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What is Otoko Ume?

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Without a doubt, sourness gives our taste buds a thrill. As much as fun in the mouth, the challenge of consuming sour candy is also evident in the face. Besides the sour taste, a hard texture that goes smooth after a while is something interesting for a candy. That's what exactly Otoko Ume candy is. With its bewitching taste and texture after licking for some time, this Nobel candy stands as one of the brand's flagship products.


Fantastic news for candy enthusiasts like you, the Nobel Otoko Ume candy is a treat to enjoy to experience fun and excitement in taste buds. You can never go wrong with the flavor as it has two tastes and two textures in one. That's a great deal. Just imagine the sour flavor that gives a delighting rush thrill in your mouth fades and becomes sweet in the next moment is a dramatic flavor, promoting a good mouthfeel.

Ume candies selection for the Japanese candy lovers


While many sour candies are available, Nobel Otoko Ume belongs to the candy group that does not disappoint in taste quality. That might sound just a claim, right? Well, you can figure out the answer by knowing more about what Otoko Ume is below. Why do many Japanese candy lovers love it, and why can it also be your favorite — the relevant points you need to answer those questions are below. Don't waste time and dive into the details now.

The Nobel Otoko Ume Candy

Otoko Ume translates as masculine or manly plum. Hence, it can also mean man hard candy. That alone proves that the Nobel's best-selling candy is really meant for candy lovers who love the yummy sour flavor. While it gets sweet after a while, the rich taste is still tempting. That makes the Otoko Ume a mouthwatering candy that no candy lover can resist.


Even though you are a sour candy lover, you can also appreciate its sweetness. This Japanese treat has a delicious taste and is easy to eat. You can enjoy it in your mouth, taking your time wondering and deducing its salty-sour taste. The sensation in your mouth is something that you will always crave. After all, sourness is uncommon in many foods. That's why it is a delight in candies.


From the relevant details stated above, it is safe to say that the Nobel Otoko Ume Candy is not the typical one that becomes uninteresting after a few licks and starts to dissolve in the mouth. As a matter of fact, only after a few licks come the exciting part of eating the candy. It is worth enjoying, and the taste is something to remember. You can even stop what you are doing and focus on the taste in your mouth. The change in flavor is something to look forward to.


Otoko Ume, Japan's sour mascot

When it comes to the packaging, the Nobel Otoko Ume Candy proves to be unlike others. In its package, there are noticeable sour-faced macho umeboshi guys. They are designed as mascots of the candy brand. While they are attractive because of their uniqueness, they symbolize something for the candy. That's none other than the sourness and hardness.


Thanks to the brand mascots, the packaging is pretty straightforward about what it offers. Yet, there's a surprise combination of sugar attacked in the end. People who will try it without checking the Nobel Otoko Ume Candy reviews as this will surely have a jaw-dropping experience to remember. As for you, don't worry if you know what to anticipate because this Umeboshi plum hard candy has an acidic umami taste that is far from ordinary.

How does it taste?

Now, we get here to the Nobel Otoko Ume taste. More likely, given what's said above, you already have a strong idea. One thing is for sure — it offers an uncommonly sour and salty taste. What makes this Japanese plum candy apart from ordinary sour candies is its ingredients. Besides its primary ingredient of concentrated Ume plum juice, Ume vinegar, Ume plum extract, and Ume plum flesh, there's more to it.



Based on the packaging, Otoko Ume candy is also made from combined sugar, salt, oligosaccharide, Shiso (perilla) powder, and starch syrup. The result of these flavorful ingredients is a delicious, authentic Umeboshi flavor candy treat: the Nobel Otoko Ume Candy. Each candy has an individual pack and has a delightful salty-sour taste of Umeboshi plums.


The moment you put this candy from Japan in your moment, your tongue will experience an instant attack of sourness that can make it move inside out in your mouth. The intense excellent taste will make you stop and focus on the candy in your mouth. Remember that it is hard for you to enjoy melting it. After the smooth licks and it gets softer, that's when you get to have the refreshing sweetness in your mouth.


Overall, the Nobel Company Otoko Ume can set a new standard for sour and salty treats. The authentic acidic umami taste from Umeboshi plum makes it possible for every consumer of the hard candy to experience various and can't get enough yummy taste. On top of that, the refresher sweetness at the end serves as a reward.


Classic Japanese plum Otoko Ume candy


Final Thoughts

Indeed, the Otoko Ume gives a genuine taste of sourness extracted from the Umeboshi plum. That said, it is highly understandable if you want to get a taste of this long-time favorite hard candy in Japan. Surely, this is your sign to try it if you are looking for a sour attack that can give a real challenge to your mouth.


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