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Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

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Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

Whether it's simple and glittery or lovably kawaii, Japanese stationery stands out from the competition. Every Japanese stationery appears to be something imbued with Japan's culture. For a long time, Japanese experts have certainly aced the make of imaginative, valuable, and high-quality stationery. Each student can discover something valuable and functional to include in their stationery collection. Here are the best Japanese stationery stores that all provide what you require with honors-level flair.

Best Japanese Stationery Store in the US


Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

The name Muji is an acronym for Mujirushi Ryohin, which translates to "no-brand quality goods." This mentality permeates all aspects of the company's items, from the packaging to the manufacturing process. MUJI specializes in straightforward, reasonably priced, high-quality products. MUJI stationery products are more than just stationary; they are made with quality and usability. Whether you need stationery items for business or school, MUJI aims to provide high-quality goods that simplify your life.

Muji is the place to shop if you're searching for that minimalist Japanese design. They have many different color options and offer excellent quality for the price of their pens and notebooks. Indeed, products from Muji are elegantly styled, practical, well-made, affordable, and readily available.

Best Muji Stationery Products

1. Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens

Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

Pens from Muji are well-liked for a reason. Due to its high caliber, numerous authors and artists have recommended it. This pen is consistent and smooth. On paper, the ink dries quickly, allowing you to immediately top it with whatever product you like. It is available with tips ranging in size from 0.38 mm to 0.7 mm. You can select this pen's color from various options and tip sizes.

2. Muji B5 Color-Coordinated Notebook

Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

Slim B5 notebooks are among the most practical when it comes to little undertakings. Thirty sheets of lined paper are stitched and tape-bound into each notebook, and the spine colors vary. The "Anti Bleed Through Notebook" sheets are this notebook's best feature; thanks to them, you'll never have to worry about inks seeping through since, for a reasonable price, you can have high-quality notebooks that are ideal for any usage and compatible with any pens.

3. Muji Clear Tip Double-Ended Highlighter

Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

Muji Clear Tip Double-Ended Highlighter gives everything life and color, making this one of the most well-liked stationery items. You might not be familiar with a highlighter like the Muji clear tip double-ended one. The pen's window end, which allows users to see what they're highlighting, is its most distinguishing feature. The fine tip on the other end is useful for drawing fine lines and details. Pink, green, blue, yellow, and orange are among the colors that are offered.


Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

All kinds of stationery things can be found at Daiso, from incredibly adorable kawaii goods to some incredibly practical goods. Everyone knows that everything at Daiso is sold for 100 yen and that the goods are reasonably priced and of excellent value. Daiso also astounds us with its enormous stationery product selection. Currently, more than 80 locations are spread out across the US states, including Texas, California, and the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.

Best Daiso Stationery Products

Daiso Erasers

Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

These erasers were created with youngsters in mind, who may have only recently begun using pencils. The erasers are made to be stiff and firm to reduce dust when you erase. This eraser is excellent for artists who use soft drawing pencils as well. You're sure to adore the adorable design of these two super-cute erasers from Daiso!

Daiso Japanese Calligraphy Paper

Who Sells Japanese Stationary in the US?

Get this Japanese calligraphy paper if you enjoy writing in calligraphy or are thinking about taking up the art. It has a medium thickness, which aids in controlling the writer's writing rate. It also has a flat surface, which is helpful for calligraphy beginners. The paper is a specific type of white rice paper used for calligraphy. Papers do not bleed through the ink, and it does not fade afterward. Each sheet of calligraphy paper in the pack measures 9.5 inches by 13 inches, and there are 100 sheets total. Ink brushes work well on calligraphy papers rather than pens.

These are just some of the most popular stationery products from the shops who sells Japanese stationary in the US. You may get stationery extras like office supplies, washi tapes, stickers, pen covers, scissors, and a lot more. Worry not if you're not near these store locations. You can always visit the Sugoi Mart stationery collections anytime and anywhere. Sugoi Mart is undoubtedly a treat for the many stationery addicts out there, but it's also great for newbies, students, or anyone who plans to purchase stationery supplies. The wide selection of stationery products is of excellent quality, attractive design, and reasonable cost.

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