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What is Meiji Apollo?

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Are you a fan of sweets and cute things? Do you like your candy not only to be a delight to the mouth but also to be pleasant to look at? If so, Meiji Apollo may just do the trick! Created by the leading food company in Japan, Meiji, itself, the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate is that kind of candy that you should go out of your way to have. This particular chocolate candy is so sought after that most would automatically think of it whenever they hear about Meiji chocolate products.


Strawberry flavored white chocolate by Meiji


With all that being said, what makes the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate special? How does it taste compared to other chocolate products? What makes it stand out from the rest? Read on as we talk about this cutesy chocolate product that is sure to capture your heart. Here is a delicious review of the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate.

The Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate


Back in 1969, humankind made a breakthrough of a lifetime by reaching the moon for the very first time. This successful landing on the surface of the moon was made possible by the American spacecraft Apollo 11. To commemorate this monumental achievement, Meiji created a chocolate product on August 7, 1969, that directly borrows the name of the spacecraft that enabled humans to plant their feet on the moon. This marks the creation of the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate product line.


Since the chocolate product was created to immortalize the moon landing, the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate was made specifically to resemble the Apollo 11 spacecraft itself. They are cone-shaped candies that can be broken down into two separate layers. The upper part of the candy is strawberry-flavored, made apparent by the pink color, while its lower half is turned brown and is made with milk chocolate.


Meiji Apollo DIY Kit


The Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate comes in big and jumbo size tube packaging. The packaging of the chocolate candy is designed in a way that begs to be looked at. Not only does it appear very cute and kid-friendly, but it also already conveys everything you need to know about what’s inside. The tube boxes are filled with strawberries, and the image of the candy itself is in the very middle. And much like any other food product available today, it also contains its ingredient list and nutritional facts on its backside. To add a bit more spice and incentive to regular consumers, Meiji put a special chocolate candy shaped like a star, which it calls the “Lucky Star,” on some of the tubes.


As briefly mentioned above, the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate also has that cute aesthetic working for it. In fact, some are probably buying the product just for its appearance alone. This makes it so that it is an ideal gift item or souvenir, especially to women and kids. If you are looking for a new chocolate candy to try out or simply want to relax and eat some yummy sweets on the side, the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate is a no-brainer!


Original Meiji Apollo box


How does it taste?


We all know that the taste of strawberries is made more delightful by chocolate dips. We are certainly fans of that combination. To the credit of Meiji, this combination and explosion of flavors are made possible within every Meiji Apollo candy.  The Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate is a delightful combination of the delicious Meiji milk chocolate and strawberry flavored white chocolate is truly one for the books. This ideal amalgamation of the two delicious flavors within every piece of candy made the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate a staple in the Japanese confectionery space.


The Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate has a gentle, mild cacao flavor mixed in with the perfect balance between its two separately-flavored layers that we just couldn’t get enough of. Furthermore, each candy has a lovely creamy texture once it starts melting in your mouth. All these factors combined make this particular candy a true Japanese classic. We say this with full conviction and confidence. After conducting thorough reviewing; we find the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate truly amazing. It is a masterpiece and must-try chocolate candy, regardless of whether or not you are a candy enthusiast.


Different versions of the strawberry flavored white chocolate


What is this strawberry chocolate made of?


Diving into its nutrition facts label and ingredient list, we can see that the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate contains 261-kilocalories (kcal) per bag of 46 grams. According to it, the candies are made using sugar, cacao mass, whole milk powder, vegetable fat, milk sugar, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier, strawberry powder, additional flavoring, and food coloring, particularly beet red, flavonoids.

Where to get the Meiji Apollo Strawberry chocolate?


Cute, tasty, and engaging for everyone – Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate, as tiny as it may look, arguably has it all going its way! While some other customers may already find themselves buying the product just for its adorable tube boxes alone, they’d most probably be more delighted once they taste the excellent candies inside. The Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate has made its way into the hall of fame of Japanese confectioneries for a reason, the taste of the two-tier chocolate is just too good to let pass by. In fact, Japanese people find its taste so comforting and fuzzy in their feelings that it practically reminds them of their childhood memories. To those outside of Japan looking in, while nostalgia won’t necessarily be there, the genuinely impressive explosion of excellent flavors will be. What more could you ask for?


Would you like to try out the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate for yourself? Are you wondering how you can get your hands on one of these classic Japanese sweets? You are in the right place! We at Japan Crate made it a mission to enable those outside of Japan to have the opportunity to taste various Japanese sweets and tasty goodies right in the comfort of their homes. Have a taste of the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate and several other noteworthy Japanese delights as much as you want through our subscription crates. Be honest, wouldn’t you want a whole box of goodness straight from Japan itself to be delivered right through your doorsteps? We are here to make that possible!


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