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Sanrio x McDonald's: My Melody Holder & Little Twin Stars Toys

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Is there a product with a more glorious name than the Happy Meal from McDonald's? The children were the focus of McDonald's in their heyday. Most kids, no matter how rich or poor their parents were, could afford a Happy Meal from time to time. The play area, the bright colors, and of course, Happy Meals were all supposed to have any 5 to 11-year-old saying: "I'm lovin' it." McDonald's has the vibe of being a place just for youngsters. The Happy Meal has been a staple of millions of children's childhoods worldwide since its debut in 1979. After McDonald's debuted the Happy Meal and the toys that went along with it decades ago, most fast-food restaurants adopted the practice of delivering tangible, non-edible gifts to its young customers. However, the McDonald's Happy Meal stayed the most well-known and endured all fast food kids' meals.

What is Mcdonald's Happy Meal?


Since June 1979, McDonald's has sold a Happy Meal, a type of kids meal made exclusively for children. Usually, the food comes with a toy, and the whole thing is packaged with the McDonald's logo. A marketing tie-in to an already-running TV show, movie, or toy series typically includes the box and item. The Happy Meal consists of a main dish, usually a cheeseburger, hamburger, or small serving of Chicken McNuggets, a side dish, usually fries, and a beverage, usually milk, juice, or soft drink. The selection of foods varies from country to country and may be influenced by the restaurant's size. McDonald's included a healthier option to the Happy Meal in the majority of nations. The Happy Meal franchise included fruit juice drinks in place of soft drinks and packets of dry fruit or a whole piece of fruit, such as an apple or carrot sticks, in place of fries. Additionally, children have always had the option of milk with their Happy Meal.

What is Sanrio?


Sanrio Co., Ltd. is a Japanese firm that designs a variety of character-based design series and sells and licenses various goods bearing every Sanrio character. Some of these items are stationery, school supplies, presents, and accessories. The most well-known member of the Sanrio family is Hello Kitty, a white cat with a red bow but no mouth, and has become one of the most lucrative marketing brands in the world. Shintaro Tsuji founded Sanrio in 1960 as the Yamanashi Silk Company with a one million yen capital investment. During the holiday seasons, the business creates a range of character-themed gifts. The company did not become legally created until 1973 and was given the name "Sanrio," which is derived from the Spanish words "san," a shortened form of Santo or saint, and "Rio" means "river."

Sanrio x Mcdonald's Happy Meal Collaboration


The Sanrio and McDonald's collaboration of 2019 was exciting news for lovers of kawaii characters & burgers alike. The limited release of Mcdonald's My Melody Holder and Little Twin Stars toys were popular in Japan for their sheer cuteness. Those wonderful, collectible, and surprisingly well-made toys. We joined in on all the fun and long lines to get our hands on the limited items.

Who is Sanrio's My Melody?


Probably on par with Hello Kitty and other cute Sanrio characters, My Melody is one of the most well-known Japanese kawaii characters. Many Japanese goods include recognizable white fur, red or pink hood, and long rabbit ears; all are the characteristics of My Melody. Who is My Melody, though? White rabbit girl named My Melody from Mariland in London with a red or pink hood covering her ears. Her favorite pastime is helping her mother bake cookies, and she enjoys eating almond pound cake. She adores sharing cake with Flat, a mouse who is her greatest buddy.

It's no surprise that My Melody is so well-liked in Japan and throughout the world, given her extreme cuteness, good nature, and independence. My Melody didn't simply stay on top with attractive merchandise; she also established herself as a Japanese anime, video game hero, and a marketing figure for Japan McDonald.

My Melody McDonalds Holder

Japan McDonald's announced the limited release Mcdonald's My Melody Holder last November and designed it to perfectly fit french fries and a drink. Why carry your food and small items in a brown bag when My Melody Sanrio Carrier Basket could sweetly cradle it?


They sold out at Singapore, Tokyo and even Mcdonald Hong Kong exclusive locations by the end of the first weekend after its release. The best part, aside from it being a huge cute My Melody classic mascot holder face, is its versatility. It functions as a handheld mini rucksack carrier, secures on the back of a car seat, and is useful for putting small items even with no strap at all. You could carry it or remove the straps and attach them to the headrest using straps latched onto either side of the object to save space. The headrest must first be unhooked before you may hook it at the bottom and reattach the headrest. Even the box it arrived in had a box inside of it.


Who are the Little Twin Stars?


Hello Kitty and My Melody are well-known to everyone, but the adorable Little Star Twins may not be as well-known. You might be surprised to learn that this cute duo has been around since 1975! These two are obviously brother and sister as they are twins. Kiki, the younger sibling, and Lala, the older sibling! The younger brother Kiki's blue hair is his most distinguishing characteristic. Despite how he appears, he is actually rather intelligent. In fact, his favorite pastime is coming up with fresh ideas and inventing random things. Furthermore, the sister, Lala, has eye-catching coral pink hair.

Despite being older than her brothers, she has a slightly more reserved disposition, yet she's still quite creative. She enjoys writing poetry and sketching and is fairly skilled in the kitchen. They aspire to become the biggest, brightest stars in the sky; thus, they made the long journey to Earth to achieve this. As they passed the time, these mystic twins wondered what it was like to live on Earth, the world they had heard so many tales about. They left for a visit to Earth after receiving approval from Mother-Star and Father-Star. They were guided on their voyage by Lala's star wand. They have been bringing joy to everyone they encounter ever since they arrived.

Little Twin Stars

McDonald's followed up a limited release Mcdonald's Little Twin Stars toys. Each toy is adorned with Kiki & Lala, popping pastel colors, and doubles as household items. These collections are only available for a limited time, but people are raving about how adorable they are. Additionally, this is the first time Kiki and Lala, the actual cute Little Twin Stars, have been included in a Happy Meal. You may get your hands on six adorable toys that can be used as bedroom decor. They include a small toy that makes noises when the lid is raised and lowered, a miniature lamp stand that lights up, a toothbrush container, and more.


Our team heads to McDonald's for lunch eager to add a touch of star sparkle to the afternoon. We choose the toys at random and hope for the best. We get a toothbrush holder, accessory box, mirror and comb, music box, and pen holder. A successful haul!


My Melody x Little Twin Stars

Happy meals aren't just for kids anymore! Cuteness overload! Let the limited release Mcdonald's My Melody and Little Twin Stars take you on a royal journey at home! Buy a Happy Meal and receive a Sanrio toy. Snag it and share it to your Facebook now! Good news! Happy Meals are not the only way to get your favorite Sanrio Japanese toys. Sugoi Mart has a wide range of products featuring Sanrio, from Sanrio Bluetooth Earbuds: My Melody to Sanrio Wireless Glass Speaker: Little Twin Stars. But wait, there's more!

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