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Dive into the World of Manga: Unboxing and Reviewing the Manga Crate

Manga Crate Introduction

In the ever-evolving landscape of subscription boxes, Japan Crate has carved out a niche for itself, offering a unique blend of Japanese culture, snacks, and, now, manga-themed delights. The Manga Crate, the latest offering from Japan Crate, promises an immersive experience into the vibrant world of manga, complete with anime-inspired snacks, captivating box art, and an exciting manga drawing competition!

 Manga Crate in Tokyo

This review will take you through an unboxing of the Manga Crate, exploring its contents, themes, and how it stands out in the crowded field of subscription boxes.


Behind the Manga Design

The first thing you'll notice about the Manga Crate is not the Japanese snacks; it's Japan Crate's original Manga-inspired box design. Expect bold colors that match the bold manga artwork spread across the box. With this fun Manga Crate design, you'll want to collect the box and display it on your wall alongside any other previous Japan Crate boxes you've received.

Manga Crate Designs

The design is inspired by Japanese manga, also known as comic books and graphic novels that originated in Japan. These books/novels typically include black and white colors, though you'll see full-color images for special occasions (like this limited edition box!). Typically, manga offers a storyline through its images and less from the wording. Check out the design to uncover the story behind this Japanese snack subscription box.


Unboxing the Manga Crate

The Theme: Japan's World of Manga

Upon receiving the crate, the excitement is palpable. The box itself is adorned with vibrant Japan Crate manga artwork, setting the stage for the manga adventure within. This month's theme, "Japan's World of Manga," promises an exploration of action-packed battles, quirky characters, and dynamic worlds, all through the medium of manga and its inspired snacks. 

What's Inside? Exploring the Manga Crate-Special Japanese Snacks

Let's explore further what awaits you in this month's Japan Crate. Here are some highlights you can look forward to during your snacking adventures with the Manga Crate.

What's Inside? Exploring the Manga Crate-Special Japanese Snacks





Ever wondered how Devil Fruits grants powers? Dive into the realm of One Piece with this gummy as you unravel the mystery of these legendary fruits inspired by the anime! These gummies come in a pack with a fun One Piece design, offering a delicious way to dive into the world of anime. Even the flavor of these fruit gummies is inspired by the show - they taste like fruit cider.



キットカット チョコレートミントアイスクリーム

KIT KAT MINT CHOCO ICE CREAM キットカット チョコレートミントアイスクリーム

Not everyone embraces the thrill of mint choco, but this Kit Kat emerges as a hero, defying the odds to win hearts with its refreshing flavor combination! It's minty, chocolatey, and way less messy than your typical scoop of ice cream. While this yummy treat is great on its own, it's also a delicious topping for mint chocolate ice cream, as it adds a flavor boost.





Amid a heated Pokémon battle, Ash grabs this energizing wafer. With each crunchy bite, he powers up, ready for the next round against a fierce opponent! With these Japanese snacks, you can power up like Ash (and battle any Pokémon). Expect a powerful, crunchy chocolate flavor with each bite of these crispy wafer cookies.





Uh-oh! Shin-chan's mischief is packed into these candies. Will you join the chaos or keep these mischievous delights hidden? Should you choose to remain mischievous, you can pop open the flap at the front of the Crayon Shin-Chan-decorated box to reveal colorful Ramune-flavored balls. Careful! These candy balls can pop out quickly, making the experience even more fun.





Help this kid detective solve the sweetest case yet with mysterious candies as surprising as the culprit's identity! In each pack, there's a candy culprit - someone who has a sour, lemon-flavored piece. Gather your friends, select your color-changing candy, and work together to solve the mystery of who has the yellow candy!





Unleash your sweet creativity! Assemble these adorable animal candies and bring your sugary jungle to life.



  1. Place soft candy in the molds.

  2. Stack the molds together.

  3. Insert the stick, and enjoy!


These candies are a combination of fruity flavors for an even more exciting experience! Craft these soft candies with a delicious strawberry and lemon taste. Each pack comes with all the tools you need to create DIY candies. Different molds are available and sent randomly, so you'll be surprised by the animal candy you can make with these DIY Japanese sweets.


Join the Manga Art Showdown

Join the Manga Art Showdown

The crate goes beyond snacks and collectibles by inviting subscribers to participate in the Manga Art Showdown. This interactive element not only engages the community but also celebrates the creativity and passion of manga fans.


You can compete in three categories — Most ImpressiveBest Effort, and Overall Favorite — for a chance to win incredible prizes like a complete manga set, a Crunchyroll subscription, and a mangaka (manga artist) starter kit!


There's no time like the present to start thinking up characters that you want to present in the Manga Art Showdown. Practice your drawing skills and get ready to compete for exciting prizes that will allow you to explore your love of manga even further.




The inclusion of the Spy × Family Mini Acrylic Stand is a delightful surprise, adding a collectible element to the crate. Each pull reveals a new character – the excitement of espionage and spy adventures is brought to life right on your desk with 12 unique designs, including the mischievous Anya Forger, the enigmatic Loid Forger, or even the suave Bond!


This collectible item is a great introduction to the Manga theme of this Japan Crate, as it celebrates the story of Spy x Family, an anime/manga series exploring Agent Twilight's tale. This agent is on a mission to infiltrate a private school but needs the help of a family. So, he assembles one quickly through marriage to a city hall worker and an adoption.


