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Japan Crate Review: Unboxing the Nostalgic Retro Anime Crate

Japan Crate japancrate-crate-contents

Retro Anime Crate box

Step back in time with the Retro Anime Crate from Japan Crate. This box will take your tastebuds on a journey through retro Tokyo, featuring snacks that have endured the test of time. Japan Crate's monthly deliveries offer a piece of Japanese culture delivered right to your door. With 15-17 authentic Japanese snacks packed into each subscription box, a collectible item matching the monthly theme, an exciting custom design poster, and other goodies, you'll learn more about Japan and its culture with each bite.

Learn more about this month's box, with details on the bold retro box designs, a peek into the included snacks, and more.

First Impressions

First impression of the Retro Anime crate, displaying the box art of the month

The Retro Anime Crate does not disappoint! With its nostalgic design reminiscent of Tokyo's streets of before lit by neon signs, along with an exciting anime flair, this box sets the mood for the entire unboxing experience.

Anime is a beloved type of entertainment in Japan for kids and adults alike, featuring vibrant graphics, dramatic storylines, action-packed scenes, and complex characters. This box aims to recreate the anime of the past, with design features like a retro Game Boy and a rotary telephone. Should you enjoy the crate artwork as much as we think you will, you can unfold it into a poster perfect for displaying in your bedroom or office.

Japanese snacks in the Retro Anime crate

Upon opening this crate, you'll uncover delightful Japanese snacks that all have a nostalgic flair. You'll feel as if you're enjoying your first manga as the story (and snacks unfold!). This crate is so much fun to unbox, making it an awesome gift for yourself or the perfect gift for loved ones.

Snack Content in the Retro Anime Crate

Japanese snacks in the box, including yummy candy, chips, and kit kat

You'll find irresistible sweet and savory treats in this Japanese snack box that transport you back to the magical world of nostalgic anime and manga. Here are a few examples of what you'll find in the Retro Anime Crate.

Hi-Chew Soda Gummy

Hi-Chew soda gummy candy

If you've ever wondered what the sodas taste like in the retro cafes of your favorite animes, you'll find this Hi-Chew Soda Gummy a real treat. Crafted with the exciting texture of Hi-Chew candies like we know and love, yet with a fizzy soda twist, these candies are sure to delight. These soda gummies are a personal favorite due to their texture and sweet, refreshing taste.

Twinkle Jewelry Jelly

DIY candy twinkle jewelry jelly

DIY candy is always a favorite, as it's one of the only times you're meant to play with your food. This Twinkle Jewelry Jelly kit is made to resemble jewelry worn by wealthy anime characters! With this kit, you'll be making each jewelry "bead" from a powder mix and water. Once set, use the beads to create the jelly bracelet of your dreams!

Film Camera Ramune

Film camera ramune candy

Since retro Tokyo is tech-free, you'll need this Film Camera Ramune to capture the exciting storylines, characters, and Japanese snacks you meet along the way. As you "take pictures," the camera dispenses delicious Ramune-flavored candies. Pay attention to the candy color you receive with each click, as it also tells you your fortune.

The Bonus Item

Retro Goku sticker, bonus item included in the box

The bonus item in the Retro Anime Crate is a sticker from one of the most iconic animes, which has also withstood the test of time (like the snacks in this crate). Each box includes a retro Goku sticker, the protagonist of the Dragon Ball anime.

With its waterproof material, this high-quality sticker is the perfect decor for posters, a computer, a collage, etc. It also makes a great addition to an anime or Dragon Ball collection. Purchase this month's crate to see which sticker design you receive, with four designs available!

Recap of Previous Crates

Dive into a few previous crates to learn more about what to expect in the upcoming Retro Anime Crate.

Arts and Crafts Crate

Arts and Crafts Crate box and snacks

Last month's theme focused on the many aspects of arts and crafts in Japanese culture, from its design featuring origami shapes and mizuhiki knots to the exciting arts and crafts snacks inside. In this crate, the bonus item perfectly fits the theme; a detailed fan featuring a ukiyo-e-inspired wave design after the famous art piece "The Great Wave off Kanagawa."

Snacks included the crispy Super Mario Charapaki Chocolate Bar, which is meant to be eaten in a certain manner to reveal one of four Super Mario characters. Customers also found items like Morinaga Seika Mini Twig Milk in the mix, a nutty chocolate-shaped twig that you can use to practice your calligraphy by crafting Japanese words. Each of the snacks included allows you to be creative as you dive into interactive treats and candy.

Vending Machine Crate

Vending Machine Crate snack box

With an impressive number of vending machines sprawled across Japan, it only made sense to recreate this aspect of Japanese culture via a monthly snack box. From the vending machine design on the box's exterior to the included snacks, you'll feel as if you've hit the vending machine jackpot! Each included snack is an item you'd likely find in one of the many vending machines on Japan's streets, including 5 Yen Chocolate, Beer-like Juice powder, and a Strawberry Shortcake Kit Kat. This wouldn't be a complete Japan Crate review without mentioning the included bonus item - a Vendo Slime Can made to resemble the drinks found in Japanese vending machines!

Customers loved the authenticity of the snacks in this box and the feeling of unboxing offered, making multiple customers want to travel to Japan to see the famous vending machines in person!

Learn more about this certain kit with a review of the fun-packed Vending Machine Crate.

Overall Experience

Enjoy Japanese snacks with friends and family

Now that you've uncovered this Japan Crate review get ready to take a step back in time to explore Tokyo's neon-lit streets with the Retro Anime Crate. Featuring nostalgic snacks and treats alongside a fun retro anime storyline, there's no doubt this Japanese snack box will create a magical experience for you. Japan Crate intends to bring you a slice of Japanese culture with each theme, from Japanese vending machines to arts and crafts and everything in between. As you experience new flavors, snacks, collectibles, and artwork, you'll become increasingly more immersed in the culture.


Japan Crate delivers authentic Japanese snacks to your door every month

The Retro Anime Crate takes you on an adventure through nostalgic animations and manga via a combination of beloved snacks, artwork bursting with stories, and a collectible Goku Dragon Ball sticker. With a full-sized Japanese Kit Kat bar (available in every Japan Crate delivery) and authentic, premium Japanese snacks, this subscription box allows you to treat yourself. These boxes also make the perfect gifts for family and friends who want to learn more about Japan or foodies interested in incorporating new snacks/flavors into their diet. With free shipping and the ability to cancel anytime, there's nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain from a Japan Crate subscription!

Once you receive your Retro Anime Crate, be sure to share your experience (and favorite items) on social media. Don't forget to tag @japancrate! For more immediate snacking needs, head to Sugoi Mart, where you'll find an array of Japanese Kit Kats, instant noodles, pantry essentials, and even more Asian goodies.

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