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What are the Best Japanese Candies?

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There is no doubting the appeal of Japanese culture around the world, and Japanese snacks and candies are no exception. Japan has various candy delicacies, from chewy and soft gummy candies, Japanese rice candy (also called Japanese mochi candy) and hard candies, Tokyo banana and green tea-inspired to a wide variety of classic Japanese candy that you could eat all afternoon. The best Japanese candy is manufactured using age-old, traditional techniques, giving it the distinctive flavor and appearance everyone adores.

But which Japanese sweet treats are the best? That depends on the type of sweets you enjoy. In fact, with the dizzying array of Japanese candy and other nibbles available on the Japanese market, you might not know where to begin. Worry not! The most popular Japanese candies are listed here. Everything you need to know about the sweetest things to eat in the Land of the Rising Sun is included, along with handy links for online shopping for Japanese candies until we can travel back there.

The 10 Best Japanese Candies

1. Kanro Pure Gummy

The first item on this list is Kanro Pure Gummy, the best Japanese gummy candy that sells the most in Japan. Pure Gummy is well known for its distinctive chewy texture and excellent flavor since it is made with only real fruit juice and is sprinkled with sour taste powder. The Kanro Pure Gummy is available in many fruit flavors. You can taste the genuine fruit flavor as you chew on the rich texture of the sweet and sour powdered gummy. The soft texture of the first few bites will be stiff before melting and softening as the fruity flavors flood your mouth!

Since it is somewhat tart, the fruity sweetness gradually fills your mouth after a few nibbles. Collagen and vitamin C are also included in these gummy candies. Additionally, these iconic heart-shaped candies make considerate friends the nicest gifts and delicious snacks for you. Melon, peach, and plum are a few more seasonal and limited-edition variants you'll surely enjoy. Even better, if you're fortunate, you might find something unusually shaped like a star in a limited Japan candy store!

2. Konpeito

Any sugar addict's bucket list must include trying konpeito, a traditional Japanese famous hard candy. Konpeito is a rock sugar candy in the form of a star. One noteworthy quality of Konpeito is its ability to resist high temperatures without melting or affecting the taste of the candy. Although Konpeito comes in a variety of colors, the flavors of each candy were once very similar. Today, it is available in various flavors, including strawberry, mango, vanilla, plum, peach, yogurt, matcha, and others. Different varieties may be more popular at particular seasons of the year to reflect seasonal flavors or mark special occasions.

3. Meiji Apollo

The Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate quickly became a mainstay in the Japanese sweets industry thanks to its flawless blending of the two delectable sweet flavors in each piece of candy. Each sweet has the shape of an Apollo spacecraft! The candy's upper portion is strawberry-flavored, while its lower portion is milk chocolate flavor. A beautiful blend of the delectable Meiji milk chocolate and the strawberry flavor is undoubtedly a classic. You wouldn't get enough of the Meiji chocolate, which has a delicate, mild cocoa powder flavor blended with the ideal harmony between its two distinctively flavored layers. Whether or not you are a candy enthusiast, this milk chocolate candy is a masterpiece and a must-try.

4. Popin Cookin Candy Kits

Do-it-yourself Japanese candy kits are well-known in Japan under the name chicks-gashi, Japanese for "intellectual training candy." These candy kits allow kids to mix colors and flavors, create various shapes, and simulate the texture of Japanese cuisine. Kracie Popin' Cookin' candy kits are a unique and entertaining way to transform tasty candy ingredients into miniature versions of well-known cuisine.

Making amusing Japanese food-shaped goodies is easy with Kracie's Popin' Cookin' range of Japanese candy kits! Every child can play chef and create actual meals out of sweets with these Japanese candy kits, unleashing their creativity. Making candy with these food-shaped treats is simple with the Japanese candy kits from Popin' Cookin'! You can stir and form this kit into a tasty portion of traditional Japanese dessert and meals by combining the components with water. It is possible to create your delicious pleasures through teriyaki, sushi, ice cream, bento dinners, and many more objects.

5. Fettuccine Gummy

If you like pasta and soft candy gummies, you might love the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy! These Japanese gummies have the same form as squiggly fettuccine pasta with a chewy, gummy texture as you might expect. Each strip has a pleasing chew and is thin, flat, sugar-coated, with a hint of sour powder. Despite drawing inspiration from a specific type of pasta, it is still a gummy candy at its core. Generally speaking, the Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy has a lovely, pleasantly sweet taste that is somewhat sour and juicy with just the proper amount of sugar and tangy powder. On the outside, it is adorably soft, but the inside is a bit chewy and firm. These Fettuccine Gummy Candy have the ideal blend of exquisite sweet and sour, which explains why kids and adults love them so much.

