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Tokyo Treat – Ultimate Guide to Tokyo's Treats

Japan is filled with delicious Japanese candy, snacks, and exclusive merch but did you know each city and region has specific treats? Today we'll be focusing on each Tokyo treat you need to check out when shopping online or visiting Tokyo!

1. Tokyo Banana – #1 Tokyo Treat

Ask about treats in Tokyo, and we bet you'll be recommended to try a Tokyo Banana. These delicious little creamed filled cakes are like a Japanese version of a Twinkie and make for an excellent snack.

Apart from Tokyo Banana being a classic Tokyo treat, it isn't the only option to get your hands on this flavor. Kit Kat introduced a Tokyo Banana Flavor which is a really popular gift. Additionally, omiyage (souvenir) companies have also created a variation of the Tokyo Banana cake, like the one by Machi de Koishita

You can explore different Tokyo Banana options here.

2. Tokyo Exclusive Kit Kats

Have you ever tried Japanese Kit Kats? Japan has an enormous variety of flavors that make for both great gifts and tasting adventures. However, did you know each region and city has its own special flavor?

Aside from the Tokyo Banana flavor shared above, Japan made a Rum Raisin flavored Kit Kat as a special Tokyo treat!

Kit Kat also created a bar in Tokyo that paired drinks with different Kit Kats! You can learn more about Japanese Kit Kats here and shop Japanese Kit Kats here.

3. Tokyo Amazake Pocky

Pocky is a staple Japanese snack! We even dare call it the "gateway to Japanese candy." When visiting Japan or shopping online you'll find tons of Pocky flavors available!

The flavors found vary by season, city, and prefecture so you're sure to find a Pocky you'll like. This year, Pocky picked Amazake (sweet sake) to be the Tokyo treat.

If you're looking to try it out different flavors of Japanese Pocky, you can buy them here.

4. Shibuya Tokyo Crossing Game

In addition to candy and snacks, we also wanted to feature some additional gems that could also be considered a Tokyo Treat by collectors and fans!

This Tokyo Crossing Game is based on the famous Shibuya Crossing and plays like Chinese Checkers! It makes for a great pastime and addition to any board game collector.

You can get your own Tokyo Crossing Game here.

5. Tokyo Disney Merch – An Exclusive Tokyo Treat!

Tokyo Disney is a gold mine for finding your own Tokyo treat! FILLED with Japan-exclusive merch, you're sure to find something to melt your heart.

Packed with themed food, the theme park features everything from snacks, drinks and popcorn buckets to adorable souvenir gift sets. There's also plushies, shirts and more to fill your shopping heart.

You can get some of the available merch delivered to your home here.

6. Pokemon Center Tokyo – A True Tokyo Treat

Only in Shibuya will you find a dormant Mewtwo in his test tube to greet you as you walk inside the most conveniently located Pokemon Store in Tokyo.

Tokyo's Shibuya Parco Pokemon Center is filled with Pokemon and Tokyo exclusives. What's more, they have different Pokemon-themed candies and snacks only for the Shibuya store, giving Pokemon fans the best Tokyo Treat!

You can explore some of the available items here.

7. Coca-Cola: Tokyo Edition Coke Bottle

Did you know in Japan each region and city has it's own Coke Bottle Design? While the flavor tends to be the original Japanese coke taste, the bottles are a must-have for Coca-Cola collectors!

The Tokyo-exclusive bottle makes for a great souvenir and Tokyo treat.

Collect Tokyo's Coke bottles here.

8. Omiyage – Japanese Souvenirs

While Tokyo Banana and Kit Kats are technically considered Omiyage in Japan, we felt that they deserved their own section.

Omiyage is the tradition of bringing back souvenirs to your friends, family and/or co-workers in Japan and so naturally a lot of tourist destinations cater to creating unique products for you to bring back and share!

Omiyage can include anything from specialized canned drinks, facemasks, packaged mochi, regional flavors of classic treats like cookies, keychains and more.

Tokyo has a variety of Omiyage shops and we strongly recommend visiting one to shop for your own special Tokyo treat.

Browse additional Omiayge here.

9. Dagashi

Dagashi are delicious, affordable candies that can be found all over Japan. Did you know there are even candy bars or dagashi bars in Tokyo!?

While you might not be able to take them home, it's worth treating yourself to an all you can eat experience at one of the local dagashi bars to try the different candies.

Once you try them all and find the ones you love, you can visit a local Dagashi store and pick out some local candy to take home! Some packaging may even be Tokyo specific.

The whole experience is a Tokyo treat in itself and a must-try.

Browse other dagashi here.

10. Tokyo Tower – A True Tokyo Treat

We saved what might be the best for last. Tokyo Tower is a Tokyo treat in so many ways. It provides amazing views of the city and Japan from both the ground floor and the top of the tower.

Inside the Tower, you will find delicious meals, events, a One Piece Amusement Park and stunning views. So whether you're an anime fan, food fanatic, or panoramic lover Tokyo Tower will have a Tokyo treat for you.

Visit the official Tokyo Tower site here.

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