The Experience

Unboxing the Manga Crate is akin to stepping into a manga itself. Each snack and item is carefully selected to enhance the theme, offering a tactile and flavorful journey through Japan's manga culture. From the first bite of the Giza Giza Salt Potato Chips to the last piece of the Spy × Family Mini Acrylic Stand, the crate is a celebration of Japanese creativity, storytelling, and snacking. Along with all the snacks, you can expect a manga-zine offering additional details on the treats.


A major part of what makes this snack box subscription so much fun is not knowing which items you'll be receiving. This mystery box filled with Japanese snacks and candy will leave you pleasantly surprised each time as you munch on seasonal, limited edition, and high-quality snacks direct from Japan. As you enjoy the different snacks, you'll get to know Japan and its culture even more deeply (whether new to Japanese goodies or a total pro). The best part is that these are snacks or snack flavors you won't typically find in local grocery stores, so you'll be receiving exclusive goodies.


Past Japan Crate Review

If you can't wait until the Manga Crate arrives at your door, you'll be happy to dive into this Japan Crate review of previous boxes. By exploring the last few crates, you'll better understand what to expect in the upcoming Japan Crate Premium Box. While the monthly theme changes for each box, you can always expect to receive full-size items, a collectible non-food item, and the opportunity to win prizes. Plus, you'll find a full-color booklet that delves into the tasty treats inside!


Free Shipping

Before diving into the past two Japanese subscription boxes from Japan Crate, it's important to note you get free shipping worldwide with each subscription box! Most delivery locations fall under this offer, though some areas require a small shipping fee. You can easily check whether your location requires a shipping fee here. Simply enter your country, and you'll easily find the shipping method, cost (if any) for shipping, and other details to help make your delivery smoother.


Let's explore the past two Japan Crate boxes further with in-depth reviews of each!

Valentine's Crate

Japan Crate's Valentine's Crate 2024

Whether you celebrate the Japanese version of Valentine's Day (where women give their significant others, coworkers, bosses, and male friends chocolates) or the American version, you can show appreciation for your loved ones with the Valentine's Crate from Japan Crate. This crate includes some of the best Japanese snacks, like Chiroru Choco and Ichigo Mitsu. Many of these yummy treats are Valentine's Day-themed, so they feature flavors like chocolate and strawberry.


Along with these goodies, you can expect a collectible item, an omamori love charm. This love charm ensures you bring love, luck, and blessings to your life as long as you wear it on your clothing, bag, or somewhere you'll see it each day. It wouldn't be a typical Japan Crate without exciting prizes! With this crate, you'll find a Valentine persona quiz. Upon completing the quiz, you'll find your romantic persona and have the opportunity to win exciting prizes from Japan.


What makes this box stand out is its beautiful, bright designs that you'll notice as soon as the box arrives. This design was created with Japanese romance in mind. It features images of omamori, shrines, hearts, romantic texts, and more. These images pair perfectly with the combination of sweet and savory treats inside!


Learn more about what to expect in the Valentine's Day Japan Crate through this Japan Crate Review of the Box of Love 2.0 Box.

Year of the Dragon Crate

Japan Crate's Year of the Dragon Crate 2024

If you aren't keeping up with the Chinese/Japanese zodiac, you may not have realized 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. The dragon specifically represents luck and blessings, so expect an exciting year ahead! This magical creature typically represents individuals who are smart, confident, powerful, and naturally lucky when referencing the animal in the zodiac.


With this in mind, it's easy to see why the Japan Crate Year of the Dragon box was so exciting. As the first box of the year (available from December to January), it was the perfect way to start this zodiac cycle. The box offers a stunning cherry blossom and dragon design that matches the theme, leading to delicious traditional snack items. For example, the box contained kinako mochi, a snack often eaten during Japanese New Year celebrations. Of course, this wouldn't be a Japanese New Year box without taiyaki, a typical treat found at the shrines during New Year's festivities.


The collectible in this box was an omikuji, a traditional New Year fortune that gives you insight into the year ahead. In Japan, you'll usually find these fortunes at the local shrines. However, this subscription box brings the fortune to you, so you can check it without traveling to Japan!

Dive into this subscription box further by checking out this Japan Crate Review for the Year of the Dragon Crate.



Whether you're getting into the vibrant world of manga for the first time or a seasoned fan looking to bring a piece of Japan into your home, the Manga Crate is a treasure trove of delights waiting to be explored. As you unbox each carefully curated item, from the thrilling snacks inspired by your favorite anime characters to the exclusive Spy × Family Mini Acrylic Stand, you're not just enjoying Japanese snacks – you're embarking on a journey through the heart of Japanese culture and manga. The bright, manga-themed box and the immersive selection of treats and collectibles make each crate a unique adventure!


By subscribing to Japan Crate, you're not just signing up for a box of snacks; you're opening the door to a fascinating exploration of Japanese manga culture. With every bite of a new snack, you'll discover more about the artistry and traditions that make Japan unique. With the Manga Art Showdown, you're invited to become part of a creative, passionate community, sharing your love for manga and competing for exciting prizes.


So, whether you're looking for a unique gift for a fellow manga enthusiast or you're ready to treat yourself to a monthly dose of Japanese adventure, the Manga Crate promises a delightful experience. Don't miss out on the chance to see what fun, exciting treats await in your next Japan Crate, and continue your journey through the captivating world of manga right from the comfort of your own home. Shop Manga Crate while it's available between February 15th, 2024, and March 14th, 2024!

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