6. Otoko Ume Candy

Everyone loves the majority of the candies on this list, but none have been as popular for as long as the Otoko ume candy, one of the tasty sweets in Japan. If you've never eaten ume, its first sourness may surprise you, but it ultimately transforms into a sweet flavor. Your tongue will immediately feel the attack of the tangy flavor's freshness from this Japanese candy, which may cause it to move inside out in your mouth. You will pause and concentrate on the sweetness in your mouth and you'll be eft with just a hint of ume flavor. You get to taste the reviving sweetness in your mouth after the smooth licks until it softens. This hard candy with sour plum/apricot flavor has an extra, thin layer of ume powder on top, giving you a double dose of ume flavor! If you're seeking a sour attack that can challenge your taste buds, this is unquestionably your cue to try it.

7. Ramune Soda Candy

As much as the Ramune soda drink was liked in Japan, the Ramune soda candy it inspired was even more beloved. Many different companies have made Ramune sweets called Japanese soda candy throughout the years, but Morinaga's are the most well-known since they come in a charming plastic bottle. The Codd Stopper of the ramune soda is transformed into a lovely Ramune-flavored candy thanks to the container housing these pop-like tablet candy resemblance to the Ramune bottle from that era. Moreover, the candy's mascot, Kyoro-chan, is a diminutive red-headed bird with a yellow beak who gives the box a cute appearance. Most people couldn't resist the delicious flavor and pleasant melt-in-the-mouth texture of this Morinaga Ramune soda candy. It is not only wonderfully delicious but also oozes freshness.

8. Hi Chew Candy

Hi-Chew is a popular Japanese candy that has a chewy texture similar to chewing gum. It's a little stiffer than gum, though, and you're meant to swallow it, not chew it. Uniquely soft and chewy, Hi-Chew candies have an extended shelf life. You can choose from various delicious taste in Hi-Chew candy, unlike anything else you've ever eaten! Each chewy candy, which consists of two separate layers, strives to provide its consumer with a rush of authentic fruit flavor. The candy is manufactured from concentrated fruit juice devoid of gluten and cholesterol. Around the world, this well-liked candy is now offered in more than 50 different varieties; green apple, grape soda, strawberry, and super lemon candy are four of the most popular flavors. Sharing Hi-Chew with family and friends is simple because it comes in a bar with individually wrapped pieces and available in many convenience stores!

9. Tirol Chocolate

The numerous varieties and individually wrapped small pure chocolate bars of Tirol Choco are well recognized in Japan and worldwide. The company made it a point to add hundreds of new tastes or cycle through different combinations each year, so its selection of flavors never becomes boring such as bittersweet cocoa cookies and fruity flavors. While Japanese children are Tirol Choco's most obvious target market, many adults have also come to appreciate the unusual chocolate delicacies. No matter how you came across these particular well-known Japanese chocolate sweets, there is no doubting that eating Tirol Choco is a memorable experience. It won't be long until you rank the Tirol Choco among your favorite candies, preferring it to anything the rest of the world offers.

10. Meiji Poifull

Japanese children, in particular, have been swept up in the popularity of these adorable-looking candies. You would feel forced to eat this kind of confectionery the moment you took one look at it. Such is the allure of jelly beans. Small gummy beans with various natural fruit flavors are wrapped in flavored white chocolate and milk in this confection from the Meiji brand. It is chewy and bouncy, thanks to the gelatin added to make it thicker. The shell of a Meiji Poifull is thin and slightly gritty after each chew. The flavor of the flavored gummies inside its center is mostly sealed in. There are normally four varieties of candy, all tasty and transcendent available in various grocery stores.

It's Japan Crate Time!

The choices above are some of the best sweets many people like worldwide. Japan offers a wide variety of delectable candies and snacks, from crunky chocolate balls, Japanese chocolate wafers to the best soft and hard candies mentioned above. Choose based on your preferences, or why not give them all a try? Which one do you prefer?

If these 10 candies made you crave a sweet Japanese experience, plenty more are available in Sugoi Mart! You can purchase any of your favorite candy instantly by clicking this link. We have many great deals you can enjoy! Perhaps you'd like to have a package of Japanese treats with a Japanese theme sent to your house each month? Just click this link to sign up right now. Japan Crate will bring you the taste of Japan in no time with our fast and flexible international shipping options. Enjoy!

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