ingredients used in making Ghana Milk chocolate include:

• Sugar

• Cacao Mass

• Whole Milk Powder

• Soybean

• Cocoa Butter

• Sunflower Oil

• Palm Oil

• Artificial Flavor

Lotte ensures to maintain the distinct taste of the chocolate and hence uses the best of the ingredients with high-quality assurance. The Japanese Ghana chocolate is different from its sister product sold in Korea. The Japanese version uses cacao butter and the micro grind method to make the finest chocolates in the world.

Ghana Milk Chocolate 279 kcal per box (50 grams) per box. If you are watching your weight, you will have a hard time keeping your hands off this Japanese treat.


Ghana Milk Chocolate is packed in a box. As mentioned before, the box is red with Ghana printed in Golden letters.

Inside, the chocolate bar is nicely wrapped in shiny pink foil paper to preserve the fine taste of the product. Each chocolate bar has 24 small boxes carved in it to offer ease of eating to the final consumer.

On each block, you can find ‘Lotte’ written in a beautiful font reminding you of the originality of the chocolate.

What does Ghana Milk Chocolate taste like?

Of course, it’s sweet but not the bitter-sweet chocolate you can commonly find in Japanese markets. The milk chocolate has a unique sweetness that does not make you feel overwhelmed. The moderate sweetness of this chocolate bar is one of the prime reasons why this treat is so famous in Japan and now in the rest of the world.

The bar has a soft creamy texture. Every block melt in your mouth as you feel lost in the world of creamy cacao and enjoy the sinful delight. The company mentions ‘extra cacao’ on the product label which can certainly be felt in the taste of this amazingly tasty chocolate bar.

The high amount of cacao butter gives this Japanese treat a Swiss-style soft taste.


Value pack of Lotte best chocolate including Dark chocolate, Milk and Crunky


How is Ghana Milk Chocolate made?

Well, this certainly is something one must love to learn. As per the company’s website, Ghana Milk Chocolate is made from cocoa farmers sourced directly from Ghana, West Africa, next to Ivory Coast. The cocoa is grown using organic farming methods and hence the chocolate tastes so divine. As far as the making is concerned, the company defines it as an artistic process.

As per the description on Lotte’s site, Ghana Milk Chocolate is made by pouring liquid chocolate into the molds (24 block-shaped molds). As the chocolate settles, it starts taking the bar shape that we find in the packaging. Once settled, the molds are passed through a cooling tunnel where the chocolate cools down and becomes the shiny, thick, and hard c chocolate bar with 24 blocks.

Lotte is the first to use the BTC (Best Taste and Color of the Chocolate) method to make Ghana Milk chocolate, which very much verifies the taste and popularity of this sweet delight.

Amazing facts about Ghana Milk Chocolate?

• Ghana Milk Chocolate is the first chocolate product of LOTTE Confectionery.

• It was first launched in the market with the name ‘Kana Choco’ and had two variants: Ghana Milk Choco-Roll and Ghana Mild Choco-Roll.

•  Later it was rebranded as Ghana Chocolate and made in the 24 blocked bar shape, the one you buy from the stores today.

• The product is advertised by 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Gold Medalist Yuzuru Hanyu.

Where can I buy Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate?

You can buy Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate on Sugoi Mart. Our e-commerce website selling all types of popular Japanese candies, chocolates, and snacks including the famous Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolates.
But we quite often include those Ghanaian chocolate in our Japan Crate subscription box.

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